Fiber helps you lose weight

  • fiber helps you lose weight WITHOUT dieting… check out this research!
  • gimmicky diets STOP 91% of women from eating enough fiber… but fiber does LIFE-SAVING work
  • fiber has 0 calories & KILLS constipation, but it’s the SECRET AGENT stuff fiber does in your body that helps you lose weight
  • why I’m only wearing one Stuart Weitzman stretch-suede boot
  • carrots are LOADED with fiber and so are tons of the examples I’ve listed in this post
  • KNOWLEDGE is POWER: WHY fiber helps you eat LESS and stay full LOOONGER
  • this easy method guarantees you eat the EXACT amount of fiber to help you unlock your H 🙂 PPY weight

There will never be a scene in a James Bond movie, a song that goes to #1 in the charts or even a run-of-the-mill exhibit at MoMA…

about fiber.

Or how fiber helps you lose weight


I’d be amiss if I didn’t say, I find fiber FASCINATING.

And a little bit magical.

Even though everything I can’t wait to tell you is 100% backed in science.fiber helps you lose weight

When I understood what fiber does once it enters your body, it made perfect sense why:

Fiber helps you lose weight

It was a light bulb moment.

Fiber helps you lose weight - It was a light bulb moment

In fact, I saw all food in a whole new light.

And I can’t wait for you to experience this life-changing intelligence too.

Ready to make fiber a non-negotiable part of every meal, snack…

And even dessert?


After reading this article, you’ll always have fiber on hand—whether you’re heading off to your:

  • Psych 101 lecture
  • high-powered tête-à-tête with top CEO’s in your industry
  • or slinging on your Stuart Weitzman’s to hit up your corner store for whole milk (that helps you lose weight)

You gotta make every day special, right?

But deciding to MAKE TODAY COUNT by having a few less coffees? So good!

And you just never know when a simple jaunt to the store, can lead to bumping into an old friend and catching up at a cafe for hours—leaving you HUNGRY.

So pop an apple in your purse before leaving the house.

Then you have reinforcements…

I cut my apple into wedges
& put them in Tupperware.
I hate when I take a bite and juice runs down my hand…

Like when I see double-oh-Daniel, who weaves his GoldFinger touch through my hair ↓

An apple up-levels EVERY snack.


In this post I’ll explain:

The 2 things fiber does that makes you lose weight NATURALLY

Ok friends.


Let’s get this mission started ↓↓↓

What’s fiber?

Fiber comes from plants.

End of.

(That’s how British people, like Bond. James Bond.
make it clear something’s final.
You know, like how Americans say:
That’s it!
That’s all folks!

Fiber is NOT in meat, fish or other animal products, like dairy.

Fiber comes from plants.

So when you look at the kind of meal that unlocks your HAPPY Weight, aka a ROUGHLY balanced meal made MOSTLY of whole foods

Eatwell Guide - the10principlesThis gem of an info-graphic is brought to you by the Brits
AKA: England’s National Health Services…

↑ The Eatwell Guide CLEARLY captures
how much of each food group
you should put on your plate
at every meal.

It’s basically the same dietary guidelines that are recommended in:

the United States
New Zealand

& so on…

So, (clears throat while shimmying cinched pencil skirt straight) as I was saying, when you look at a ROUGHLY balanced meal made MOSTLY of whole foods… when you look at The Eatwell Guide ↑ you see that about 2/3rds of your plate should be full of fiber.

  • 1/3 fruit & veg = fiber
  • 1/3 unrefined carbs = fiber

Then the final 1/3 is divided between:

  • protein
  • dairy & alternatives
  • & natural fat (aka oil and spreads)

Unrefined Carbs are full of fiber and help you lose weight

Whereas carbs that are refined in factories have:

essential vitamins, minerals and fiber
preservatives, food coloring, salt, sugar, synthetic nutrients and other artificial ingredients

Don’t mess with mother nature.

Yes, you want to refine your wardrobe (my goal for this month) by making small changes that up-level your overall look…

…Like how Daniel Craig shows up cleanly shaven in crisp white dress shirts with JB cuff links and you just want to stand beside him because he looks like he smells good—think, subtle hints of lime and sandalwood.

BUT you want to AVOID refined food.

Eat food that rots!

You want to reach for UNREFINED carbohydrates whenever you can because they’re closer to how they’re found in nature.

So they contain more of their natural energy, nutrients and fiber that your body:

  • recognizes
  • craves

to function properly.


Because we’re part of nature! ❤️

Your natural body works at its optimum with natural food.

You know, just like your Apple computer works with an apple plug.You know, just like your apple computer works with an apple plug

Or as Marie Kondo apparently says (I need to read her award-winning book and watch her show to hit my wardrobe goals):

Put like with like.
-Marie Kondo, organizer extraordinaire

What about Fiber Supplements?

Simply apply the above principle:

Whole food full of natural fiber works with your body the best.

It’s the synergy of all the nutrients in natural food that provides the most benefits. Consuming isolated nutrients will never have the same effects as getting your fiber from whole plant foods.
– Joe Leech, dietitian

In other words, all the positive effects of fiber depend on the presence of the vitamins, minerals and antioxidants (that your body also needs) IN natural food.

It makes sense that sprinkling a powdery fiber supplement into your yogurt,
won’t have the same benefits as eating broccoli.

Supplements are no substitute for the real thing.

Get fiber straight from the source: NATURAL FOOD.

TOP sources of unrefined carbohydrates full of fiber include:

Whole grains
brown rice
whole grain bread, etc.

Here’s a picture of what you get when you eat a Whole Grain:

When grains are processed, they're stripped of the germ

The bran is rich in fiber.

The germ is rich in healthy fats and therefore full of nutrients your body needs.

And the endosperm is mostly made of carbohydrates (energy).

Now with all this talk of fiber, you might be wondering:

Is it the end of the world if I eat white bread?

Gawd, no!

I eat white bread, white pasta and white rice each week.

I ❤️ baguettes, fettuccine and jasmine rice.

But the idea is to include unrefined food, aka WHOLE FOOD, as often as you can.

TOP sources of unrefined fruit & vegetables full of fiber have:

Edible skin and/or seeds
potato with the skin ON
strawberries, etc.

But honestly… all fruit and veg is full of fiber.

Like I’ve never eaten a banana skin and the kind of bananas we eat don’t have seeds.

BUT… bananas are full of fiber!

And make a beautiful weight-loss snack.

Most bananas sold in stores are of the Cavendish variety, which are commercial bananas that typically produce no seeds. That’s because, instead of two sets of genes, they’ve been modified to have three sets of genes, called a “triploid,” to create a seedless variety.
The Spruce

So, as I was saying…

You want fiber to be 2/3rds of each meal

By packing your plate out—at breakfast, lunch and dinner—with WHOLE FOODS, like fruit, veg and unrefined carbs:

But like any meal or snack you assemble, the best way to begin is always to look at what’s available by food group

Then with simply a glance you can see that you got the EXACT amount of fiber your body needs to do all the 007 jobs that help you unlock your HAPPY weight—jobs I’m going to tell you all about in a moment.

And guess what?!

If you eat a plant-based meal, like a dark chocolate bean chili or chickpea curry (both recipes are in my 375 page, full-color book, that I send in the post as a gift to people who take my course: What the F do I eat?) and plants are your protein option… then your plate will have even MORE fiber.


TOP sources of unrefined plant proteins full of fiber:

Legumes & Nuts
broad beans
walnuts, etc.

What the F do I eat?
a painful question I had for years

is a course that gives you my SYSTEM + SUPPORT to:

#1 – put GOOD information into ACTION!

#2 – break unhealthy habits THAT ARE HOLDING YOU BACK


being “on” and “off” diets
counting calories
skipping meals
& the starve-binge-purge cycle… that I was stuck in for yeeeeeeeears

break the starve - binge - purge cycle

#3 – & build a routine, you L❤️VE, that LASTS so you can unlock your HAPPY weight for good.

What the F do I eat? is coming soon in a COMPLETELY new, easy-to-consume format.

CLICK HERE to be the first to find out all the details.

And my book, sent as a gift to people who join my course, is full of the ROUGHLY balanced meals made MOSTLY of whole foods, that I was scared to eat the whole time I was 30 pounds overweight ↓

one day meal plan - wtfdie book

But they’re meals I eat all the time now!

I’ve been eating the breakfasts, lunches and dinners from this Mix’n Match Meal book for the past 24+ years that I’ve been a healthy weight.

And every single recipe comes with a FULL page picture of my exact plate so it’s easy to model after these meals that unlock your H 🙂 PPY Weight.

Many of the meals are so easy you don’t even need a recipe!

And they help you adapt your own favorite meals to make them HAPPY Weight Meals.

…the kind that make your body run at it’s optimum.

The kind that BOOST your metabolism!

So now that you know examples of food that’s full of fiber

And how much of each you should eat…

Here’s why fiber is fabulous ↓↓↓

And why fiber helps you lose weight.

Humans CANNOT digest fiber

So the fiber in your food has no calories.

And we don’t gain any nutrients or energy from fiber either, because our bodies can’t break it down or absorb it.

…Now you’re probably thinking:

So what's the point in eating fiber?

Or if you’re British, like Jamie B (Can you imagine if James Bond went by “Jamie”?!) you might be thinking:

“Fiber sounds like a bloody waste of time.”

But fiber is quite spectacularly worth your time, because:

Fiber acts as a secret agent

One that starts with the letter “r”, ends with the letter “e” and kinda, though it’s a stretch, rhymes with the word “suffrage”.

And ding!

Yes, it’s roughage.

(On suffrage has a 92% rhyming rating with roughage… Thoughts?)

aids the passage of food and promotes the elimination of waste.

Or as I like to sing from the roof tops:

“Fiber rakes your colon.”

Fiber rakes your colon

Fiber is a colon raker.

Not to be confused with Moonraker—the 1979 James Bond film.

Colon-raking is superbly important for all sorts of health reasons

In fact, by simply Googling:

Why is fiber good for your colon?

I found this paragraph that’s worth committing to memory.

Especially if you find yourself caught in a corner at a dinner party and need a “Getaway Car” (Taylor Swift, circa Reputation… And while we’re talkin’ Taylor, could the JB Franchise please commission her to write the next Bond Theme song?):

The scrub-brush effect of fiber helps clean out bacteria and other buildup in your intestines, and reduces your risk for colon cancer. Fiber helps keep you regular. A high-fiber diet helps you have soft, regular bowel movements, reducing constipation.
– brought to you by the University of California San Fransisco

If said person isn’t deterred (that would be me, hanging off your every word)…

Pick any of the above topics and do a deep dive.

Or do the “rake your colon” face and hand movements I made above.

We can’t be shy about important, life-saving topics—whether it be the health of your colon or your relationship with food.

9% of the U.S. population, or 28.8 million Americans, will have an eating disorder in their lifetime

Ok… so we’re getting to how fiber helps you lose weight

And why I’m wearing one Stuart Weitzman boot.

Stay with me!


After eating a ROUGHLY balanced meal made MOSTLY of whole foods…

Double O roughage (aka fiber) gets busy

By doing serious MI6 work in your body—like, incredibly important secret service stuff that other carbs can’t hold a candle to.

And fiber independently does all this life-saving stuff IN your body AFTER your meal, while you’re:

→ Thinking of a cute Instagram caption.

→ Having a heated—but civil, “discussion” about who last used the (missing) car keys.


→ Climbing into bed feeling proud of yourself b/c you flossed… even though you’re completely shagged (that’s how British people say tired).

In other words…

You simply need to eat fiber.

Then fiber does the rest.

So, there’s 2 types of fiber

One is soluble.

The other?


And both types of fiber help you lose weight

Soluble and insoluble fiber are distinguished by their reaction to liquid—either in your stomach OR when liquid is added to fibrous food during cooking.

The best way to understand the great work of soluble and insoluble fiber, and how they help you lose weight, is to see them both in action, doing what they do best.

I love watching anyone do anything at an elite level.

Even fiber.

Let’s take a look at Steel Cut Oats; a good source of soluble and insoluble fiber.

The Bond-girl of breakfasts:

A meal that should be a love interest to us all

A meal that should be a love interest to us all.

Steel cut oats shows you how fiber operates

And they’re delicious!

They’ve become part of my morning routine.

I boil about two cups of water, then dump in 1/2 a cup of steel cut oats, plus a scoop of flax seeds (optional):

I boil about two cups of water, then dump in 1/2 a cup of steel cut oats, plus a tiny scoop of flax seeds
And then turn the heat down low for, I don’t know… around 40 minutes.

(I don’t like getting stuck on details b/c I used to all the time… and small things stopped me from doing BIG things… so I just eye-ball how much water I put in the pot. Every day the results are a little different. If they get dry I just add more water part way through. Sometime, when my schedule permits, I should investigate the actual measurements though. I mean, it wouldn’t take much sleuthing around. We’re not talkin’ Secret Intelligence Service level of inquiry, here, are we? I simply need to check the instructions on the back of my Steel Cut Oat box.)

I checked the back of the box.

The liquid to oat ratio for one serving is approximately:

1/2 cup of oats
2.25 cups of water

Investigating WHY fiber helps you lose weight

…with the help of Steel Cut Oats.

So as the oats simmer, 3 crucial things happen SIMULTANEOUSLY:

The oats absorb the liquid and start to grow

In fact, the oats can triple in size.


Like my 1/2 cup of dry oats:

Like my 1/2 cup of dry oats

Every morning I scrub that pot clean with soap, water and a scouring pad ↑↑↑
But over the years this once-bright-white pot has developed a dark ring after boiling oats in it every morning.
I only use this pot for steel cut oats.
Sorry it looks so bad!!!
But… that shouldn’t be your focus right now.
You should be marveling at the oats.

On second thought…

That pot looks disgusting!

Let’s call a cleaning AGENT to the rescue:

Bar Keeper’s Friend

Bar Keeper's Friend

Here’s the results:

Bar Keeper's Friend - cleaned pot

So… my 1/2 cup of dry oats…

becomes about 1.5 cups of porridge, or more.

Simply by adding water and heat.

become about 1.5 cups of oats... or more

This is insoluble fiber at work.

INSOLUBLE FIBER is incapable of dissolving… so it ABSORBS water.

Let’s take a closer look of the results of Double-oh!-Fiber:

Here’s the Before and After of a single steel cut oat:

Here's the Before and After of a single steel cut oat

God, I LOVE before and afters!

I love seeing people, animals, pots and oats reach their potential.

Up next…

Crucial thing that happens:

The oats create, what looks a little like, wallpaper paste

They make a sticky (viscous) consistency:

They make a sticky (viscous) consistency

This is soluble fiber at work.

SOLUBLE FIBER can dissolve.

And while crucial thing #1 and #2 are all a-happening:

I get tons of TOP SECRET and highly important sh*t done

I’m talking about peeling oranges for me and my partner, Alex.

I’m talkin’ about filling up my water bottle for the day.

And I’m talking about:

  • scooping cat litter
  • putting water in the kettle
  • giving Gunther his eye medication

Winning a Grand Slam like Emma Raducanu

Gunther had to have a tooth removed so his lip can get caught in the gap.

And I do 100 other things, including… putting foundation on my face and then blotting my cheeks with blush to add some “I’m alive!” color back in… (I have no idea how to use make up. I didn’t grow up in the YouTube Tutorial age. Note to self: make time for YouTube Tutorials.)

So, what’s the foundation-blush end game?

To look slightly “together” so when I run our dog Moon out into the park, I don’t look like I’m stealing her—while the fiber is working it’s magic back home in my orange cocotte pot that I found in the garbage years ago.

Whazza Cocotte Pot?

Are you a fan of Le Creuset brand?


Cousances was the brand of enameled cast iron cookware (“cocotte” in French).

It was originally manufactured by a foundry in the town of Cousances-les-Forges in northeastern France.

The Cousances foundry began making cast iron pans in 1553.

Four centuries later, in 1957, the brand was acquired by Le Creuset.

Cousances was the brand of enameled cast iron cookware

So the reason it looks like I’m stealing Moon is because I have to a little bit drag her around the block.

I swear.

She’s the slo-o-owest dog in Toronto!

She’s the ONLY dog who walks behind her parents.

fiber helps you lose weight - Moon

That was the day my Mix ‘n Match Meal books (What the F do I eat?) finally arrived after 3 years of putting it together and 3 drafts… we kept adding recipes ↑








fiber helps you lose weight - Moon yawning

Moon is yawning.
We’d taken sooo many photos by then!

But I digress…

Moon may be the slowest gal in The Big Smoke…

But she may also be the sweetest dog too!

But she may also be the sweetest dog too!

Ah, who are we kidding?

All dogs are adorable.

Anyways, after we had to let 17 year-old Rocky go we realized he’d been setting the pace in his wheelchair for the year we got lucky because Moon & Rocky got almost 365 days together.

fiber helps you lose weight with Rocky

She’s also a lot smaller than Rocky was, down here on earth.

Hot Tip:
To appear your natural size in photos don’t stand way up in the front, like Moon Beam is doing here.


Back to regular programming:

Why soluble and insoluble fiber help you lose weight

WITHOUT going hungry.

So there’s:

Two KEY reasons why fiber helps you lose weight

If you’ve been scanning this article it’s time to slow your roll.

And read this bit word by word.

Also, pay SPECIAL attention to the words in red.


First reason fiber helps you lose weight

When the INSOLUBLE fiber grows significantly in size
it helps you
NATURALLY feel full & satiated.


Drum roll…

The second reason fiber helps you lose weight

SOLUBLE fiber, that creates the glue-y paste substance,
traps all the:
& fat…
(Some call it a binding quality, I call it bond-ing.
A James Bonding quality.)
…which slows down digestion so
the energy from your food is released into your body sl-o-o-o-wly
to stop your blood sugar from spiking,
which prevents the fat-storing cycle
& TO keep you full longer.

The Fat Storage Cycle that fiber helps PREVENT looks like this:

Stop Counting Calories - Sugar Rush

When your blood sugar spikes it cues your body to store energy as fat so that it can quickly get your blood sugar levels back to a healthy level. But as you can see in the diagram above (let’s use the word diagram loosely), after the sugar crash (aka blood sugar levels rushing back to normal) hunger and cravings for MORE sugary food, are triggered.

But again, soluble fiber PREVENTS your blood sugar from spiking which PREVENTS the fat-storage cycle.

Perhaps the best way to summarize Soluble Fiber, is to say:

Soluble Fiber has a License to Kill

(1989 Bond Film)

A License to Kill … or protect you from the stuff in your body
that SPIKES your blood sugar
& makes you gain weight.

Fiber helps you lose weight

I love carrots, because they’re LOADED with both types of fiber.

Reviewing the result of eating both soluble and insoluble fiber

So natural food, like steel cut oats, helps you GET full naturally (insoluble fiber) and STAY full longer (soluble fiber).

Then you don’t eat more than you need.

And you naturally unlock your HAPPY weight without going hungry.

Fiber helps you fill up naturally and stay full longer so you don't eat more than you need

What happens when you don’t eat fiber?

Think of how you feel when you eat processed foods that are made in factories and void of fiber, like:

  • pretzels
  • sweetened beverages
  • M&M’s
  • Orange Juice
  • low-fat snack bars
  • chips
  • or crackers…

These food products give you the “munchies”… aka make it hard to stop eating, by design.

And leave you asking: Why am I overweight and STILL hungry?!

Something I wondered for years.

Pringles has recently changed it’s jingle from:

“Once you pop you can’t stop.”
“Once you pop the fun don’t stop.”

… Hmmm… why are they distancing themselves from their original message?

And while we’re putting processed foods under a spotlight… here’s another reason to choose natural food.

Unlike a NATURAL banana, that comes in a compostable peel—just like other fresh food FULL of fiber found around the edge of your grocery store… processed foods are wrapped in plastic and other bad-for-the-environment packaging, donning expiry dates that are years from now!

You’ll find processed foods in the middle of your grocery storeFresh stuff is always on the outside of a store

↑ Pic from my book: It took me 10 years to lose 10 pounds
(because I had all the wrong information), Pg 34

All this manufactured “food” found in the middle of the store, aka:

  • factory food
  • junk food
  • processed food
  • convenient food
  • unnatural food
  • FAKE food
  • & empty calorie food

Is often “fortified” with unnatural nutrients & unnatural fiber that your body doesn’t recognize. Processed food isn’t satisfying—because it doesn’t meet your body’s nutrient needs—so it KEEPS you feeling hungry—so you become overfed and undernourished—which TRAPS YOU in the fat-storage cycle.

I was hungry, starving! for the 10 years I was a stubborn 30 pounds overweight,
because—along with a few other things I was doing wrong,
I was eating low-fat food made in factories
AKA: food void of fiber and natural nutrients

So the key is to eat those ROUGHLY balanced meals made MOSTLY of whole foods because they’re packed with fiber.

Eat real food!

And leave your body to do the food processing.

Here’s some examples of:

The parts of food that contain SOLUBLE and INSOLUBLE fiber…

that… (say it with me) …HELPS YOU LOSE WEIGHT!


Insoluble fiber absorbs water and grows in size

Bran, for example, can absorb up to 9 times it’s own volume in water!
And again, this bulk makes you feel full.

…Speaking of bulk… Jamie is built, non?

But no matter. I’m more into a guy who reads.

Insoluble fiber is found in:

  • fruit & vegetable skins
  • dark leafy vegetables
  • the bran layer of whole grains
  • corn (including air-popped pop corn b/c it’s NATURAL)…
  • nuts & seeds


Soluble fiber dissolves in your stomach and becomes a sticky paste

This gel-like substance traps fat, sugar and cholesterol which prevents the fat-storage cycle AND slows digestion.
So the energy and nutrients from the food you eat, like a carrot, are released into your bloodstream over a l-o-o-o-nger period of time, so you stay full l-o-o-o-nger.

Let’s take a closer look at the illustrious carrot.

Carrots contain tons of nutrients that meet your body’s needs:

Carrots contain tons of nutrients that meet your body's needs and thus, keep you full and satisfiedIncluding:

that helps keep your blood pressure in check

to prevent heart disease & cancer

& good ol’ Vitamin A
needed for healthy skin, bones and teeth

But I was scared to eat carrots for years b/c someone I trusted had a friend who went to a high-end weight-loss camp, and was told by experts not to eat carrots because of the sugar 🙁

However, now I know the Soluble Fiber in carrots traps the nutrients, natural sugar (aka energy) and other components so they’re released into your bloodstream over time.

Thus, you feel full and satisfied l-o-o-o-nger.

Another, fun way to explain Soluble Fiber?

Soluble fiber can cause an extended period of feeling full because it delays gastric emptying.

Try saying “delays gastric emptying” 10 times fast.

Once I understood the truth about NATURAL FOOD… I started eating and loving carrots again.

I cut them up into coin-sized slivers.

One carrot for me.

And one for Alex to eat along with the rest of our lunch.

Soluble fiber is found in:

  • the flesh of fruits and root vegetables
  • legumes
  • nuts
  • seeds
  • cooked grains like oats and barley

A breakfast full of fiber helps you lose weight

Let’s get practical and apply this info to real life situations.

You certainly don’t have to eat Steel Cut Oats.

Or any oats!

Alex does not like them.

And he’s a healthy weight!

There’s lots of other fiber-full food options.

Here’s what he usually eats while I’m eating my steel cut oats:

Here's what he usually eats while I'm eating my steel cut oats

Sometimes it’s a hot cross bun with butter ↑

more often it's whole grain bread and butter or marmelade

Or on a fancy day (after pillaging the Hotel bread basket), marmalade on a whole-seed baguette ↑

Essentially we’re both eating the same thing.

We both eat the same amount of fruit but prefer different carbs.

And we both have a large latte made with whole milk.

I ❤️ coffee!

I just put my frozen berries in the bowl with the fruit cut up smaller on top (b/c I like the berries to stay cold!):

I just put my frozen berries in the bowl with the fruit cut up smaller on top

Then pop the porridge on top:

Then pop the porridge on top

Un-bland your Steel Cut Oats

Start by adding what you already love.

Here’s some options to add flavor, texture & food groups (to make your meal balanced so you can unlock your HAPPY weight the same way the amazing women I work with do, without dieting):

  • 1 tsp of cinnamon (too much cinnamon can be toxic so don’t exceed 1 tsp)
  • pepitas (raw pumpkin seeds) or any other seeds
  • almonds or other nuts
  • fresh fruit (I love apples, peaches, kiwi, pears… whatever’s in season or on sale)
  • frozen fruit (like raspberries and blueberries)… frozen is less expensive and to me, frozen has much more flavor

frozen fruit (like raspberries and blueberries)... frozen is less expensive

Need more evidence that fiber helps you lose weight?

Research shows fiber helps you lose weight

A recent study published in the National Library of Medicine, discovered:

Simply adding foods that are naturally high in fiber (a minimum of 30 grams of fiber per day) to what you normally eat, gives you nearly the same results as following the American Heart Association Diet; a diet that requires you to:

limit saturated fat
decrease daily calorie intake
and cut back on salt, sugar and alcohol.

Both test groups lost similar amounts of weight and improved their:

  • cholesterol
  • blood pressure
  • blood sugar

& inflammation markers.

But one study isn’t good enough for us Type A’ers, is it?

simply adding foods that are naturally high in fiber, gives you nearly the same results as following the American Heart Association dietSo let me tell you first there’s oodles of research done that corroborates this.

(Haven’t you always wanted to casually throw down the world “corroborate” like it ain’t no thing?)

But rather than bore you silly with lists of the same findings from different studies, let’s jet straight to Harvard.

(Pronounced “Haar-vrd”)

Here’s what them folks in Boston had to say:

Weight control is another benefit of high-fiber diets. By helping you feel full longer after a meal or snack, high-fiber whole grains can help you eat less. In one large study, adults who ate several servings of whole grains a day were less likely to have gained weight, or gained less weight, than those who rarely ate whole grains.
– Kathy McManus, Harvard Health Publishing, Harvard Medical School

Is Harvard good enough for y’all?

It ticks enough boxes for me.

Fiber study results applied to every day living

So there’s the data that highlights how fiber helps you lose weight AND as shared in the research above…

…you can get virtually the same weight-loss results whether you’re following the restrictive American Heart Association diet or… simply adding fiber to what you’re already eating.

Now, let’s add a dash of REAL.

It’s often the EASE of something
that creates momentum
& determines whether or not you keep it up long term.

Simply adding fiber to your meals is much, much easier to do at home or on holiday, than following a restrictive diet, like the American Heart Association diet.

This ONE simple step:

Add more fiber!

Can be more effective than black-listing a whole bunch of food and making a ton of eating rules.


People who follow the American Heart Association Diet don’t get the added benefits experienced by people who simply added whole foods packed with fiber to their meals.

Here’s the added benefits of eating fiber

Along with helping you lose weight and improving cholesterol, blood pressure and blood sugar levels & inflammation markers, (same results as the American Heart Association diet) SIMPLY adding food that naturally contains fiber, to what you’re already eating, ALSO:

  • helps reduce the risk of:
    • heart disease
    • Type 2 diabetes
    • & Colorectal cancer
  • promotes a healthy gut microbiome
  • & aids regular bowel movements (kills constipation!)

In fact, studies have found that over a nine-year period:

consuming more dietary fiber
lowered the risk of death
from any cause.


And… eating a high-fiber diet actually reduces your risk—by up to 50%—of dying from the following diseases:

  • respiratory diseases
  • heart disease
  • & infectious diseases

Seriously… how many more perks can fiber throw in?

And all you gotta do is add DELICIOUS fibrous foods to your meals.

Fiber’s not just good for you

It’s good for the whole family.

Tell everybody you know to eat fiber!

Tell them that fiber does all sorts of 007 stuff in your body.

Fiber does James Bond Stuff in your body

Share this article so they understand WHY.


Here’s the link.

How much fiber should I eat each day?

Go back to the top and look at the Eatwell Guide ↑

I could say to have this many grams if you’re a girl and this many if you’re a guy, etc… as recco’d by the Mayo Clinic…

BUT it’s easier to simply look at your plate and aim to make 2/3’s of it full of fiber from whole food sources.


No scales,
reading food labels
or keeping track required.

After 10 YEARS of doing all those things ↑↑↑

This easy approach, that we talk about more in my course, is positively refreshing.

Then you can be confident about what you put on your plate at:

  • Thanksgiving
  • Christmas
  • your neighborhood BBQ
  • on a date
  • at your school cafeteria
  • as you rush out the door on a Monday Morning
  • or when you grab a few things at a corner store as you make your way to your 2nd-Friday-of-every-month book club, after a long week at work.

Unfortunately not enough people eat enough fiber

Only about 5% of men and 9% of women meet the daily fiber recommendation...— Amanda Beaver, dietitian at Houston Methodist

This deficit is due to the popularity of gimmicky, fad diets like:

  • Keto
  • Atkins
  • Zero Carb/Low-Carb
  • Whole 30, etc.

Saying gimmicky, fad diets might ruffle some feathers, but find me someone who’s been on any of these diets, for the purpose of losing weight, “for the rest of their life.”

If it ain’t a lifestyle you can maintain… in my world, it’s a gimmicky-fad.

As I always say (because I wish someone had said it to me):

You  gotta  lose  weight  the  SAME  way  you  WANT  TO keep  it  off.

See… more writing in red.

It’s worth reading again:

You’ve got to lose weight the same way you want to keep it off.

As an amazing doctor who read my book: It took me 10 years to lose 10 pounds said:

Kelly has traveled the road of multiple diets and was overweight and now is thin and healthy.
Decades later, she’s following the same program she recommends.
There are no food group eliminations.
There is no restricted eating of anything…

Eating from every food group is something you can keep up

I’ve been eating the way I describe in both my books and in my ONE STOP comprehensive program: What the F do I eat? (where we work with your personal preferences by using my SYSTEM—that just takes one minute a day—so you can TAKE ACTION to sort this weight-loss stuff out)…

And I’ve been eating this way for the last 24+ years—which has made food, weight and hunger a complete non-issue.

I love my routine.

And I love the food I eat.

Also I have more energy than I had for all of high school and university… the 10 years I was dieting and up to 30 pounds overweight.


I work out 345 minutes LESS each week
than I did over the decade I was dieting.

I write these blog posts because I want you to make your life easier

I write them because this is the stuff I wish I knew the entire time trying to lose weight consumed my life.

But everything improved when I:

stopped dieting,
got good information
& took time to transition my unhealthy habits into HEALTHY habits.

And nothing’s more exciting to me than watching other people experience this transformation too.

I love seeing YOU redirect that energy caught up in dieting and put it toward the people, animals and projects you L❤️VE.

How to start eating more fiber

Since you gals are Type A’ers and like me, we tend to overdo things.

(Kinda proud of that.)

I’d be amiss if I didn’t mention that there are circumstances where we should take caution.

Slow our roll.

Put on the brakes.

…Fiber is one of those amber-light moments.

Too much fiber can BACKFIRE and lead to:

  • bloating
  • constipation
  • diarrhea
  • & cramping

And NONE of those are a good time ↑

So when upping your fiber game—or adding anything new into your routine, start slow.

No dramatic changes!

Your body doesn’t like extremes.

Make changes slowly so the habits you build LAST

Start by:

Adding a little more fiber to your meals
& drinking a little more water throughout each day to feed the fiber (!)

Again… don’t run wild with the water either (like I used to do when I was dieting).

Personally I aim for 1.5 liters of water over the course of a day.

Additionally, drinking more water controls thirst, which can often be confused with hunger signals.


I LOVE fashion.

For years I dressed solely to disguise my weight

Think: Cotton Ginny Leggings and baggy button-downs that hung over my butt.

Feeling confident about what to put on my plate, got me back into choosing clothes because of the cut, color and coziness.

You gotta wear the kind of clothes YOU like… because they make you feel like you.


Why am I wearing just one Stuart Weitzman boot?

(Value: $1300 – one boot = $650.)

Alex found this VIDALAND 100 BOOT in black suede while he was running.

And it was EXACTLY my size.

But there was only one boot.

And we HATE waste!

Just like I thought my life was over when I was entangled in diet rules, tips and tricks and felt completely lost, hungry and worried about my future…

I LOVE when people, animals and black suede boots get a chance for change.

As I discovered, with good information and some support, everything can get back on track quickly.

So I had the option to wear other shoes (heavily Lysol-ed, etc.) that we found while we walked the city with Moon.

Like this pair of Steve Maddens:

Like this pair of Steve Maddens

Or these BCBG Sliders:

Or these BCBG Sliders



Impo’s (never heard of this brand but I kind of like how they just stretch around your foot and become part of you):

Impo's (never heard of this brand but I kind of like how they just stretch around your foot

Or these never-been-worn Yves St. Laurent shoes… YSL people!… that I found in a clear plastic tote bag tucked beside a bin on garbage day… OMG!:

Or these Yves St. Laurent shoes...

Look at the craftsmanship!

Check out those tassels!

And I also found these “Call it Spring” knee-highs hanging out of a dumpster on the way to dropping a gift off at my dentist (he quickly fixed my chipped front tooth after Moon leapt into the air to kiss me and we knocked enamels).

These “Call it Spring’s” are a pretty great, low-price alternative to Stuart Weitzman (and look way better on than they do here):

And these "Call it Spring" knee-highs

These are just SOME of the black shoes we’ve found on dog walks that are in my size!

We also found these:

These are just SOME of the black shoes we've found that are in my size!

We discovered some incredible charities

Charities that actually accept single boot and single shoe donations for amputees.

So after taking pics for this post, we dropped off most of the black shoes to our local Salvation Army.

And then packaged the single Stuart Weitzman boot up, inside one of the Stuart Weitzman dust bags we found, to send to the NATIONAL ODD SHOE EXCHANGE (NOSE):

A wide range of disease, injury and genetic disorders cause people to require one shoe or pairs of different sizes.
NOSE is unsullied by socio-economic, geographic, gender, political, religious, racial, and moral constraints.

Ever lost a shoe?

Or had a dog chew your shoe?

Look for an amputee charity near you.

POB 1120
Chandler, Arizona USA

So many people in the world are doing cool things. What an incredible organization.

Ok… let’s bring this home.

Make Today Count

make today count - the10principlesWhat’s the next meal you’re going to eat today?

What WHOLE FOOD fruit and veg, carbohydrate or plant protein can you add or upgrade (from processed) to what you’ve already got planned?

Make a commitment by writing it in the comments below!

You can even just write your first initial and the comment will go live and you’ll stay anonymous 🙂

Build healthy eating and exercise habits. A healthy weight will follow.

Fiber helps you lose weight - summmary

Next Steps for eating fiber that helps you lose weight

Pop an apple in your purse, backpack or briefcase so you’ve always got fiber on hand. xo

If you do this before your next mission…

OPERATION FIBER will be complete.

How do I stop overeating?

Ever wondered what fiber sounds like…

…when it’s doing secret service stuff in your body?

Like when it’s creeping around your intestines and trapping fat, sugar and cholesterol?

Well, you’re in luck!

It sounds just like this:

After hitting that tarantula…

I’m pretty sure Bond is short one shoe.

Want some fiber?

I say it’s just what the doctor ordered.


How we did the James Bond pics via a bed sheet on our roof:

Fiber helps you lose weight - behind the scene

Remember to add fiber to every meal, snack and even dessert

Or as one of my clients now says: Add plants to every meal.

Kelly Clark



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