Emma Raducanu's winning strategy applied to weight loss

  • Emma Raducanu’s US Open win highlights how to Grand Slam your goals
  • the ONE book you should read that mirrors Emma Raducanu’s winning strategy
  • are you ready to do an Emma Raducanu… and unlock your HAPPY weight by ABSOLUTELY GOING FOR IT!?

Emma Raducanu won the US Open on September 11, 2021.

She’s the first qualifier to win a Grand Slam and, oh ya, she won every set she played!!!

But what I love ❤️ most about 18 year old Emma Raducanu—aside from the fact she fiercely believes in herself while remaining so grateful (too often people underestimate the confidence of an unassuming person)—is Emma Raducanu’s winning strategy.

A strategy you can apply to anything you want to achieve in your life

…A strategy you can apply to ANYTHING you want to achieve in your life, including getting control of your relationship with food and unlocking your HAPPY weight.

What is Emma Raducanu’s winning strategy?

In every post-match interview (don’t you love how tennis does that?!—OMG the pressure when you’re physically and mentally drained) Emma was asked what she was telling herself to stay so composed.

If you watched her games, do you remember her answer?

See if you can spot a theme:

After the US Open Quarterfinal Emma Raducanu replied:

It was love-30 in my last couple service games so the hole was pretty big. So it’s one point at a time. Just trying to focus on what I can control.
-Emma Raducanu

After the US Open Semifinal Emma Raducanu replied:

Honestly, the time in New York has gone by so fast. I’ve just been taking care of each day. And before you know, it’s been 3 weeks and I’m in the final and I can’t actually believe it… Tim [Henman]’s been such a big inspiration. Like he’s been telling me to treat one point at a time and in moments like this you definitely can’t get ahead of yourself. You really just need to stay present.
-Emma Raducanu

Then after the US Open Final Emma Raducanu replied:

Just staying in the moment. And focusing on what I had to do. And the process and my mindset really helped those tough times…
-Emma Raducanu

And at the Press Conference she said:

I knew that I had to bring my game and I was just trying to focus as much as possible on one point at a time.

Emma Raducanu’s winning strategy is…

Drum roll…

Take each game ONE point at a time.

Actually, take each tournament ONE point at a time.

Applying Emma Raducanu’s winning strategy to weight loss…

…coming up.

First we need to pinpoint why Emma Raducanu’s strategy gets the green light from anyone who wants to get into optimum health.

Emma Raducanu's winning strategy works

Big thanks to Alex for sitting on the wet court and restraining Rocky (who had his eye on the ball…literally).

Emma Raducanu’s winning strategy works

I mean… look at the history she made:

I mean... look at the history she made

Source: Google Scores

What happens without Emma Raducanu’s winning strategy

Do you remember what it felt like when you:

were jogging on the spot waiting for the air horn to kick-off your very first Ironman Triathlon?


when you opened a Google Doc to write your dissertation in Behavioral Health
and saw the cursor blinking on a blank page?


the time you stood at base camp before climbing Mount Kilimanjaro?

…me neither.

I haven’t done any of those things.

But, I have:

sat in Geography class on the first day of term and looked at the due dates for every assignment and exam

stared at a blank screen the day I started writing my book

& sometimes when I wake up tired with my alarm clock beep-beeping in the background,
I think of everything I have to do that day before I’m back in bed at night…

And in all these occasions one word comes to mind:


Why Emma Raducanu’s winning strategy works

When we’re doing big things… and I know you’ve got BIG things in you to do, they can feel incredibly overwhelming.

But when you break big projects up into small tasks—whether it’s:

1. Going through all the notes you’ve scribbled to yourself on scraps of paper and stuffed into a box:

That box was full of ideas accumulated over just one week


Only me?

…That box was full of ideas for things like:

    • blog posts
    • recipes
    • self improvement (I need a sleep routine!)
  • finalizing a few details for my group program coming up on Oct. 20th, 2021
  • having no more scraps (written on a scrap of paper!)
  • what to tell the vet about Gunther’s little lip that keeps getting caught up high and I don’t know why 🙁

Winning a Grand Slam like Emma Raducanu

He had a tooth removed lately so we’re hoping it has to do with that (deep breath).


2. Winning a Grand Slam like Emma Raducanu


3. Losing weight after years of yo-yo dieting…

Each task feels downright do-able when you’re not worrying about the e-n-t-i-r-e project.

(When was the last time you said “downright” in a sentence? Like… That’s downright awful. Or: He‘s downright rude! Please, I challenge you… work it into something you say today.)

Emma Raducanu’s winning strategy made going through my scraps effortless

Truly, I found my lists of things to do so much easier to tackle this past weekend because I just looked at ONE thing I’d written at a time.

Usually I look at a few at a time, do half of some of them and then have to re-read and cross-check to make sure they’re all done… and ultimately feel unsettled. So I end up reading things I’ve crossed off to make sure I’ve done them too. What a waste of time!

But this weekend, thanks to Emma Raducanu, I got through the whole box of scraps by doing just ONE task at a time.

Look… every “to-do” is done and dusted:

all my tasks are done and dusted, so Coco (nut) has taken residence

So Coco (nut) has moved in.

And guess what?

I’ve doubled-down on Emma Raducanu’s winning strategy

I’ve started going through my scraps of ideas EVERY night rather than waiting for the weekend when the pile has gone all Kilimanjaro on me.

Emma Raducanu’s strategy works!

A book Emma Raducanu would like

This is the book I’m currently reading (again) because focusing on ONE thing is such a powerful strategy:

new years resolution - The One Thing

Applying Emma Raducanu’s winning strategy to LASTING weight loss

My last blog post was about how I hit rock bottom.

It was a big hole to climb out of.

Bigger than love-30!

But truly, I was so scared and lost that initially, I could only concentrate on ONE moment at a time.

I could only put one foot in front of the other.

Not only was I 30 pounds overweight but I had:

  • no idea what to eat—I’d lost all concept of a normal meal
  • not been to class for weeks, so I was behind in every course
  • been cancelling friends to punish myself for not sticking to my diet & to write out a new weight-loss plan (I was too anxious to do anything fun until I was on a new diet)
  • skipped my volunteer position to focus more on losing weight
  • stopped playing all the sports I loved because I felt so uncomfortable in my body

In short… I had a lot more than just trying to get into a healthy routine—a GOLD Standard Routine—to sort out.

Every part of my life was upside down and inside out.

And if I’d thought about everything I had to put back together, it would have been waaay too overwhelming, even to begin.

Fortunately the only thing still in tact was my “can-do” attitude.

I was eternally optimistic.

And believing things can get better WILL change your life.

optimism can take you where you need to go

When you take out the overwhelm, it’s easier to be optimistic

I LOVE my client Lacie’s spin on this:

I’m so thankful for your help in being able to see that life isn’t just about what I eat, but about the habits that I make and maintain. I am so grateful for that tool to use in my life every day. Every meal is an opportunity and even though some of those meals aren’t perfect, they can still be healthy and balanced.
– Lacie

“Every meal is an opportunity.”

Emma Raducanu’s winning strategy helped me get control of my relationship with food

I’m thankful that when I was at my lowest point I told someone I trusted what I was going through.

I should have done it waaay sooner though!

Getting help doesn’t have to be
about having a big problem.
Getting help can be about PREVENTING a big problem.

There’s no wrong time to get help!

And the person I trusted said to me:

Kelly, just focus on ONE meal at a time

And he suggested I focus on just ONE block of the day at a time between meals.

Baby steps, baby!

Like after breakfast I had one job… to go to class and listen to that ONE lecture.

And he said not to think about anything before or after.

Just be present.

Before I knew it, thanks to Emma Raducanu’s winning strategy, I was:

  • feeling confident about the food I put on my plate
  • my grades were going up, up, up
  • having meals with a great group of friends every breakfast, lunch and dinner
  • falling in love with the kids I visited each week to help them with their math
  • playing squash every Tuesday night with my friends

And my clothes were baggy.

When I stopped putting weight loss under a magnifying glass,
I naturally lost 30 pounds.

Like I always say, baby steps ain’t sexy, but they work!

Stop fixating on weight loss and get into a GOLD STANDARD ROUTINE

Emma Raducanu’s winning strategy helps you unlock your HAPPY weight

When you focus on ONE thing at a time it’s easier to give it your all and make it count.

Another reason Emma Ranucanu’s winning strategy is unbeatable?

I heard her say MANY times:

I have nothing to lose.

And she said it in the most joyous way.

And other people noticed that Emma Raducanu had that attitude too.

She plays fearless. She absolutely goes for it. Emma does the right thing actually. She goes for it. She has nothing to lose. She’s enjoying herself.
– Maria Sakkari, Greek Tennis Player

Emma Raducanu’s outlook is exactly the winning attitude my Star Clients have when they work with me

Like Lavina, who said:

I can confidently say, dieting has only caused me problems. When I came to this epiphany I realized I had nothing to lose. So I decided to try Kelly’s method, signed up for her one-to-one coaching and completely trusted her process… Now eating is so natural, I have more energy, lost all the baby weight and I confidently fit into my clothes.
Lavina, Chartered Accountant, USA

…None of us have anything to lose.

We’re only on this planet for just a very short time and there’s no reason to not absolutely go for it!

And make it fun.

Lavina lost weight eating hamburgers, avocado wraps, burritos, pasta, ice cream sandwiches and falling in love with fruit and vegetables again. Getting into the GOLD Standard Routine got her craving big balanced meals and only wanting sweets in moderation. And by using my super-easy method, she stopped:

  • counting calories
  • skipping meals
  • and mindlessly snacking

And here’s Catherine who’s learned weight loss isn’t the struggle we’re taught it is:

When I got in touch with Kelly Clark, I was at a point where I felt I had NOTHING to lose. I’d put all my energy into a restrictive diet. And when it backfired upon me, I not only gained back all the lost weight, but an additional 25 pounds. I was frustrated, confused, preoccupied by food all the time and had no idea how to proceed. Like most people with the goal of losing weight, I thought that weight loss required sheer determination and willpower… Kelly changed my life. She showed me that weight loss just isn’t the struggle that we’re taught to believe it is! In fact… she taught me almost hilariously simple knowledge that works.
Catherine, University Student, Australia

I gotta agree with Catherine.

The idea weight-loss has to be a struggle is a downright lie.

Focus on one thing at a time and absolutely go for it!I really, really want her white hat ↑

Want help applying Emma Raducanu’s winning strategy to unlocking your HAPPY weight?

I have a very specific technique to get you focusing on ONE meal at a time so you can find out who you are when you’re not:

  • skipping meals
  • counting calories
  • or over-exercising

My 1:1 clients love this approach… the exact same one I used 22+ years ago to lose 30 pounds for good and make food a complete non-issue.

This one-meal-at-a-time strategy helps you build your own *personalized* GOLD Standard Routine. And I’ll be with you every step of the way starting on October 20th when I open my group program.


Something else Emma Raducanu said:

It means so much to have Virginia [Wade] here and also Tim [Henman], to have such British legends to follow in their footsteps. It really helps and gave me the belief that I could actually do it.
-Emma Raducanu

The GOLD Standard Routine and my ONE-meal-at-a-time method (to prevent overwhelm), is a tried and tested approach I’ve introduced to my 1:1 clients from more than 10 different countries and ages ranging from 14 to 60+ years old.

So many say “you’ve reprogrammed me.” But it’s the simple method I use that works SO WELL with your body that gets you making choices that you ❤️ LOVE.

Dieting works against your body.

If you’re ready to follow in the footsteps of the amazing women
who’ve been so big-hearted to share their stories (just some of them are here)
with the goal of inspiring people who are in the same place they were:

(which is )

Ready to get control of their relationship with food…

Circle Oct. 20th in your calendar
so that when you enroll you get the FAST Action Bonus that’s sent straight to your front door.

(I’ve always been obsessed with snail mail!)

***UPDATE: Want to be the first to know when I run my course again soon? Click here to stay in the loop! xo

Oct. 20th in your calendar

Rocky uses Emma Raducanu’s winning strategy

Poor little Rocky lives in a city home that has stairs at a 90 degree angle.

These days he needs a brace to get down.

And more than that: a mindset change.

When he looks at the whole stair case it takes him ages to be assisted down.

When he looks at the whole stair case it takes him ages to be assisted down

But since I’ve been writing this post, I’ve started standing in front of him so he can only see ONE step at a time.

And we literally fly down!

(Hence this being an action shot:)

oor little Rocky lives in a city home that has stairs at a 90 degree angle

(Our stairs are actually full of lip balm, keys, rain boots, running shoes, poo bags, dog leashes, dog treats… not sure how we got this shot lookin’ like our home is squeaky clean and organized.)

Emma Raducanu’s Sparklers

Tennis cracks me up.

I can’t think of any other sport people play decked out in Tiffany Jewellery!

I mean… it’s downright ridiculous.

(Emma is a Brand Ambassador for Tiffany’s.)

It’s no secret I love fashion—though when it comes to jewellery, I’m more of a hand-painted-found-at-a-church-bizarre-used-to-belong-to-aunt-Edna kinda girl:

It's no secret I love fashion

Are these orange pineapple earrings?
Elongated pumpkins?
Or a figment of someone’s imagination?

After years of being uncomfortable in my body and trying to camouflage my extra weight in black leggings and a baggy top, I just find clothes and accessories so fun and liberating. I mean, every day should have an element of Hallowe’en.

…So I couldn’t help but notice all of Emma Raducanu’s accessories.

And of course The Daily Mail was on to it too; adding up the jewellery Emma was wearing and documenting it like a diagram found in a biology text book for Behavioral Health:

I couldn't help but notice all of Emma Raducanu's accessories

To keep in line with legal image rights I can’t include the actual photo.

And if you’re like: Um, Kelly… I can’t even process the cost of her tennis-game-jewellery (it adds up to 27,625 quid… which is $37,462 USD… which is $47,318 Cdn) because I’m, like, too preoccupied by your sketchy sketch…

Check out my first attempt:

Check out my first attempt

I stopped after the teeth.

They call Emma Raducanu’s experience at the US Open “A Fairy Tale in New York

I couldn’t agree more!

(And I love that Christmas song by the Pogues.)

After her win she visited The New York Stock Exchange (both her parents work in the finance sector) and she also went to the Met Gala!

I LOVE New York!

(Hence my NYC “costume” for this shoot:)

OMG... look at my hair!

Ooops… look at my hair! We waited until it rained to take photos so the tennis courts would be empty. And my hair grew to twice the frizz it is here, but it got too dark to use that photo.

I ❤️ New York and all the iconic moments that happen there in movies, tv shows, like Sex & The City and Friends. And so many fashion trends pop up in the big apple.

Are you as excited as I am to follow Emma Raducanu’s career?

I’m going to take it, not ONE tournament, not ONE match and not ONE game at a time.

But ONE point at a time. And enjoy every one.

I love watching elite athletes. And people elite at anything.

Make Today Count

make today count - the10principlesStop self sabotaging after a choice you regret!

(I did that for 10 years.)

Instead of getting overwhelmed by something that happened yesterday. Or where you want to be tomorrow… focus on ONE choice at a time.

ONE meal at a time.

And ONE activity that’s important between meals.

When you’re TOTALLY in the moment you make that moment count.

And making each moment count allows you to #MakeTodayCount.

Before you know it you’ll have a string of days that really move the needle in your life.

Build healthy eating and exercise habits, a healthy weight will follow

Emma Raducanu's winning strategy applied to weight loss - summary

Next Steps

What’s your next meal or snack today? What can you add to make it more balanced? Eating chips or as some say, “crisps” before dinner? How about adding an apple to that snack? Having chili for dinner on rice with a big green salad? Add a dollop of full-fat sour cream on top.

I love this whole video. But if you just have ONE moment, skip to: 1:45 for the ONE message in this post.

(And the little girl at 3:24. And Virginia Wade who’s adorable at 1:30ish. I also love her crew at 2:10!)

How cool and fun is Emma Raducanu?

I mean is there any expectation? I’m a qualifier. So technically on paper there’s nothing [to lose]… no pressure on me.
-Emma Raducanu

Did you hear Emma say she played at Arthur Ashe Stadium?

It’s named after the famous tennis player who said:

Start where you are
Use what you have
Do what you can

I LOVE that philosophy and it’s especially powerful if you’re feeling like you can’t unlock your H 🙂 PPY weight…

That could have been how Emma Raducanu felt…

…after she retired from her 2nd set of her 4th round match at Wimbledon due to breathing difficulties.

Instead she kept her chin up, tried something new (changed her coach) and just a few weeks later she came back to win the US Open.

What’s happened in the past doesn’t matter… it’s the choices you make moving forward. The present is called the present because it’s a gift.

You can do this!

Let’s get into a GOLD Standard Routine together on Oct. 20th!

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Big thanks to Rocky...

In the end Rocky got his way.

He might be 15 and a half… but he’s still a puppy at heart.

And to whoever left that gorgeous, wood tennis racquet behind a building… just in time for the top pic in this post, THANK YOU!

Who’s your most inspiring elite athlete? Is it for what they do “on” or “off” the court/field/rink/playing field?

And what’s your favourite thrift shop? What country is it in?

Let me know in the comments below.

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Kelly Clark



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