New Year's Resolution

  • Reach all your goals with ONE resolution you can make any day of the year
  • This New Year’s Resolution makes losing weight EASIER
  • Make this New Year’s Resolution STICK!

For the 10 years I was overweight I had 100’s of New Year’s Resolutions each December 31st.

New Year’s Resolutions like:

Read more.
Stick to a sleep schedule.
Spend money on experiences instead of things.
Wear my best shoes, jackets, socks and underwear (!) each day… instead of waiting for the perfect day.

New Year's Resolution - Wear my best shoes, jackets, socks and underwear each day

But most of my New Year’s Resolutions would be stuff like:

And other COMPLICATED diet rules, tips and tricks; restrictions that made my eating disordered and led to weight gain.

You can probably guess these New Year’s Resolutions didn’t last.

Not even until February.

The MOMENT I learned how to make New Year’s Resolutions

A few years ago I went to a book launch for the best seller: The One Thing. It’s written by Gary Keller, the founder of the largest real estate agency in the world called Keller Williams.

Extraordinary results are about doing the right thing, not about doing everything right.— Gary Keller

The One Thing changed how I make New Year’s Resolutions and frankly, EVERY choice each day.

This book’s message, backed by science, is that you can reach your goals faster if you focus on ONE thing, rather than lots of things that pull you in different directions.

new years resolution - The One Thing

The One Thing book asks:

What’s the ONE thing you can do such that by doing it everything else will be easier or unnecessary?
– The ONE Thing, by Gary Keller

What New Year’s Resolution will make everything to-do-with weight loss easier or unnecessary?

Great question. And one to ask ANY day of the year!

Losing weight is MUCH easier and soooooo many other choices become unnecessary, if you:

eating whole foods.

Whole foods are also known as one-ingredient foods, natural food, REAL food and fresh food.

Eating whole foods means staying away from processed food!

Processed food is also called:

  • fake food
  • refined food
  • diet food
  • junk food
  • convenience food
  • factory food
  • food products

Why should eating whole foods be your ONE weight-loss New Year’s Resolution?

Whether it’s February 1st, August 2nd or December 31st… Whole foods work with your body THE BEST because they’re made in nature and our bodies are natural too.

…Eating processed food is like trying to stick a CD into a tape deck.

Processed food is made in factories.

Fresh food is turned into food products (fake food!) after it’s stripped of all the natural:

  • vitamins
  • minerals
  • fiber
  • and everything else that’s good for ya!

Then salt, sugar, artificial colours, artificial flavours and artificial vitamins are added.

All these UNNATURAL substances confuse our bodies. And all the processing and packaging of factory food is an assault on the environment… Don’t get me started.

Additives confuse your body

Processed foods do NOT work well with our bodies

Refined foods digest quickly. So we suddenly have all this excess energy that contains UNNATURAL additives. Together they TRIGGER our bodies to store this energy.

Then we feel hungry again. And eat again.

Eating processed food makes you crave MORE processed food.

People are referring to this fat-storing cycle when they say:

New Years Resolution - Junk food is addictive

Additives are addictive.

And diet processed food is WORSE because heavily refined foods like rice cakes and synthetic sugars that have 0 calories TRICK your body into thinking it’s sugar… which sets off the same fat-storing cycle.

New Years Resolution - Diet processed food

In short, natural food works best with your body.

Whole foods help you fill you up naturally so you don’t over-eat AND thus, you naturally reach and maintain the healthy weight you’re meant to be.

I always thought you had to fight (starve yourself!) to be a healthy weight. But your body is actually fighting to be a healthy weight. If you work WITH your body by eating natural foods, you’ll effortlessly become the healthy weight you’re meant to be.

How this ONE New Year’s Resolution makes everything else EASIER or UNNECESSARY

Ok… time to celebrate! Pull out your blow horn and secure your New Year’s tiara. I don’t care if it’s July. You can start this ONE New Year’s Resolution TODAY, especially if your other resolutions have been unfulfilled and faded.

This New Year’s Resolution is extraordinary because it hits so many birds with one stone.

When you focus on eating more whole foods, especially if they’re eaten as part of a roughly balanced meal or snack made mostly of whole foods, you don’t have to worry about:

  • counting calories
  • weighing your food
  • weighing yourself
  • measuring your food
  • first figuring out and then keeping track of the percent daily value (%DV) of the nutrients you eat; in other words, you don’t have to read food labels—you’ll naturally get enough iron, etc. by eating roughly balanced meals made mostly of whole foods

New Years Resolution - Nutritional Labeling

And because eating roughly balanced meals and snacks made mostly of whole foods is SO EASY, you can practice this way of eating anywhere and continue long term.

The result?

Losing weight and keeping it off, is easy.

When I made this ONE New Year’s Resolution it CHANGED my life

Best of all when I STOPPED doing all the bullets above (counting calories, etc.) there was a whole domino effect. I stopped worrying about what I ate, feeling guilty about what I ate, being preoccupied by what I ate… and I lost weight.

All these positive changes that happened because of ONE simple change, allowed me to concentrate on the rest of my life, which made EVERYTHING better.

Eat natural food. It makes your body and mind healthy.

new years resolution - Eating natural food helps you reach ALL your goals

Eating MOSTLY whole foods is ONE New Year’s Resolution that keeps on giving!

Put this ONE New Year’s Resolution into action any day of the year

Here’s some examples of applying this ONE New Year’s Resolution to each food group to help you get you started.

Eatwell Guide - the10principles

Next time you reach for orange juice, try eating an orange instead.

When you’d normally eat fruit-flavoured yogurt, choose plain, full-fat yogurt and add fresh fruit as an alternative.

Do you usually eat white bread? Try a less refined option. The closer the grains are to their original state the better! Try bread that’s made with some whole seeds.

Speaking of bread, nothing goes better with toast than butter. Get rid of your fake alternative spreads full of fake ingredients. Stay away from margarine!

Going to order an omelet? Don’t eat an egg-white omelet (like I did all the years I was overweight).

new years resolution - anatomy of an egg!

Try to eat food as close as you can to how it’s found in nature. Eat a full-egg omelet (egg white and yolk). The yolk is packed with BEAUTIFUL, natural nutrients your body recognizes and requires to reach a healthy weight.

Processed meat and ready-meal dinners with meat and meat alternatives are drenched in low-fat sauces and packed with artificial ingredients that confuse your body and make it hard to lose weight. Choose a chicken breast, ground beef, steak or any other fresh cut instead.

…These are just a few examples. There are endless options. But don’t try to make them all at once!

Make this New Year’s Resolution STICK!

If you’ve been reading my blog for a while you know WHY diets and other quick fixes that ask you to make dramatic change don’t work.

You want to lose weight FOR GOOD, right?! So rather than shock your body with big changes you can only do short-term, it’s important to make g-r-a-d-u-a-l change. Then you can get used to the change and make it a habit.

Start by substituting just one processed food on your plate for a food closer to its natural state. Or simply ADD a whole food to what you’re already eating.

For instance, whether your morning snack is a coffee and donut OR diet coke and rice cakes, start by adding an apple. Don’t take anything away.

New Years Resolution - Eat Fruit!

You’ll be surprised how quickly you start to prefer one-ingredient foods.

Keep in mind:
People who are a healthy weight don’t go around denying themselves food they love! Healthy people don’t have more willpower than unhealthy people. They simply understand how to BUILD healthy habits then the healthy choice becomes their preference.

This ONE New Year’s Resolution sounds too easy

Yep. That’s the problem. We’ve been conditioned to believe weight loss is hard and requires special lotions and potions. Save yourself time. Learn from my 10 years of mistakes! Stop making weight loss so d*mn complicated.

Instead, go back to the basics.

When you’re not sure what food to choose at a:

  • restaurant
  • grocery store
  • friend’s house
  • party

Or when you’re scanning through your cupboards… choose natural. In fact, slowing eliminating most heavily refined foods from your kitchen will benefit your whole family and help everyone build healthy habits.

Weight loss is easier than you think if you WORK WITH YOUR BODY via eating whole foods and understand how to make change lasting.

Make ONE choice that makes everything else easy

Make Today Count

make today count - the10principlesWhy wait to make a New Year’s Resolution to eat single-ingredient foods?

Start today!


Build healthy eating and exercise habits. A healthy weight will follow.

New Year's Resolution - Summary

Next Steps

What’s ONE, small whole-food switch you can make to a recipe (think: full-fat milk instead of skim) or to a meal (how about: full-fat peanut butter on your sandwich instead of “lite”)? Next time you eat try to make ONE healthy adjustment.

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And no matter what day of the year it is, a very HAPPY year to you and those you love.

After years and years of New Year’s Resolutions is your life getting better?

It’s time to try a new approach. Make ONE New Year’s Resolution that will make so many other choices EASIER or UNNECESSARY!

What’s ONE New Year’s Resolution you’ve stuck to?



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