lose weight for good

  • My husband’s message ❤️
  • I learned I don’t have to be superwoman to lose weight for good
  • What the F do I eat? taught me I can heal myself from the inside out
  • Now I have so much more energy and enthusiasm for life
  • My future doesn’t feel ruined anymore; the possibilities are endless
  • Both my young sons are building healthy habits alongside me
  • Feeling confident about what to eat has helped me stop feeling sorry for myself
  • We don’t have to punish ourselves to lose weight for good

I want to lose weight for good

Country: USA

Career: Apartment Manager

Age: 31

First diet: 10 years old

Diets I’ve tried:

  • Paleo
  • Grain-Free
  • Keto
  • Weight Watchers
  • Low Carb

Goal: I wanted to see weight-loss results. Not fast ones. Results that last. Anybody can lose weight. I want to lose weight and keep it off.

Preoccupying habits:

all or nothing thinking

I really want to say something. Through your program my wife has lost weight. She really has lost a significant amount of weight. I’ve noticed it. And I’m proud of her. I love your program and just want to say “It works!” Keep it up. And thank you for how you’ve supported my wife.

– Lacie’s Husband, ❤️ Week 8 of course: What the F do I eat?

Tired of dieting because I want to lose weight for good

The reason I signed up for Kelly’s course, What the F do I eat? is because all the dieting I’ve done over the years made me confused about what to eat.

Dieting made me confused about what to eat— Lacie, USA

All the rules in my head made me feel unsure about what I could put on my plate.

I was at a loss about how to get myself healthy.

Kelly’s course taught me so many things about how to lose weight for good

There are just so many breakthroughs I had in What the F do I eat?

In short, I learned:

  • the power of habits… they make eating easy
  • diets work against your body… Kelly’s method works WITH your body so you feel good all the time
  • it’s not impossible to get on track and have a healthy, balanced lifestyle
  • I don’t have to be superwoman, or dedicate my whole life to eating perfectly… it’s actually pretty straight forward
  • I can eat things that everyone else can enjoy and not feel guilty or fat
  • small changes make me feel good and give me results – not fast, quick changes – but lasting ones
  • I found out that I can heal myself from the inside out with just a few simple tweaks each day that add up and turn into a GOLD Standard Routine (as Kelly calls it!) that I can be proud of

After 10 weeks I still have a ways to go

But I love how far I’ve come.

And I know exactly what to do next.

I’ve got everything in place and I’m on the right path.

I don't have to dedicate my whole life to eating perfectly to get results— Lacie, USA

Also I’m really looking forward to the road ahead

I never thought I’d say this, but I’m enjoying the ride!

When I stopped dieting and decided that I want to lose weight for good…

There were so many positive changes.

I feel excited to stay on this simple path— Lacie, USA

I am so proud of the habits I’m building.

And I feel excited to stay on the simple path I learned in What the F do I eat? for the rest of my life.

Now I understand the basic principles of eating and exercise that make me feel good.

And there’s room for my choices to evolve with me over time.

I know losing weight for good is about adjusting and growing as my body and mind get healthier and healthier.

Losing weight for good via a long-term approach has allowed me to achieve so much

I have way more energy and enthusiasm for life.

little changes are some of the most powerful changes you can make— Lacie, USA

And I no longer feel like I’ve screwed up the rest of my life.

Like I feel like I’ve taken steps toward making my life much better.

All these steps have made my family and our health much stronger.

Before I felt like doing little things—like a short walk or adding fruit to my snack, wasn’t enough.

But now I know small changes are the most powerful changes you can make.

My future doesn’t feel ruined.

The possibilities feel endless!

Now that I’m losing weight for good I feel less sorry for myself

It feels amazing to be proactive and take a chance on myself.

My focus is more about making my two young boys happy.

Now I'm focused on making my two boys happy— Lacie, USA

I love that I have more mental space to take the best care of them and my family ❤️

Rather than being on and off diets and all the emotional stress that creates, I feel confident about my choices.

Which trickles into the rest of my life.

This sense of peace allows me to be in the moment and have more fun with my kids.

Losing weight for good is about working with your body

We need to be good to our bodies to lose weight for good— Lacie, USA

Dieting works against your body!

Kelly, you’re such a kind and honest sweetheart.

I am so very thankful for finding your blog and book.

Your message spoke to my heart and proved things that I knew were true, like how important it is to be good to our bodies.

And to work with our bodies!

We don’t have to punish ourselves to lose weight for good.

Your 10 week program made it possible to IMPLEMENT everything

What the F do I eat? helped reinforce important ideas with all the right encouragement and information.

You answered my prayers in more ways than one, Kelly!

And I will be forever grateful to you for sharing your experience with the world and with me.

Losing weight for good isn’t complicated!

Kelly makes the process of building a routine you can keep up and enjoy, possible.

Losing weight for good is not complicated at all— Lacie, USA

Unlocking your HAPPY weight for good isn’t about:

  • tracking the calorie count or points
  • looking at % Daily Value numbers on cans
  • Intermittent Fasting
  • black-listing foods or food groups
  • or eating specialty diet foods.

It’s all stuff we know, but that we’ve been taught to ignore.

It’s already in our bodies to take care of ourselves.

We just need a little guidance to help our bodies trust us again and lead us again.

Now I can listen to my body!

The entire 10 week experience was life-changing

Each week the Q & A’s were such a great time to troubleshoot and connect with people who were fed up with dieting too.

The whole experience of losing weight for good was fun!— Lacie, USA

It was so good to speak freely about what I was going through so I could stay on track.

The Q & A’s also built in accountability so I could ride over humps and bumps and keep the momentum going.

I loved the other women’s questions and always left feeling motivated and recharged.

And the lessons and Kelly’s recipe book that we got as a bonus are so clear and easy to follow.

one day meal plan - wtfdie book

What the F do I eat? wasn’t curriculum heavy

And there wasn’t any homework—aside from the eating and exercising, which we need to do anyways!

Everyone got to start EXACTLY where they are and then we just applied what we learned, little by little to our eating and exercise choices.

Your course was absolutely perfect.

I wouldn’t change a thing.

Healing that relationship with food has made it not the enemy anymore.

I don’t have to fight food anymore.

Hooray for making the whole experience of losing weight for good, fun!



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