‘The biggest surprise is that I’ve lost weight already, all without starving myself!’

Yo-yo dieting was the frustrating pattern in my life at the time I picked up Kelly’s book. I was on a diet eating small amounts and then off my diet overeating. It was all feast or famine. But the information in “It took me 10 years to lose 10 pounds” got me paying attention to what I’m eating. The biggest surprise is that I’ve lost weight already, all without starving myself! This just blew my mind. That’s the physical side. Mentally, it’s been so much easier to accept myself since reading this book because I know I’m on the right path to being healthy. If you have any hesitation, my suggestion? Just do it!
Lorna, Copywriter, Canada

Catherine - Australia

‘Liberating myself from this constant battle with food has improved every part of my life’

Before reading Kelly’s book (and working with her 1:1) I’d been struggling with bulimia, not eating, bingeing & purging for 28 years. I was at an all-time low and felt helpless, as if my disordered eating would never go away.

Kelly’s book is life changing. The fact that Kelly had her own struggles and overcame them gave me hope to go on with my healing by learning how she got healthy.

Now I’ve stopped bingeing and purging and I eat properly. And my life is so much simpler thanks to my bulimia recovery.

Liberating myself from this constant battle with food has improved every part of my life. I’m a happier person. And I’ve been able to build better relationships because of my recovery—not only with food and other people, but most importantly with myself. Being healthy and keeping the food down has been amazing for my mental and physical health.

Kelly’s book has been written with love and authenticity. Big ideas are so simply put and easy to read and digest! And it’s perfect to dip into if you need support in something. Whenever I need reassurance or accountability I open Kelly’s book and it makes me feel better and keeps me on track.

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Chetna, Lawyer, UK

Kelly, Social Worker, USA

‘I stopped purging after 27 years of bulimia’

Since reading Kelly’s book I feel free. There are so many WINS each day. Like I had some French fries and didn’t freak out (this is huge). Now I feel like my eating is under control. For example, I’m not constantly grazing at work and looking for candy and treats throughout the day anymore. And I haven’t binged or even counted calories. For the first time I really think I can do this for the rest of my life. Read More
Kelly, Social Worker, USA

Rebecca Dyck

‘I needed to stop overeating & dieting was NOT going to work for this gal!’

After trying paleo, dieting, counting calories, eating low-fat and so on, I consulted my doctor. None of his advice or methods worked. But when I read Kelly’s book and followed her simple steps, I eliminated mindless snacking. Kelly’s system makes so much sense, was easy to put into practice and made it natural to eat less. And the best part is, I feel so much better throughout the day! Read More
Rebecca, Canada, Real Estate Agent

Reeese Spykerman

‘My binges are gone, which is a huge deal’

Kelly’s approach and wisdom make eating both simple and doable. Her structure is like a trusted blueprint. It was really helpful to not have to try and figure it out for myself, which was exhausting. Now I feel empowered and much more confident about my meals and food. (And exercise, too. No more beating myself up because I can’t run marathons). I trust Kelly’s wisdom, experience and feedback. It’s a relief to know you aren’t alone, and things can change for the better. Read More
Reese Spykerman, website optimization expert, USA

Linda Barutha

‘Following your book has eliminated cravings, given me more energy and I’ve lost weight’

Kelly’s book and recommendations make eating so much simpler. For the first two weeks nothing seemed to happen. But then all of a sudden I started to have more energy and naturally lose weight. Now I feel huge changes every day. Along with the freedom of not counting calories and being able to eat without depriving myself, I also feel better… AND I can feel the weight loss happening naturally—without me stressing or focusing on weight loss. Now that I’m not preoccupied with thinking about food, and all the other pains that come along with dieting, I’m finally free to be more focused on my work and family. Read More
Linda Barutha, Artist Income Strategist, USA

Kathy Rupff

‘I wish I had this book when I was a teen’

After reading this book and implementing the principles Kelly suggests, the constant urge to overeat and my preoccupation with food are gone. I highly recommend Kelly’s book to anyone who wants to have peace with food and their body, whatever their age or experience. Read More
Kathy Rupff, Artist, USA

Cindy Childress

‘Whether you want to lose 10 pounds or avoid an eating disorder relapse, Kelly’s book is for you’

For anyone like me who struggles to maintain your weight and avoid eating disorder relapse, this book is for you. Kelly shows you how to work with your body instead of fighting it. Her information is spot-on, and unlike some nutrition books I’ve read, it’s not overwhelming or unrelatable—like when every recipe calls for something I’ve never heard of or I just feel insulted for how I eat now. Kelly’s forward-focused on what you can start doing now to balance your plate, stop letting exercise rule your life, and find out who you are when you’re not weight-obsessed. Still trying to lose the same 10 lbs? Read More
Dr Cindy Childress, The Experts Ghostwriter, USA


‘I’ve never NOT absolutely binged Red Lobster’

I’m a total believer in your method. I felt a binge coming on. I ordered way too much and thought, “Here comes the binge.” Then, I sat down with my bounty, about to feel bad about myself. But after enjoying a healthy amount, I didn’t even want to binge. I just stopped. I stopped eating. Naturally. I was full. I’d had everything I wanted; I got those “cravings” satiated, and I was just done. This is huge. What are you doing to absolutely reprogram my habits? And undo probably 20 years or more of an unhealthy relationship with food? What magic sorcery is this?!? I don’t care. I want more of it.
Lindi, Grant-writing Strategist, USA


‘Your info literally saved my life’

Freedom from food obsession allows me to get busy with everything else I love doing. Your weight-loss method works! Hi! I’m age 45 and have a history of disordered eating dating back to early childhood. I’ve been various weights from obese to underweight. And I’ve tried conventional calorie restriction diets and attended Overeaters Anonymous for a time. When I came across Kelly’s blog, I’d become attracted to the idea of intermittent fasting and had begun to experiment with various methods. But I couldn’t sustain any of them and ended up making myself ill. I connected with Kelly’s message because it felt so sane and sensible. For instance, keeping on when I feel I’ve made a mistake is much less disruptive to life and means less wasted time. I’ve stopped saying to myself “I need to lose weight” and changed it to, “I need to try to stick to my plan of eating. Read More
Clare, Nurse, UK

‘Food is not an issue’

Kelly, I wanted to say that I’ve been following your method for 16 days now and I really love it. Just generally, I feel soooooo good. So normal. I’ve been on diets & restricting and caught in binging cycles since I was 11 years old. I’m 30 now. And I think my body is thanking me because I’m finally giving it all the nutrients it needs.
Emily, Student, USA


‘I don’t have to be so hard on myself to lose weight’

That was my aha moment from Kelly’s book. It truly speaks to me.
Karin Peterson, USA

Dr Tony Henshall

‘What makes Kelly’s book truly different, is it shows a step-by-step way out of suffering’

I’ve used many of the techniques found in Kelly’s book with my clients and they work! In fact my bulimia and binge eating patients often quote things back to me from Kelly’s book when sharing the positive changes they’ve made. It’s very visually appealing—I just love the artwork, which lightens up the subject. And boy does it need ‘lightening up’. She also covers very complex ideas in ways that are easy for the reader to understand and more importantly to take on board—which also makes Kelly’s book an effective resource for a therapist. We all know that diets don’t work. You would not be reading this now, if dieting worked. Every day I see bulimia and binge eating clients who have developed an eating disorder as a direct result of going on diets. Kelly herself spent 10 years of extreme dieting and exercising, that lead to bulimia and binge eating and she was always between 10 and 30 pounds overweight. But if diets don’t work – what do you do? Kelly’s book is for people who are at the same place she found herself; realizing that diets set you up to fail, but are at a loss of how to eat in a healthy way and be confident about food choices. Kelly’s book will give you the food knowledge to cut through the confusion and contradictory advice that’s everywhere, so you can stop worrying about food so much and really enjoy eating again. Read More
Dr. Henshall, Bulimia and Binge-eating Specialist, UK

‘I’ve stopped bingeing!’

Kelly’s book is completely unique to any weight-loss book I’ve read. Before I read it I was dieting obsessively and this behavior was getting in the way of my work as a physician. I also felt guilty as my daughter was starting to pick up on some of my disordered eating behaviors. But since I’ve read Kelly’s book I eat 3 regular meals like everyone else. Life is so much easier. Not only does the information in Kelly’s book work, it was a joy to read. I loved the graphics and the way large concepts were captured simply. Read More
Amanda, Physician, USA

Catherine - Australia

‘Kelly shows you almost hilariously simple knowledge that WORKS’

When I picked up Kelly Clark’s book, I was at a point where I felt I had NOTHING to lose. I’d put all my energy into a restrictive diet. And when it backfired upon me, I not only gained back all the lost weight, but an additional 25 pounds. I was frustrated, confused, preoccupied by food all the time and had no idea how to proceed. Like most people with the goal of losing weight, I thought that weight loss required sheer determination and willpower. If your story at all resonates with mine, then this book, that changed my life, is for you. Since reading your book, I’ve lost 20 pounds quite steadily WITHOUT restricting, counting or obsessing over calories or feeling hungry or deprived. I couldn’t believe that after just days of implementing some of the small changes suggested by the book, I‘d already stopped some of my self-defeating dieting cycles such as starving and then binging. My weight’s no longer going up or down like it did when I was trying to stick to a diet. I couldn’t be more at peace because I feel a lot healthier than I was previously, both mentally and physically. I’ve found balance for the first time in my life. Read More
Catherine, Student, Australia

‘I’m already losing weight!’

I’ve been in a vicious whirlwind cycle for over 20 years gaining and losing the same weight. Everything you write about grazing, being afraid of a full meal and setting complicated rules for yourself and always, always failing – all this resonated with me. I remember many situations, which now seem absurd, but at the time were normal for me. In particular one memory stands out. I had just had my daughter – 24 hours of labor and had had nothing to eat and yet I felt guilty about the sandwich I ate afterwards. I am now a few weeks into eating 3 balanced meals a day instead of grazing and am feeling and seeing the results. It is such a relief to not be thinking about food constantly and trying to keep track of calories. Finally, I found the right way to reach and maintain a healthy weight and at the same time be a healthy role model for my daughter.
Melissa, Teacher, USA

‘The horrible mental obsession with dieting is gone’

In the last year or so I got into the whole juicing/fasting/raw food movement. But these extreme diets led me back to binge eating, food obsession and a whole lot of misery. In the end, thankfully, I read your book and your simple message. That was about 2 weeks ago and I’m already doing so much better. And guess what? The horrible, horrible mental obsession with food, weight and dieting—that robs me of the ability to engage with life on any meaningful level is gone. Your method gives me freedom. You are a wonderful, generous, authentic person Kelly. I’ve got tears in my eyes as I write this, tears of gratitude and love. Thank you for everything!
Clarissa, Student, UK

‘In less than a month I’ve lost 6 kgs simply by doing as Kelly’s book suggests’

I was caught in a vicious cycle of binge eating and restricting . I really wanted to lose weight, but after years of dieting and my weight going up and down, I was confused on how to eat properly. Since reading Kelly’s book I’m surprised at how simple and easy it’s been. Now I can just go about my daily activities and not have to think much about food at all. The urge to binge is just not present anymore, nor do I experience hunger pangs like I used to. I’ve changed in the sense that I feel so much more calm around food now. I feel a certain level of peace that I never knew was possible while trying to lose weight. By choosing to focus on health rather than losing weight, the side effect has been weight loss. My obsession with losing weight and thinking I must eat diet food has completely gone. This book was so enjoyable to read, simple, straightforward in it’s premise, and a very sensible approach to weight loss for someone like me. I loved Kelly’s enthusiasm, how she writes and connects with her readers is truly motivating and inspiring. I’ve been telling everyone I know who is struggling, about this book and how it helped me get healthy and finally lose the weight. If you want to normalise your eating after years of misinformation on dieting, this book is for you. The best part is that now I’m a positive role model for my daughter. Read More
Tina, Nurse, Australia

Lacie - USA

‘I can eat normal food and lose weight’

For years I’ve been trying to lose weight but all the diets I tried, like Intermittent Fasting, Weight Watchers, Paleo, etc. were all quick fixes that didn’t last. Kelly’s focus on building habits that work for me, just made total sense. And it works! I’ve had tons of breakthroughs! Like I can eat normal food, like everyone else, and lose weight. With the help of this book, not only do I get to see such a simple, balanced approach at eating, but I realize that one bad meal isn’t a failure. This mindset has helped me stop bingeing and just move on with the day. Kelly’s weight-loss method has allowed me to build a lifestyle I love and the whole process has been fun. Weight loss doesn’t need to be complicated! As Kelly says, you can lose weight without dieting.

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Lacie, Property Manager