I stopped dieting - Tina book review

  • I stopped dieting and lost 6 kg the first month
  • No more crazy diets, no more cutting out bread or pasta
  • I’m setting a good example for my kids

I stopped dieting & lost all the weight by Tina

For years I was caught in a vicious cycle of binge eating and restricting. I really wanted to lose weight, but after years of dieting and my weight going up and down, I was confused on how to eat properly.

Country: Australia
Career: Nurse

I stopped dieting and lost 6kg in less than a month

After years of dieting and punishing my body I’ve lost 6 kg in less than a month simply by doing as Kelly’s book suggests.

I was very surprised at how simple and easy it’s been.

Now my life is just going about my daily activities and not having to think much about food at all.
I feel so free from food rules and more positive about the future— Tina, Australia
Since following the 3 steps in Kelly’s book, the urge to binge is just not present anymore, nor do I experience hunger pangs like I used to.

It’s like my body is finally getting the nutrients it needs and therefore there are no huge swings in my blood sugar levels. This has been one truly enlightening discovery!!

Since I stopped dieting I feel calm

Finally I have ease around food. I feel a certain level of peace that I never knew was possible while trying to lose weight.
My obsession with losing weight and thinking I must eat diet food has completely gone— Tina, Australia
By choosing to focus on health, as Kelly Clark suggests, rather than losing weight, the side effect has been weight loss.

And my kids have become my little cheer squad too which is amazing! Not to mention I am setting a good example by eating well in front of themit’s wonderful all round.

I stopped dieting after reading Kelly’s book

It took me 10 years to lose 10 pounds was so enjoyable to read. It’s simple and straightforward in its premise, and a very sensible approach to weight loss for someone like me. I love Kelly’s enthusiasm. And how she writes and connects with her readers is truly motivating and inspiring.

I’d recommend Kelly’s book to anyone who wants to normalise their eating after years of misinformation on dieting. You won’t be disappointed.

I’m so grateful I stumbled upon Kelly’s website that one day I was desperately Googling on how to change my life. xx

It’s been so fun passing Kelly’s website along to everyone I know who’s struggling and asks me how I became healthy and finally lost all the weight.

It took me 10 years to lose 10-pounds - Kelly Clark

When I stopped dieting I nurtured my body

You know what the most awesome part is?

I’ve found a way to eat that will be ongoing for the rest of my life.
I'm so glad I've finally stopped confusing my body, and started to nurture and love it— Tina, Australia
No more crazy diets. No more cutting out bread or pastajust eating sensibly from all the food groups until I am satisfied.

And no more over-analyzing what I eat or over-complicating food! It really is as simple as Kelly says. And I just want to thank her so much for everything!

Why I gave Kelly’s book 5 stars

Five Stars

Having to live with disordered eating for 20 years is heartbreaking. I’m so grateful that I won’t have to live another 20 or more years in that hell. All those years wasted living in a larger body, not knowing exactly how to fix this problem makes me sad and angry.

For two decades I really struggled to let go of my fears and desire to control food. It only happened when I surrendered to the simple process Kelly shares in her book. That’s when I stopped dieting and things started to really shift.

My Turning Point was when I read Kelly’s book because that’s when I finally stopped dieting.

When I stopped dieting
I found my way back to myself

My favourite memories are growing up in Queensland. I grew up in a tropical paradise really. I used to climb the huge mango trees in our street and pick mangoes and eat them on the spot. The Great Barrier reef was literally my backyard. I have beautiful memories of swimming in the Mossman Gorge as a child.

I stopped dieting - Mangos

Easter is my favourite holiday. I just love that time of year here. It’s when most Australians go camping because the weather’s at its finest.

Prior to settling down and having my children, I studied and then worked as a nurse. I also love animals. Though I’m not arty at all, I love drawing horses.

Now my kids are my life. My whole world revolves around them and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

I love to plod around my garden, tending to my rosesI enjoy the simple pleasure of having a cup of coffee on our patio and admiring the garden. And I have a vintage-looking bike that I like to get out and ride with the kids.

I stopped dieting - Tegan - Red Bike

When I stopped dieting, I changed my life.



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