Book: It Took Me 10 Years To Lose 10 Pounds


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It Took Me 10 Years to Lose 10 Pounds is easy to read, understand and put into action.

You’ll learn The 3 Steps that helped me lose weight FOR GOOD.

Each step begins with a questionnaire to help you identify the choices that are making it hard for you to lose weight.

This book’s colourful pages are full of diagrams, charts, personal stories, art, pictures, examples, troubleshooting sections and a case study that help you simplify reaching and maintaining a healthy weight so you can focus on your real goals.

You can read more about this book here and watch a video about the book below:

Sharing what I learned makes those 10 difficult years worth it.

$1 from each book purchased goes to Partners In Health.



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42 reviews for Book: It Took Me 10 Years To Lose 10 Pounds

  1. Clare

    I’m female, age 45, with a history of disordered eating dating back to early childhood. I have been various weights from obese to underweight. I have tried conventional calorie restriction diets and attended Overeaters Anonymous for a time. At the time I came across Kelly’s blog, I had become attracted to the idea of intermittent fasting and had begun to experiment with various methods but I could not sustain any of them and ended up making myself ill. I connected with Kelly’s blog because it felt so sane and sensible.

    The first thing I noticed about the book was the size and format. It’s like reading a big, glossy magazine, lots of colour, graphics and photographs. There’s a sticker on the front stating that for every copy bought, a donation is given to a healthcare charity. This helped me feel reassured that Kelly is genuine in her intention to help others, which has been reinforced by her communications with me.

    Each of the three steps is simply explained and well-presented with cheerful photographs and graphics, plus useful quotes from reliable sources. Despite the three-step presentation, it does not feel linear or rigid, and I find I am incorporating principles from all three steps as I make small changes. I don’t have the ability to eat intuitively (left to my own devices, I will eat family packs of crisps, chocolate and biscuits) so I find the three healthy meals structure very helpful. Thanks to this approach, I already feel less preoccupied with food and eating. What a joy and relief!

    I highly recommend this book, and the principles it contains, to anyone who is seeking to live a healthier way of life. I already want to re-read it! Thank you Kelly for sharing what you have learned – you have no idea how much you have helped me and I am so grateful.

  2. Stephanie

    Simple, practical, and an enjoyable read, and even though I feel like I have read everything out there about weight loss I got something new and valuable out of it. The introduction caught my attention right away because I’ve often thought about how much time I have wasted thinking about my weight, thinking about food in relation to my weight, and planning on losing weight. This book has given me a new framework and a new mindset with which to approach food and I am already enjoying the shifts in my habits.

  3. Catherine

    This book is phenomenal. It’s simplified eating in ways that I never imagined for myself. It’s made it easier to focus on almost everything in life. For example, at university, I can be fully present in the coursework without even thinking about food or my body. I say yes more often to social gatherings because I no longer feel ashamed or preoccupied by food anymore and I can enjoy the food without anxiety or guilt. I can be fully present at my part-time job and work on doing the best service that I can give. It’s affected ALL aspects of my life by allowing me to be present and free. It makes me want to cry just thinking about it.

  4. Connie

    After I read your book I ordered 2 more books to give to my 2 daughters. I love your book. I felt like you were writing about me on every page. And I love how simple you have made the steps. Thank you!

  5. Karin Peterson

    I don’t have to be so hard on myself to lose weight. That was my aha moment from Kelly’s book. It truly speaks to me.

  6. Dr. Tony Henshall

    I was absolutely thrilled when I heard Kelly had written a book that I could recommend to my bulimia and binge eating clients or to anybody who’s constantly on or off one diet or another.

    Kelly’s book is not like any self-help book I’ve ever read. It’s very visually appealing—I just love the artwork. And she also covers very complex ideas in ways that are easy for the reader to understand and more importantly to take on board—which also makes this book an effective resource for a therapist.

    What makes Kelly’s book truly different though, is it shows a step-by-step way out of the suffering.

    I’ve used many of the techniques found in Kelly’s book with my clients and they work! In fact my bulimia and binge eating patients often quote things back to me from Kelly’s book when sharing the positive changes they’ve made. My clients just love her work.

    Kelly speaks from the heart and what she says is simply brilliant.

    Kelly’s book is for people who are at the same place she found herself; realizing that diets set you up to fail, but are at a loss of how to eat in a healthy way and be confident about food choices.

    I loved this book!

  7. Kathy

    After reading this book and implementing the principles Kelly suggests, the constant urge to overeat and my preoccupation with food are gone! I wish I had this book when I was a teen, but at 55, it’s not too late to be free from food, weight, and body struggles. As a gal in menopause now, I’m mindful my body is changing, and Kelly’s suggestions are so helpful! Kelly’s experience, wisdom, and knowledge are priceless, and her compassionate heart to help people is on every page of this book! Kelly is a gem to anyone who’s ever struggled with food and body issues. I highly recommend her book to anyone who wants to have peace with food and their body, whatever their age or experience.

  8. Cindy

    For anyone like me who struggles to maintain your weight and avoid eating disorder relapse, this book is for you.
    Still trying to lose the same 10 lbs?
    Stop what you’re doing and read this book instead.
    Kelly shows you how to work with your body instead of fighting it.
    Her information is spot-on, and unlike some nutrition books I’ve read, it’s not overwhelming or unrelatable—like when every recipe calls for something I’ve never heard of or I just feel insulted for how I eat now.
    Kelly’s forward-focused on what you can start doing now to balance your plate, stop letting exercise rule your life, and find out who you are when you’re not weight-obsessed.

  9. Tonina GRIFFITHS (verified owner)

    Since reading your book I’ve noticed some shifts. Like I’ve taken on board the notion of Making Today Count and focusing on little things to do each day. A big breakthrough for me was realizing I don’t have to diet to lose weight or exercise like a maniac to lose weight. To anyone who’s on the fence about reading this book I’d say absolutely read it. It’s simple and affirming.

  10. Ali

    Kelly’s book is an incredible, beautiful resource to assist you on your health journey. With Kelly’s moving personal story, experiences, and wisdom, all kinds of health information, encouragement and recipes– it’s the complete package to help you with any food or body issues you may have!

  11. Madeline

    I found the book refreshing, the messages very positive and I’m making healthier food choices. This book has helped me take a less stressful approach to exercise, and be more flexible with food that I used to see as off-limit. Before, I was afraid to drink any calories and eat food like bagels. Now I make lattes with much more milk and I’m not afraid to eat a larger breakfast which really helps me keep later binges at bay. This book definitely has good messages and you’ll pick up some good habits just by reading it.

  12. Dawn (verified owner)

    I feel more empowered and less controlled by thoughts of food! Since reading your book and following the information you share I’ve been surprised at how emotionally and physically satisfied I feel. Your book is very thoughtfully made and obviously a lot of love has gone into it.

  13. Kristen (verified owner)

    I wanted to read your book because I have so much weight to lose, but I’m sick of diets that don’t work. My biggest breakthrough from Kelly’s book was learning that I could lose weight without exercising all day, every day. And I’ve realized that I can reach a healthy weight by being kinder to myself. If you’re looking for weight-loss info that’s really easy to read and has clear concepts, I’d recommend this book!

  14. Mary (verified owner)

    I’m an ex-bulimic who is semi recovered. But I’ve still been frustrated with weight and diet. Over the years I’ve tried everything to lose weight and nothing’s worked. I’m so happy I came across your book. Everything you share really resonated with me and just feels less extreme and more doable. Also, I love the layout of your book and the gift pack that came with it.

  15. Teagan Iriks (verified owner)

    I was caught in a vicious cycle of binge eating and restricting . I really wanted to lose weight, but after years of dieting and my weight going up and down, I was confused on how to eat properly.

    In less than a month I’ve lost 6 kgs simply by doing as this book suggests.

    I’m surprised at how simple and easy it’s been. Now I can just go about my daily activities and not have to think much about food at all. The urge to binge is just not present anymore, nor do I experience hunger pangs like I used to.

    I’ve changed in the sense that I feel so much more calm around food now. I feel a certain level of peace that I never knew was possible while trying to lose weight. By choosing to focus on health rather than losing weight, the side effect has been weight loss.

    My obsession with losing weight and thinking I must eat diet food has completely gone.

    This book was so enjoyable to read, simple, straightforward in it’s premise, and a very sensible approach to weight loss for someone like me. I loved Kelly’s enthusiasm, how she writes and connects with her readers is truly motivating and inspiring.

    I’ve been telling everyone I know who is struggling, about this book and how it helped me get healthy and finally lose the weight. If you want to normalise your eating after years of misinformation on dieting, this book is for you.

  16. Dr. Okpaku (verified owner)

    Kelly has traveled the road of multiple diets and was overweight and now is thin and healthy. Decades later, she’s following the same program she recommends. There are no massive food group eliminations. There is no restricted eating of anything, just structuring meals with a focus on whole foods – which is one of the single best things you can do for your health. The therapy lies in the DOING of breakfast-lunch-dinner, repeat. It is a simple step that when repeated consistently, will get patients where they need to be and slowly heal some of the psychological issues that go along with disordered eating.

  17. Amanda (verified owner)

    Kelly’s book is completely unique to any weight-loss book I’ve read. Before I read it I was dieting obsessively and this behavior was getting in the way of my work as a physician. I also felt guilty as my daughter was starting to pick up on some of my disordered eating behaviors. But since I’ve read Kelly’s book I’ve stopped bingeing! And I eat 3 regular meals like everyone else. Life is so much easier. PS Not only does the information in Kelly’s book work, it was a joy to read. I loved the graphics and the way large concepts were captured simply. Thank you!

  18. Kendra (verified owner)

    I struggled with an eating disorder in my teens. And now that I’m hitting pre-menopause and the weight gain with it, I’m realizing I haven’t dealt with it well.

    I love how Kelly has been in my shoes with an eating disorder. I love reading how she helped herself – even though I haven’t struggled with it for years, it still has affected my perception of my body and food greatly.

    I’m accepting that my ED had long-lasting effects and I am learning to deal with them. And how to accept and love my body the way God made it! Health is getting to be more important to me.

    You’re doing a good job! Keep sharing! I’d definitely recommend Kelly’s book.

  19. Linda Barutha (verified owner)

    I knew that I needed a lifestyle change, not another diet.

    Your book solidified my ideas about the healthy lifestyle I’m craving.

    It’s so much simpler to eat whole, natural foods as opposed to dieting.

    The past month, since reading your book, I’ve really changed my style of eating. Choosing to eat natural foods has eliminated my cravings and given me more energy. I even started going for walks again!

    I absolutely love your book, but more so the message it brings.

    If you’re thinking about reading Kelly’s book, don’t wait! As soon as you start you’ll feel the weight lifted off your shoulders.

  20. Reese Spykerman (verified owner)

    Since reading Kelly’s book my binges are gone, which is a huge deal.

    Her approach made the change simple and doable.

    Kelly’s structure is like a trusted blueprint. It was really helpful to not have to try and figure it out for myself, which was exhausting. Now I feel empowered and much more confident about my meals and food! (And exercise, too. No more beating myself up because I can’t run marathons).

    The way Kelly writes about food and eating is so down to earth and reassuring. Not only is her book engaging and educational, but it also makes me feel like she truly has my back and is rooting for me. I trust Kelly’s wisdom, experience and feedback.

  21. Amanda (verified owner)

    If you’ve spent hundreds of hours and possibly hundreds of dollars reading advice that asks you to abandon your common sense in pursuit of your goals, this will be the last resource you’ll ever need to read before making the next step in your life towards a healthier lifestyle.

    Kelly’s book flies in the face of everything you read in diet culture – even though it’s chock full of practical, sustainable and common sense advice, best of all which is rooted in science and evidence. The fact that I could go out and enjoy running just three times a week, combined with enjoying meals, made me finally realize I don’t have to spend the rest of my life feeling like I’ll never do enough to properly take care of myself.

    I’ve always been overwhelmed by the idea that in order to lose weight, I must exercise vigorously for hours a day. I also struggled with the constant cycle of overeating treats, then trying to make up for them by skipping meals.

    But now, for the first time in my life, I can picture a future for myself where I’m not spending 90% of my waking day preoccupied by food or with how I think others think about what I look like. It’s truly liberating emotionally, mentally and physically.

    I no longer feel guilty eating a bagel – I never would have dreamed of saying that 6 months ago!

    Kelly is friendly, accessible and practical both online and in person (I’m working with her 1:1). And the journey is that much brighter when you’re guided by someone who isn’t looking to shame you for your past self, but to try and give you the practical and sustainable steps and tools to build healthier choices into your everyday life.

  22. Aimee (verified owner)

    Before reading Kelly’s book I was confused about how much I should eat and I was eating way too many snacks.

    My tendency has always been to over complicate food and nutrition.

    So following Kelly’s easy method of eating is feeling like a big win.

    Also, I used to have huge blood sugar crashes when I would go too long between meals. So I’d stress about being away from food for too long. I’ve only been working on changing my habits for a few weeks, but I’m already feeling like I have a little more control over my blood sugar.

    I definitely feel like I’m reconnecting with what “feeling hungry” actually is, and it feels pretty empowering. I’m starting to trust myself and be more confident with food choices.

    Kelly’s book was great to read because it’s helpful to see someone’s candid advice that is not some big sales pitch to buy more and more.

  23. Karen (verified owner)

    Under-eating followed by overeating is a frustrating pattern I’ve been living with for years.

    The simple method of eating that Kelly shares in her book has helped me immeasurably. For instance, the strategies that make up Step 3 have helped me resume quickly after a setback. Before if I ate something I regretted I’d have a few bad days in a row. All of this has helped me feel really positive.

    Perfectionism is something I’ve struggled with for years, but after reading Kelly’s book I’m definitely doing better with it.

    Also I’ve had major surgery following a cancer diagnosis. Kelly’s simple method of eating has helped my recovery tremendously, from surgery as well as chemotherapy.

    If you’re on the fence I say read this book! You won’t find this information presented in this way anywhere else.

  24. Sarah (verified owner)

    Why can’t I lose weight when I’m eating a minuscule amount and doing a lot of cardio? I gave Kelly’s book 5 stars because she explained WHY I couldn’t lose weight and what to do instead. I’m an Anesthesiologist and would recommend this book, because learning what to STOP doing (that isn’t working!), and what to do instead, is totally worth it.

  25. Maria (verified owner)

    Your book changed everything. A year ago I broke the starve, binge and purge cycle. But relapsed during a stressful period at work and home. I was back to all my bad habits, like counting calories, eating too much and then skipping meals. I was desperate to get better but confused about how to build new habits and struggling to commit to any routine. Then I found your book and the 3 steps in it got me back on track. And supported my journey back to normality after 24 years of disordered eating and emotional eating. I would still be in that confused and stressful state if not for you.

  26. Linda (verified owner)

    As someone who’s either dieting or bingeing, Kelly’s message resonated with me. I’m persevering and moving away from dieting to get into the healthy routine Kelly suggests. It’s a great book and I believe a great way to live.

  27. Ann (verified owner)

    After 10 years of dieting and not losing weight I was exhausted by all the rules I have around food and wanted something different. Eating the way Kelly shares in her book has made me feel good. And I’m not hungry all the time or thinking about food all the time, like I was before. Kelly’s book makes so much sense and is such a balanced way of thinking about food and eating. I give it 5 stars!

  28. Chetna (verified owner)

    Kelly’s book is life changing.

    Before reading Kelly’s book (and working with her 1:1) I was struggling with bulimia, not eating, bingeing & purging. I was at an all time low and felt helpless, as if my disordered eating would never go away. For 28 years I’d been dieting and starving myself, and doing things like intermittent fasting (which always led to overeating and then purging and over-exercising).

    The fact that Kelly had her own struggles and overcame them gave me hope to go on with my healing by learning how she got healthy. Now I have a much better relationship with food and more importantly, with myself.

    Kelly’s book has been written with love and authenticity. Big ideas are so simply put and easy to read and digest! And it’s perfect to dip into if you need support in something. Whenever I need reassurance or accountability I open Kelly’s book and it makes me feel better and keeps me on track.

  29. Rebecca Dyck (verified owner)

    My stomach pain/digestive issues were becoming too frequent and my doctor told me that I was constipated…haha! That didn’t seem right. I knew I had to do something and counting calories and going low-fat, low-sugar, paleo or whatever else I tried, or was thinking of trying, was not going to work for this gal! When I came across Kelly’s website everything she writes about makes so much sense. So I ordered her book. And I love it! I needed it.

    It was wonderful having things simplified. Kelly’s “system” isn’t a new concept at all and that’s why it resonated with me. So many of us need to go back to a basic way of nourishing ourselves.

    Since reading Kelly’s book I’ve eliminated mindless snacking. And the best result is that I feel so much better throughout the day. Your book made it easy for me to get on track, Kelly. And I loved the little extras you sent along with it.

  30. Kelly (verified owner)

    I’ve had an eating disorder since I was 12 years old. Now I’m 39. Since I read Kelly’s book I have not binged, purged or counted calories. Even my nails are growing! I make meals the easy way Kelly suggests and they’re so satisfying that I don’t even want to eat much in between meals—despite the fact I know I can snack with Kelly’s method. After years of struggling with bulimia, for the very first time I feel that I’m doing something that works. Kelly’s book is so worth the money to be free of disordered eating forever.

  31. Lacie (verified owner)

    I ordered Kelly’s book because I was struggling with trying to lose weight in a way that wasn’t superficial. Kelly’s idea of gradual, natural weight loss really spoke to me.

    I’ve had lots of breakthroughs. One major change is seeing that I can be normal too. I don’t have to restrict all the time or be that friend who’s always on a diet.

    As long as I’m eating in the natural way Kelly suggests, I can enjoy a treat and keep being successful. This has really stopped me from bingeing and I don’t just want to give up like before… which is helping me reach my goals.

    This book was an answered prayer. It can feel so dark and complicated to lose weight, but Kelly makes it fun and enjoyable! Kelly’s kindness shines through in her writing and I will forever be grateful for her sharing how you really can lose weight without dieting!

  32. Caitlin (verified owner)

    After years of stress eating I started looking for solutions. My background is in Psychology and I love that Kelly concentrates on health vs “losing weight”. There’s so much good advice packed into this book and backed by solid research. What I love most and why I’d recommend this book is because the information is supplemented with graphics to make all the key points super clear. After implementing this book’s easy approach to eating, my urge to eat sweets has almost disappeared! And I’m losing weight, yay!

  33. Elizabeth (verified owner)

    Good afternoon from East Texas!
    Your one-day meal plan made me feel so satisfied after I ate.
    Your book has been such an eye opener too!!
    I’m excited about the whole milk.
    You have explained healthy eating in such a way, no one could go wrong with this new way of eating.
    What is the saying? Eat To Live! (Vs. Live to eat.)
    What can I say? But… God Bless You!

  34. Naomi (verified owner)

    I’ve tried everything from hypnosis to counting macros to fitness and calorie trackers. I’ve tried to eat intuitively and I’ve done all sorts of fasts. I’m very Type A and don’t do anything in moderation. Dieting has made my nails brittle, hair fall out and I’ve even lost my period. And all this dieting was starting to affect my daughter and her view of her own body and making her worried about what to eat.

    When I found Kelly’s website and saw that her message is that you can eat normally and lose weight, I ordered her book.

    She did an amazing job at explaining how to lose weight and helping me understand how simple it can be.

    Since reading Kelly’s book I’ve been focusing on eating real food and making sure I give my body the nutrients it needs. Just some simple changes that Kelly suggests has helped me stay satisfied and get tons of stuff done between meals. And my daughter’s making these healthy changes too. I’m finding that we’ve stopped rummaging around for food between meals! I love this book!

    Years of confusion around what to eat were dissolved by reading just this ONE book.

  35. Clarissa

    In the last year or so I got into the whole juicing/fasting/raw food movement. But these extreme diets led me back to binge eating, food obsession and a whole lot of misery. In the end, thankfully, I read your book and your simple message. And guess what? The horrible, horrible mental obsession with food, weight and dieting—that robs me of the ability to engage with life on any meaningful level is gone. Your method gives me freedom. You are a wonderful, generous, authentic person Kelly. I’ve got tears in my eyes as I write this, tears of gratitude and love. Thank you for everything!

  36. Lauren (verified owner)

    For years I’ve had disordered eating and felt confused about which “dirt” to follow to lose weight… what I now understand is misinformation in the media. My background is in Psychology and it’s a relief to read Kelly’s book and get this breakthrough: I was making eating way more complicated than it needed to be. I don’t need to starve myself to find my happy weight. My advice to anyone trying to decide if they should read this book? Just read it! You have nothing to lose (except weight) and can only gain insight and clarity on how to break free from the diet mentality.

  37. Holly (verified owner)

    Extreme anxiety took over when I could not stick to the keto diet and I was gaining weight. So when I came across Kelly’s book, I ordered it. This book made so much sense I stopped fasting right away and brought breakfast back into my life. Now I’m no longer ravenous and eating everything in sight while I am cooking dinner. Also the info Kelly shares about exercise has made me realize it’s ok to exercise less than I did. Also I add milk to my coffee now. The only reason I gave this book 4 stars instead of 5 is because I just find it hard to make the “leap of faith” that I can eat as many carbs as Kelly says I can, and lose weight. If you have your own kids you need to read it so you can teach your kids about food. I’m going to make sure my daughters read this book because it will help them build a healthy lifestyle and not waste their time on diets… everything Kelly says makes so much sense.

  38. Sarah (verified owner)

    Before reading this book I felt like nothing worked. It seemed the harder I tried the worse I got. But since I read Kelly’s book, I’ve lost 2-3 lbs. Among the other doable changes this book suggested (in a way that made it easy to understand WHY I should make the changes) I’ve started eating breakfast. I never did before. What used to seem like too much food has helped me lose weight, ironically! I’m optimistic and would like to drop another 2-3 lbs. And I feel like I’ve changed. I enjoyed the book immensely and almost felt a little worried when I finished — like life would go back to the was it was before I learned about your book. Read this book!!

  39. Yolanda S. (verified owner)

    When I landed on Kelly’s website I was confused about what to eat and how to exercise. Also, I had no idea how to actually apply change so the new healthy choices I make could last. This book brought me so much clarity! “It took me 10 years to lose 10 pounds” shares simple principles I can apply to every food choice. For instance, everyone seems to be “Dairy-Free”. But now I understand the truth about whole milk and how it works with your body, I don’t feel guilty drinking it. I can use the same principles to dismiss other food myths. Since reading the 3 steps in Kelly’s book I’ve stopping worrying about my food choices and I also understand my personality better—the psychological insights are great . I gave this book 4 stars simply because I would love to have more psychological insight into why we hang onto methods that really do not serve us. But in a sentence I’d say: BUY THIS BOOK!!! The clarity I got is p-r-i-c-e-l-e-s-s!

  40. Lorna (verified owner)

    Yo-yo dieting was the frustrating pattern in my life at the time I picked up Kelly’s book. I was on a diet eating small amounts and then off my diet overeating. It was all feast or famine. But the information in “It took me 10 years to lose 10 pounds” got me paying attention to what I’m eating. The biggest surprise is that I’ve lost weight already, all without starving myself! This just blew my mind. That’s the physical side. Mentally, it’s been so much easier to accept myself since reading this book because I know I’m on the right path to being healthy. If you have any hesitation, my suggestion? Just do it!

  41. Charlotte (verified owner)

    Reading that you’d buy a piece of jewelry to commemorate the beginning of a new diet, THEE diet, that would be different from all the other diets…. reading it hit me like a wall and made me want to read EVERYTHING else you had to say.

    I read your entire book in two days because I couldn’t put it down.

    If you’re not sure if you want to read this book, what do you have to lose?

    And don’t say money because, quite frankly, if you’re like me, you would waste that same amount on just one binge. Just do it!

    Thank you for being a ‘real’ person, Kelly. Your kindness and authenticity really shows and that’s important to me.

  42. Pam (verified owner)

    What you said in your book is exactly what I am doing, Kelly.

    No weird diets!

    Just following the routine that I have learned from you.

    Your method is something that I trust and can do consistently which is really important.

    Thank you again for your work and sharing it with the world.

    It has had a life-changing impact on me.

    And made it possible to overcome disordered eating.

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