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It Took Me 10 Years to Lose 10 Pounds is easy to read, understand and put into action.

You’ll learn The 3 Steps that helped me lose weight FOR GOOD.

Each step begins with a questionnaire to help you identify the choices that are making it hard for you to lose weight.

This book’s colourful pages are full of diagrams, charts, personal stories, art, pictures, examples, troubleshooting sections and a case study that help you simplify reaching and maintaining a healthy weight so you can focus on your real goals.

You can read more about this book here and watch a video about the book below:

Sharing what I learned makes those 10 difficult years worth it.

$1 from each book purchased goes to Partners In Health.



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  • $1 from each book purchased goes to Partners In Health
  • ISBN: 9780987869814

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6 reviews for Book: It Took Me 10 Years To Lose 10 Pounds

  1. Clare

    I’m female, age 45, with a history of disordered eating dating back to early childhood. I have been various weights from obese to underweight. I have tried conventional calorie restriction diets and attended Overeaters Anonymous for a time. At the time I came across Kelly’s blog, I had become attracted to the idea of intermittent fasting and had begun to experiment with various methods but I could not sustain any of them and ended up making myself ill. I connected with Kelly’s blog because it felt so sane and sensible.

    The first thing I noticed about the book was the size and format. It’s like reading a big, glossy magazine, lots of colour, graphics and photographs. There’s a sticker on the front stating that for every copy bought, a donation is given to a healthcare charity. This helped me feel reassured that Kelly is genuine in her intention to help others, which has been reinforced by her communications with me.

    Each of the three steps is simply explained and well-presented with cheerful photographs and graphics, plus useful quotes from reliable sources. Despite the three-step presentation, it does not feel linear or rigid, and I find I am incorporating principles from all three steps as I make small changes. I don’t have the ability to eat intuitively (left to my own devices, I will eat family packs of crisps, chocolate and biscuits) so I find the three healthy meals structure very helpful. Thanks to this approach, I already feel less preoccupied with food and eating. What a joy and relief!

    I highly recommend this book, and the principles it contains, to anyone who is seeking to live a healthier way of life. I already want to re-read it! Thank you Kelly for sharing what you have learned – you have no idea how much you have helped me and I am so grateful.

  2. Stephanie

    Simple, practical, and an enjoyable read, and even though I feel like I have read everything out there about weight loss I got something new and valuable out of it. The introduction caught my attention right away because I’ve often thought about how much time I have wasted thinking about my weight, thinking about food in relation to my weight, and planning on losing weight. This book has given me a new framework and a new mindset with which to approach food and I am already enjoying the shifts in my habits.

  3. Catherine

    This book is phenomenal. It’s simplified eating in ways that I never imagined for myself. It’s made it easier to focus on almost everything in life. For example, at university, I can be fully present in the coursework without even thinking about food or my body. I say yes more often to social gatherings because I no longer feel ashamed or preoccupied by food anymore and I can enjoy the food without anxiety or guilt. I can be fully present at my part-time job and work on doing the best service that I can give. It’s affected ALL aspects of my life by allowing me to be present and free. It makes me want to cry just thinking about it.

  4. Connie

    After I read your book I ordered 2 more books to give to my 2 daughters. I love your book. I felt like you were writing about me on every page. And I love how simple you have made the steps. Thank you!

  5. Karin Peterson

    I don’t have to be so hard on myself to lose weight. That was my aha moment from Kelly’s book. It truly speaks to me.

  6. Dr. Tony Henshall

    I was absolutely thrilled when I heard Kelly had written a book that I could recommend to my bulimia and binge eating clients or to anybody who’s constantly on or off one diet or another.

    Kelly’s book is not like any self-help book I’ve ever read. It’s very visually appealing—I just love the artwork. And she also covers very complex ideas in ways that are easy for the reader to understand and more importantly to take on board—which also makes this book an effective resource for a therapist.

    What makes Kelly’s book truly different though, is it shows a step-by-step way out of the suffering.

    I’ve used many of the techniques found in Kelly’s book with my clients and they work! In fact my bulimia and binge eating patients often quote things back to me from Kelly’s book when sharing the positive changes they’ve made. My clients just love her work.

    Kelly speaks from the heart and what she says is simply brilliant.

    Kelly’s book is for people who are at the same place she found herself; realizing that diets set you up to fail, but are at a loss of how to eat in a healthy way and be confident about food choices.

    I loved this book!

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