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I want to talk to:
People struggling to lose weight who are ready for change. Is this you? Read on!

After I lost weight I realized how much misinformation is out there. And I felt a responsibility to share what I wish I’d known when I was trying to lose weight.

What do I want to tell you?
Stop blaming yourself and blame your weight-loss method! For 10 years I followed diet rules, tips and tricks and gained weight instead of losing it. One day, near the end of teacher’s college, it dawned on me that I was about to start yet another chapter of my life preoccupied with weight. Completely frustrated, I decided to focus on being healthy instead of thin. To my surprise, that’s when I lost weight.

Now I understand:
When you build healthy habits you naturally reach and maintain a healthy weight. Then you can focus on your real goals.

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Never Miss A Post Sharing what I learned makes those 10 years worth it.
Never Miss A Post Sharing what I learned makes those 10 years worth it.