Emotional Eating Guest Expert for Immunity and Beyond

  • Emotional eating is the result of this COMMON weight-loss mistake
  • You can stop emotional eating and lose weight
  • Angela Warm’s program Immunity and Beyond features emotional eating

Emotional eating is far more common than you think.

People you’d never expect to be emotional eaters, are.

And they come by it honestly.

But YOU can stop emotional eating and use all that freed-up energy, time and money, that’s been orbiting around food (for far too long), to bring your career, friendships and love life 💓 to Infinity and Beyoooooooooond!

When Angela Warm invited me to talk about emotional eating and how to normalize your relationship with food as a Guest Expert in her upcoming program called Immunity and Beyond, I was beyond thrilled.Emotional Eating Expert - Kelly Clark

(Squirrels are common in Canada 😉 )

Emotional eating is the result of dieting

The diet industry conditions us to believe that weight loss is all about:

  • sacrifice
  • willpower
  • and discipline

And rather than just tweaking some of our unhealthy habits when we feel like we’ve gained a little weight (blog post coming on that next!) the diet industry gets us to totally scrap e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g we’re doing (even healthy habits) and follow a restrictive diet.

But restrictive diets complicate your relationship with food.

Eat this.
Don’t eat that.
At 5 pm eat 7 almonds…

Soon you feel guilty about what you eat or deprived when you stick to your diet.

And you start craving cookies, candy, crackers, cake, ice cream… and other sweet and processed sh… tuff, SIMPLY because you can’t have them.

Wanting what you can’t have is normal.

It’s human nature!

The result?

A PERFECT storm for emotional eating

No wonder I gained 30 pounds when I set off to lose 10!

A PERFECT storm for emotional eating

And it wasn’t until I STOPPED dieting that I lost weight.

95% of people who lose weight through dieting gain back all of their weight within 1 to 5 years; half of them gain back to a weight that’s above their starting weight.

That’s why when I have Discovery Calls with people to work 1:1, my first question is always:

Emotional Eating - Is your goal to diet or is it to eat like you give a d*mn about yourself?

Ok… I don’t actually say that (!)

But it’s what I mean when I ask:

Is your goal to diet or is it to normalize your relationship with food?

Because I don’t want to help someone diet.

I don’t want to help you gain weight!

Emotional eating is what everyone has in common

This question is also why my clients are so diverse.

They include people who have:

  • been bingeing and purging on and off for 25+ years and want to lose 30 pounds
  • over 100 pounds to lose and have been jumping from diet to diet… for years
  • completely chaotic eating and want to lose 6 pounds

Plus everyone in between…

But what each person I coach has in common is that they’re emotional eaters whose relationship with food is getting in the way of their bigger, more exciting life goals (like getting into law school, falling in love, being a mom and so on…)

Also, everyone I work with is aiming for the same result:

To unlock their H 🙂 PPY weight without punishing themselves.

My job is to show you that you don’t have to do anything unhealthy to be healthy!

A healthy body is the reflection of healthy habits.

Definition of Emotional Eating:

Emotional eating includes eating in response to any emotion, whether that be positive or negative.

People who are emotional eaters spend a lot of time each day thinking about:

  • food
  • weight
  • and hunger

Can you recover from Emotional Eating?


I’ve been healthy for the last 21+ years.


Because I stopped dieting, got some good information and support to help me over the hump of trying something new. (It feels weird not to diet after years of dieting!)

Then my new focus was building healthy habits.

And anytime I got off track I’d get back on as quickly as I could to MAKE TODAY COUNT.

I've been healthy for the last 21+ years

Lasting weight loss isn’t about sabotaging the day because of a choice you regret.

“I may as well have another piece of cake because I’ve ruined my diet.”

Don’t say that!

Instead, lasting weight loss is about salvaging the day by making as many good decisions as you can.

“Ugh, I probably had a handful of chips too many.
Oh well.
I’m going to go back to work and aim to have a ROUGHLY balanced dinner made MOSTLY of whole foods.”

Say that!

People who are a healthy weight don’t have a string of PERFECT days (!)

Instead if you added up all the healthy choices they’ve made over time, there’d simply be a lot more healthy than unhealthy choices.

People who are a healthy weight don't have a string of PERFECT days

So instead of thinking you wrecked everything because of a choice you’re annoyed with yourself for makingtry out what Buzz and I do!

Emotional Eating - unlocking your HAPPY weight isn't rocket science

See, unlocking your HAPPY weight isn’t rocket science.

It’s about being kind to yourself.

I could talk on and on about emotional eating


When you understand (“understand” is Principle #1 of The 10 Principles) then it’s sooo much easier to make choices that set you up for success.

And luckily I get the chance to talk on and on about emotional eating and how to stop it for good, as a Guest Expert in Angela Warm’s program called Immunity and Beyond.

I'm a guest expert in Angela Warm's program called Immunity and Beyond

Immunity and Beyond is a 4 week program

With a bonus 5th week where I’ll be talking about how to prevent emotional eating.

(I’ll also be talking about navigating holiday parties!)

Each week Angela and a Guest Expert will cover a different pillar of health to supercharge your immune system this winter.

The 4 Pillars and Guest Experts are:

Week 1: Nutritional support

Claudia KramerWith guest expert Claudia Kramer

Claudia lives in Zurich. After successfully fermenting sauerkraut, kefir and kombucha, she decided to run small fermentation workshops at home to share her recipes with friends and family. Claudia’s mission is to share just how easy fermenting can be!

Week 2: Stress and sleep management

Alexandra ChaffanjonWith guest expert Alexandra Chaffanjon

Alexandra is a Holistic Health Coach who helps exhausted moms remove all the obstacles between them and the energy they crave. She believes: Food is the nutrition for our days. Sleep is the nutrition for our nights.

Week 3: Reducing toxins

Kristy YagerWith guest expert Kristy Yager

Kristy has traveled all over the world training high-end spas on how to create powerful rituals. She’s worked with master yoga teachers like Sarah Powers and Godfri, and Master Lama at Harvard, Lama Migmar Tseten. Kristy designs custom + daily practices for on-the-go women who want to stay powerfully centered and awakened to their magnetic feminine energy.

Week 4: Make over your medicine cabinet

Leslie LynchWith guest expert Leslie Lynch

Leslie Lynch has over 25 years of experience helping people find the Calm in the Chaos. She employs various mind & body techniques to help create a state of equilibrium. She is the creator of the online program, The Unexpected Caregiver and runs a charity for rescue animals.

BONUS 5th Week: How to STOP Emotional Eating

Kelly ClarkWith guest expert Kelly Clark (me!)

Kelly’s blog, 1:1 coaching and book—that’s recommended by doctors, are all dedicated to showing you how to stop dieting, eat like you give a d*mn about your body and fit into your favorite jeans. When she’s not sharing how she lost weight for good 21+ years ago, you’ll find Kelly wearing a pair of sustainable leggings while walking her foster dog Rocky down the mean streets of Toronto (!) rescuing treasure from trash.

All these topics are so important!

You simply can’t be a:

6-figure coach
OTT student who aces exams
artist extraordinaire
or rock star at work…

If you don’t have your health.

What I love about Angela’s program

Aside from the fact Angela is probably one of the kindest and chilled people you’ll ever meet (super approachable to ask anything), the beauty of Immunity and Beyond is that Angela makes all this information accessible and fun!

Sure, Angela could talk about Immunity with all the lingo she’s learned from her science background. And say stuff like:

“Immunity is the capability of multicellular organisms to resist harmful microorganisms and involves both specific and nonspecific components.”

But that’s *not* how Angela rolls.

Instead, Angela combines her knowledge as an:

  • Environmental Scientist
  • Certified Health Coach
  • & mom

to make all the Immune Boosting Healthy Hacks she shares easy to understand and put into action!

Along with being super nice, Angela’s a lot of fun.

Emotional Eating - Along with being super nice, Angela's a lot of fun

Emotional Eating Curriculum

On the 5th week of Immunity and Beyond I’ll be talking about the 3 steps to STOP emotional eating.

They’re the same 3 steps that helped me unlock my HAPPY weight 21+ years ago and make food and eating a non-issue.

And if you’re someone who finds the holidays tough with:

family gatherings
baking and buffets…

I have a bullet-proof Holiday Survival Guide to make eating a no-brainer so there’s no worrying, wondering or regretting what you ate.

Even if the most social you get this year is supervising your daughter baking sugar cookies… this method makes having treats around the house so much easier.

Also Angela will be giving away one session with me called a HAPPY Weight Quick Fix. It will be a draw prize for an Immunity and Beyond participant.

The HAPPY Weight Quick Fix
A 60 minute Deep Dive

We’ll explore your eating & exercise routine.
Together we’ll uncover 3 diet-industry approved choices you’re making that actually slow down your metabolism and make it harder to lose weight + an easy way to fix them, starting TODAY!
(Value $299)

Kelly was an amazing guest expert. Not only did she bring her own level of expertise around disordered eating and draw on so many diverse experiences from her 1:1 clients from around the world, but she was also a cheerleader to me and everyone inside the group. Her positive attitude goes hand in hand with her level of practical know-how on how to take the overwhelm out of how to eat healthier.
– Angela Warm, BSc Environmental Science & Certified Health Coach

Get healthy and STOP emotional eating

Angela’s course is all about community, accountability, coaching and (a fun) curriculum.

Plus you get access to Angela and all her expertise for 30 days!

Want to know more about Immunity and Beyond that helps you “do everything possible to prevent colds, flu, and *cough* Covid”?

Learn more about Immunity and Beyond here!

I can’t wait to meet you in Angela’s program, and:

  • talk about how to END emotional eating
  • prime your body for ultimate health
  • answer all your pressing questions

Quick Infinity and Beyond fact that always makes me cry:

In 2008, the phrase “To Infinity and Beyond!” made international news when it was reported that a father and son had continually repeated the phrase to help them keep track of each other while treading water for 15 hours in the Atlantic Ocean.

There is POWER in believing things can get better.

Next step?

Take action.

You’ve got a friend in me

When Alex and I lived in Wimbledon, in a tiny flatthe kind that has a galley kitchen, a bathroom without windows and a front room that contains a couch by day and bed by night… (it was super fun though!) Our alarm went off every morning to the song “You’ve got a friend in me.”

Our clock radio was tuned into Virgin Radio with DJ Chris Evans.

Chris was also the owner of Virgin Radio so he could do whatever he liked. He ran the show. Was the King of the Castle. Chris was the big cheese. And for at least a month he played You’ve Got a Friend in Me at 7 am sharp.

It’s the best way to wake up!

Especially on a cold, damp and drizzly morning… The kind of morning you might catch a cold if you don’t have your Immunity in check 😉

I LOVE Randy Newman’s voice.

You’ve got your troubles.
I’ve got them too.
But there isn’t anything I wouldn’t do for you.
You’ve got a friend in me.

Kelly Clark



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