Linda Barutha - I knew I needed a lifestyle change, NOT another diet

  • Linda Barutha shares her lifestyle change
  • no more counting calories or restrictions
  • “I feel better AND I’m losing weight”

I wanted a lifestyle change

Going on another diet felt pointless. I’m tired of short term results.

So when I came across Kelly’s blog, I was encouraged that her focus is building healthy habits.

I want lasting change.

Kelly’s book solidified my ideas about the healthy lifestyle I was craving.
Following your book has eliminated cravings, given me more energy and I've lost weight— Linda Barutha

Her book and recommendations make eating so much simpler. It makes TOTAL sense to eat whole, natural foods as opposed to dieting.

Over the past month, since reading Kelly’s book, I’ve really changed my style of eating.

Avoiding diet food, like reduced-fat dairy and other processed options, has eliminated my cravings and given me more energy.

I even started going for walks again.

My lifestyle change also led to natural weight loss

I absolutely love Kelly’s book, but more so the message it brings.

It’s so refreshing to read about, not just another way to lose weight, but more importantly how to make a healthy lifestyle change.
Weight loss is happening naturally without me even thinking about it— Linda Barutha

Along with the freedom of not counting calories and being able to eat without depriving myself, I also feel better… AND I can feel the weight loss happening naturally—without me stressing or focusing on weight loss.

Now that I’m not preoccupied with thinking about food, and all the other pains that come along with dieting, I’m finally free to be more focused on my work and family.

Kelly’s method is truly priceless!

Linda Barutha - Craft Work

Dieting depressed me… making a lifestyle change didn’t

I spent years procrastinating making these changes in my life.

When I would think of dieting it would depress me because I always believed I was going to be depriving myself.

But when I read Kelly’s book I was reminded that it’s more about a lifestyle change.

That was the ah-ha moment for me.

In the back of my mind I think I knew this. But reading Kelly’s book and seeing how passionate she felt about her own transformation, to the point of writing a book about it — Wow!

Are you ready for a healthy lifestyle change?

If you’re thinking about reading Kelly’s book, don’t wait!

For the first two weeks nothing seemed to happen. But then all of a sudden I started to have more energy and naturally lose weight. Now I feel huge changes every day.

How would you rate the book out of 5 stars?
Five Stars

Are you an artist who’d love to move your business from in-person to online?

Meet Linda Barutha, an Artist Income Strategist.

Not only is Linda an artist and tech guru (a rare combination)… she has a great sense of humor and a Can-do-it Attitude that’s contagious.

Linda often has light-bulb moments for her clients while they’re planning a business strategy.

And she has tons of experience in art, product and online sales.

Linda Barutha - Art Room

As much as Linda loves spending spring and fall in her she-shed (above) working on her latest mixed media artwork, like this:

Linda Barutha - Art Work

Linda also loves her work as an income strategist.

Sometimes it involves helping an artist learn how to set up an email auto-responder and other times it’s walking them through the launch of a brand new online membership program. Overall, Linda helps artists transition from in-person to online sales with total ease and major profits.

What’s the Next Big Thing for Linda?

This fall I’ll be introducing a brand new group coaching program, called The Artist Online Accelerator.

It’s an online attraction program that teaches you how to start and build your online presence organically.

It’s specifically for artists who want to increase their sales online (and become Pandemic-proof!)

One way I help artists transition to selling their creations online is via My Signature Framework:

Linda Barutha - The Fonz Formula

I’ll be presenting this business-changing blueprint for success on a Summit at the end of September, in addition to my own Summit, called Artists Ascending on September 14th to 19th, 2020. And in my group-coaching program, The Artist Online Accelerator, I’ll be walking artists through each stage of my framework so they can introduce the world to their art.

You can learn more about Linda Barutha at her website and also on Instagram.



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