Reese Spykerman - Book Review

  • I stopped bingeing after reading Kelly’s book
  • Now I have a simple blueprint that makes eating easy
  • I’m a website conversion optimization expert and love my work

The diet industry made eating confusing

Years of cultural conditioning had me confused and overwhelmed about dieting and food.

I’d come off additional medically advised dietary restrictions and I was a mess.

I wondered:

  • How do I eat without gaining weight?
  • How can I stay full?
  • What will nourish my body without it feeling like I’m forever resigned to rabbit food?

I needed a more sensible structure for eating.

I stopped bingeing

Since reading Kelly’s book my binges are gone, which is a huge deal.

Eating a balanced meal is such a relief.

Kelly’s approach made things both simple and doable.

How I stopped bingeing

One big ah ha for me is how much my body needs a balance of nutrients to feel satisfied.
Bingeing was often driven by my body seeking out adequate nutrition— Reese Spykerman
In hindsight I see that bingeing was often driven by my body seeking out adequate nutrition.

It’s not just a matter of eating enough, but choosing foods that fuel and satisfy me.

Kelly’s structure is like a trusted blueprint

It was really helpful to not have to try and figure out how to stop bingeing and normalize my eating.
Now I feel empowered and much more confident about my meals and food— Reese Spykerman
Trying to do that on top of everything else was exhausting.

Now I feel empowered and much more confident about my meals and food! (And exercise, too. No more beating myself up because I can’t run marathons).

Why I gave Kelly’s weight-loss book 5 stars

Five Stars

Your method and the way you write about food and eating is so down to earth and reassuring.

Not only is your book engaging and educational, it also makes me feel like you truly have my back and are rooting for me.

I trust your wisdom, experience and feedback.

Things got better when I stopped bingeing

Kelly’s book helps you see there’s a better way than how you’ve tried to manage things on your own.
Everything can change for the better when you're open to someone else's wisdom, experience and feedback— Reese Spykerman
Consider her book your trusted guide and friend.

Wouldn’t it be a relief to know you aren’t alone, and things can change for the better?

Reese Spykerman is a website conversion optimization expert

Reese helps physical and digital product-based businesses increase their websites’ revenue by optimizing their customers’ online buying experience. She’s a graduate of Missouri’s School of Journalism and for the past 15 years, she has combined her writing background with powerful strategic design techniques to help hundreds of global small business owners, some of whom have seen products sell out and achieved a 5x boost in revenue. She has also designed a website and book cover for the New York Times bestselling author Chris Guillebeau.
Reese Spykerman - Book Review

Reese’s work has appeared in numerous publications and podcasts including Entrepreneur, Business Insider, Thrive Global, Entrepreneurs on Fire Podcast, ProBlogger, The Winning E-Commerce Experience Podcast, and Spinsucks. She currently resides in Northern Michigan with her husband and adorable dog, Tiki.

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Reese Spykerman - Book Review