Amanda - physician USA

  • my eating disorder recovery coaching prevented me from wasting more time intermittent fasting
  • obsessing over what to eat took away from my family and work
  • life has never seemed so simple since working with Kelly

Eating disorder recovery story by Amanda

I started dieting when I was 16. Now I’m 48. After 32 years of dieting I got healthy with support via eating disorder recovery coach, Kelly Clark.

Country: USA
Career: Physician

Eating disorder recovery began after years of obsessive dieting

Before working with Kelly, I struggled with chaotic and disordered eating.

I obsessed over food and weight loss, which took time away from my family and work. Also, I was not modeling good behavior for our young daughter.

I was not modeling good behavior for our young daughter— Amanda, 48

For years I was falling for every ‘fad’ diet out there.

I tried:

  • low carb
  • intermittent fasting
  • counting calories
  • food ordering services
  • diet supplements

… you name it.

And I fell for all of these gimmicky diets multiple times.

My eating disorder recovery makes me feel “normal”

My big breakthrough with Kelly was that I stopped bingeing! And obsessing over food. Nonstop. I was also really surprised how easy it was to just follow a three meals a day schedule, no matter what else was going on. I am so thrilled that I am able to now be a much better model for my daughter.
When all of my friends and colleagues are eating lunch, I can be 'one of them'— Amanda, 48
Kelly’s process is so natural, I went from obsessing over dieting and eating a lot of sweets to seeking out healthy and balanced meals. I feel ‘normal’. When all of my friends and colleagues are eating lunch or other regular meals, I can be ‘one of them’.

I could not believe that Kelly cared so much and was so meticulous about watching my patterns.

She was supportive no matter what and kept me on track.

Eating disorder recovery gave me life-changing results

If you’re on the fence about getting some guidance to help pull you out of the vicious cycle of dieting, I say, go for it!
I can concentrate on work between meals and I have so much more energy— Amanda, 48
What do you have to lose?

Have diets worked for you up to this point?

Most likely the answer is no.

Whereas eating disorder recovery coaching has allowed me to concentrate on work between meals. And I have so much more energy.

Even in the middle of one of the more stressful times of the year with moving and COVID, I’ve been sticking to the easy and healthy structure Kelly shares.

Eating disorder recovery has opened a whole new world to me

Life has never seemed so simple.

Thank you for all you do!

Life without obsessive dieting is like a whole new world to me.

Kelly, what you have done and modeled is nothing short of phenomenal.

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