eating normal meals

  • Eating normal meals SHOCKINGLY helped me lose weight!
  • I love working with Kelly because we aren’t doing anything weird
  • Now I know I can have a treat and not feel like I ruined everything

Eating normal meals sparked so many positive changes

I realized that I can work any kind of food into a healthy eating routine. Nothing is off limits, and that is sustainable and do-able!

Country: USA

Career: Property Manager

Age: 30

Eating normal meals gave me freedom from yo-yo dieting

Plus I love that I can eat healthy snacks when I’m hungry between meals.

Getting into the groove of this healthy pattern and looking at the day and week as a whole, as Kelly taught me to do, helped me learn how to have a treat and move on. And enjoy the rest of the day.

Before I’d think that eating a few cookies ruined everything! Then I’d just keep eating and restart my diet the next day. So I was constantly on and off diets. And getting used to over-eating between diets.
Before working with Kelly I was always on and off diets and getting in the habit of overeating between diets— Lacinda, Property Manager
Now I know that when I look at the big picture, a treat doesn’t ruin anything! In fact something sweet curbs cravings and prevents me from bingeing.

Also, I learned how to prevent a snack attack

I never thought that was possible!

Kelly’s method is so natural that I’ve actually started to crave fresh food, like a sliced orange.

And I love that after I eat an orange it gives me tons of energy!

eating normal meals gave me the biggest surprise!

Eating normal meals gave me the biggest surprise!

I actually lost weight by eating normal meals! 😄

That was a huge shock after years of dieting.
I love working with Kelly because we're literally eating normal food— Lacinda, Property Manager
And that’s why I love working with Kelly. We aren’t doing anything weird! We’re literally eating normal food.

No more cardboard diet “food” that’s heavily processed, overpriced and keeps me feeling hungry!

Since I began eating normal meals life is so much easier

Now I know it’s possible to eat a balanced diet without stressing or worrying. And eating and reaching a healthy weight no longer feels complicated.
Unlocking my HAPPY weight no longer feels complicated— Lacinda, Property Manager
I’m learning to un-diet and create a totally normal, sustainable routine that I can have for the rest of my life.

Yay for simplicity! ❤️

Kelly’s focus on eating normal meals is so different to any weight-loss method I’ve tried before

Kelly doesn’t set specific rules, just basic simple guidelines that are meant to teach me how to build a healthy routine for myself going forward.

She’s not trying to sell me a product or make me dependent on her.

I love working with Kelly, and my new routine!
Kelly's approach is all about figuring out what works for me, rather than me trying to stick to a generic follow-along plan that only works while I'm on it.— Lacinda, Property Manager
Her approach has made me figure out what works for me, rather than me trying to stick to a generic follow-along plan that as soon as I get off of it, all my weight comes back.

Kelly really cares and her personal interest and comments make it enjoyable and encouraging! ❤️😊

One thing that would make working with Kelly better

I wish I got to see Kelly more because she’s awesome and so nice to talk to! 🌻❤️

Thank you for working so hard to help others.

You could have just healed yourself and moved on, but you are taking the time and energy to help people you don’t even know. I admire that, and I’m sure it takes a lot of courage.

Thank you Kelly for teaching me to eat normal meals and get healthy

The only way I can really understand why you help people is because it’s like the volunteer ministry work that I do. It’s not easy sharing things with people you don’t know, or knowing whether they will appreciate it or treasure it like you do. But when you really care about them, it gives you courage.

I’ve always loved the scripture at Romans 10:13-15. It reminds me of you and how you are extending yourself to teach others helpful things that they may never have found themselves, without you telling them. And like it says, “How beautiful are the feet of those who declare good news of good things!”

Kelly, it’s a beautiful thing that you’re doing. I really appreciate your hard work, thank you so much! 🌞



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