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This past year I worked with a super-fun, super-talented musician and artist named Julia.

When she sent me this email, I decided to act on her suggestion:

KEL FEEL FREE TO SHARE THIS LIST ANYWHERE IT COULD HELP ANYONE. Maybe keep this list as my report of half way through my sessions with you. (Just suggestions, of course do whatever you want!!)
– Julia


Don’t you love her already?!

Recovery coach reflections

The reason I’m excited to share Julia’s list (that follows), is because it’s so specific.

Her examples help people understand thinking patterns they *think* are healthy, when in fact, they get in the way of recovery.

When you can differentiate between unhealthy and healthy thoughts, you can break down the ideas that are keeping your eating disordered.

Without further adieu, here’s Julia’s list:

Working with a recovery coach gave Julia these Aha! moments

Having Kelly as a recovery coach has:

1. Taken away fear that I’m not eating enough or eating too much.

2. Got me feeling confident that I can feed myself balanced meals.

3. Feeling freedom that I can eat McDonald’s and not give up and binge afterwards because I messed up.

4. I can always finish a meal and not obsess.

5. If I overeat, eating my next meal—without restricting or beating myself up—gets me right back on track.

6. I never feel bottomed out from starving myself….blood sugar steady and stable.

7. Loving food – all types of food.

8. Enjoying cooking.

9. Loss of obsession with food.

10. Haven’t weighed myself and trust the process….so freeing.

11. Gotten bold in exploring new food, even trying meals from menus that I don’t have full control over!!!

12. Realizing every other approach to food is counterfeit if it isn’t three meals a day with snacks when needed.

13. Have completely arrested all investigation of diets and food YouTube videos.

14. So much freedom in so many other areas….no more perfection seeking, no more obsession, loving my changing body without weighing it.

15. Love myself in a way I never did.

~ Julia

Recovery coaching helps you “unpack” unhealthy thought patterns

For instance, let’s put a magnifying glass over lesson number 3:

Feeling freedom that I can eat McDonald’s
and not give up and binge afterwards because I messed up. 

The diet industry conditions us to believe we must stick to a diet to lose weight.

This MYTH encourages an all-or-nothing mindset.

And makes us think we’ve messed up if we deviate from a plan.

When I was a kid I constantly heard women say (at parties, church buffets and other gatherings):

recovery coach - I've already ruined my diet so I may as well keep eating


Talk about making a small slip-up, BIG.

This self-defeating mindset set me up to fail for 10 years.

It’s so frustrating I wrote a book about it!

What I learned was just what Julia said.
In short:

CARRY ON after a choice you regret.

Carry on after any choice that deviates from your plans!

Life is all about plans changing

If you can’t bend you’ll break.

Being flexible is a huge part of recovery.

In fact, going with the flow has brought some of the best people and experiences into my life.

(The night I met Alex I was supposed to see a play with 3 girlfriends, but we were all running late and ended up in a pub!)

Don’t get lost in the details

Unlocking your H 🙂 PPY weight is all about getting back on track as quickly as you can.

And carrying on toward your goals.

Think about it:

  • A musician doesn’t stop practicing the violin when she hits the wrong note.
  • An artist doesn’t rip her painting into tiny pieces when she does an unfortunate stroke.
  • And if you eat a cheeseburger, pop and fries with friends at lunch (at McDonald’s or anywhere else!) it’s no big deal. Just plan a dinner that’s more balanced and made with more whole foods.

And that’s just the genius of Julia’s #3 Aha! moment. Number 1 to 2 and 4 to 15 are also gems.

Each of the lessons she learned from working with a recovery coach (me!) helps you reach a healthy weight naturally.

Recovery Coach Diary continues…

Julia is talented at many things. And I always got a kick out of her lists.

Here’s one she sent me on my birthday:

In honour of the celebration of the day you were born, here’s ten things I love about you in no particular order…..

1. So grateful for your sense of humour

2. So thankful that you have wonderful insight

3. Love that you have persevered under the trial of an eating disorder and came out victorious and now help to free other captives like me!

4. You are the best encourage-er! 💜

5. You are so thoughtful

6. You love broken people, animals and things. That speaks to your amazing character.

7. You are very patient.

8. You have great boundaries and I really respect that.

9. You are kind….your eyes say it, your time says it, your words say it.

10. You relate so easily to me – we were almost insta-friends. I LOVE AND TREASURE THIS!

Enjoy your day. CELEBRATE YOU TODAY!!!

Julia’s artwork is stunning and hopefully one day I’ll be able to post of photo of her work here! She’s a remarkable lady.

As Julia’s recovery coach

…she asked me to share this message with YOU:

You are worth it.
You are worth investing time into your wellness.
The rewards are endless.
Confidence comes back.
And your life will change from submitting to something else, to caring about yourself.



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Sharing what I learned makes the 10 years I STRUGGLED worth it