Bulimia Coach: environmental science student, Australia

  • having a bulimia coach made recovery fun (for real)
  • I’ve tried every diet and even lived at a clinic – nothing worked
  • I ended a toxic relationship and went back to school since working with my bulimia coach

My bulimia coach, by Jessie

Jessie started dieting when she was 14. Now she’s 35. After 21 years of restricting, which led to bingeing and purging, she got healthy with support from bulimia coach, Kelly Clark.

Country: Australia
Career: Environmental Science Student

Life before working with my bulimia coach

Before I started working with Kelly, I’d have a few good days and then binge.
I was afraid I’d never beat my eating disorder— Jessie, 35
I’d wake up at night and start eating. Then feel terrible in the morning.

It was so frustrating after days of trying so hard.

I was afraid I’d never beat my eating disorder.

Now I have no desire to binge

Over the last 20 years I’ve tried every diet under the sun. And had all sorts of support.

I even completed an in-patient recovery program at a clinic. But the moment I came out I started bingeing again.

Now I’ve been free of bingeing for 135 days. (Update: Just hit the 200 day milestone!) And I have no desire to binge because Kelly’s approach to eating means I’m never hungry.
I have no desire to binge because Kelly's approach means I'm never hungry— Jessie, 35
I also walk regularly and my clothes are loose… again. (I’ve dropped several sizes since working with Kelly.)

The best part is that I don’t feel guilty or deprived so it’s like this brain fog has lifted. I feel free because I can think about other things.

And I just feel so good about myself.

This time is different.

I’m beating this.

My bulimia coach allows me to be in control

I loved Kelly’s support because I also felt independent.

I loved knowing she’s there while I go about my day in a completely different country. It’s wild. She’s like my fairy godmother looking out for me, which keeps me going. But I’m in the driver’s seat.

Kelly’s method is such a cool set up.

Bulimia coach support got me over rough patches

The type of accountability Kelly gives is what I needed.

Knowing someone is going to ask me how things are going is definitely a motivator for me.

Having someone celebrate with me and tell me not to beat myself up when things don’t go to plan, kept me on track. It’s so easy to lose perspective or fall back into self-defeating mindsets when you’re stuck with your own thoughts.

Kelly tailored everything to me so I could get better faster— Jessie, 35It was also a relief to know I could talk to Kelly about WHATEVER might come up. And all the information, troubleshooting and strategies Kelly shared were tailored to me. Which allowed us to cover a lot of ground fast.

Kelly’s method is so gentle that I naturally started making great choices. I know what food makes me feel great and fills me with energy.

Also, I’m so so grateful for her no judgement approach.

My bulimia coach gave me the strength to end a toxic relationship and go back to school

It’s crazy how much I’ve changed since working with Kelly.

First it was little things, like sleeping through the night which made me feel Up and at ’em! each morning.

Then I started to actually have space in my head to think about others. Like I remembered a difficult anniversary for my family and I actually bought all the food and cooked. Last year I completely forgot because I was stuck in the starve-binge-purge cycle. And that made me feel terrible.

Kelly completely understood what I was going through— Jessie, 35Next I let go of a negative relationship and reapplied for a course I’d previously withdrawn from because of my disordered eating (Environmental Science which I’m passionate about). I’m excited to finish my degree and use my skills for nature conservation.

There was a point when I thought that would never be possible.

And I even feel excited about sharing my story. I want to raise awareness and help others. You can break the cycle and get healthy!

Asking for help from someone who understands what you’re going through is the smartest thing I’ve ever done.

Bulimia Coach: Get back to do what you love!

Bulimia is behind me

Who knew that with accountability I could conquer my disordered eating, stop dieting and lose weight.

This is truly a miracle (and I’m not using miracle lightly.)

I feel confident I can set goals and reach them— Jessie, 35I’m living my best life… And there’s so much more to come!

Fully walking away from bulimia and all the DEEPLY entrenched patterns I created has made me feel confident I can set goals and reach them. I’m already applying this mindset to my life-long goals. I’ve convinced my whole family to make more sustainable choices. Like, they’ve stopped buying fast fashion. (Yay!) And I got my university to ban straws. Start small and get the ball rolling.

Thanks for everything you do Kelly. Keep spreading the TRUTH… there’s so much fake information out there about weight loss.

By being a bulimia coach you’re changing the world one person at a time.



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