• why make weight-loss complicated when it can be simple?
  • I stopped bingeing—it’s so empowering to feel in control
  • food is an afterthought and not what I’m obsessing over all day

I learned to STOP making weight loss complicated!

For years I tried different diets that had tons of rules that just weren’t practical. I ordered Kelly’s book It took me 10 years to lose 10 pounds because her approach to eating is simple and balanced. I’ve had so many breakthroughs! Like I love that I can just eat normally, which has helped me focus on things besides food.

Country: USA

Career: Property Manager

Diets I’ve tried:

  • Intermittent Fasting
  • Weight Watchers
  • Paleo
  • No Grains

Why I read Kelly’s book: I had so much “weight-loss knowledge” in my head but needed help organizing it and directing it so I can be successful. And so much of that food information was conflicting… So I just couldn’t seem to get started on any healthy routine without worry about what I ate for feeling guilty. But I really wanted to stop dieting because dieting was just making me binge.

Age: 30

Why I made weight loss complicated

After years of dieting, I was struggling with trying to lose weight in a way that wasn’t superficial.

The idea of gradual, natural weight loss in Kelly’s book and on her blog really spoke to me.
You don't need to do anything weird to lose weight!— Lacie, Apartment Manager
Weight loss doesn’t need to be complicated! And you don’t need to do anything weird.

So many diets like Keto, for example, make you cut stuff out… to the point I’ve thought: “Ah I can’t eat anything!”

How I stopped making weight loss complicated

One major breakthrough from reading It took me 10 years to lose 10 pounds is seeing treats as something to enjoy. And realizing that I can eat normal food too. Like I don’t have to restrict all the time or be that friend who’s always on a diet.

As long as I’m keeping my meals balanced with as many whole foods as possible, I can enjoy a treat and keep being successful.
I don't have to be that friend who's always on a diet— Lacie, Apartment Manager
No more beating myself up or feeling like a failure.

I can enjoy my food and love my choices. Which makes me stop obsessing about food.

For example, today I made my lunch for work and wasn’t even really thinking about it until it was time to eat it. Same with dinner.

The amazing change when I STOPPED making weight loss complicated

Before, I used to only think about getting up for seconds and getting more food. But now I’m getting in the habit of just making something simple and balanced, enjoying that plate or bowl and moving on.

And eating regular food gives me so much more energy.
One bad meal isn't a failure... which has helped me stop bingeing— Lacie, Apartment Manager
My mindset has changed, since reading: It took me 10 years to lose 10 pounds.

Not only do I have such a simple, balanced approach to eating, but I realize that one bad meal isn’t a failure.

Now I’m so much kinder to myself

And I don’t just want to give up like before.

Kelly’s book taught me there is no restart button, only the next button. This has really helped me not to binge. If I do end up eating more, I can say that the day isn’t ruined, I have the next meal to do a better job. Then I can just move on with the day.

make today count - the10principlesIt’s been so nice not to stress about food!

This outlook makes me feel a lot more control and have a lot less anxiety because I’m not worrying about a year from now—I’m focusing on the choices I make today.

Thank you so much for helping me to see how eating normally is possible 😊

Kelly’s weight-loss approach is so different, I know it’s going to be lasting

It can feel so dark and complicated to lose weight. But everything Kelly says is so real and relatable. She knows how we feel because she’s been there too and proves it’s possible to live life at a healthy weight without dieting.

This book has answered my prayer.

I’ve learned it’s possible to enjoy the journey of losing weight. And figure out what works for me in regular situations, so I can keep this up.
I feel great, like my old self— Lacie, Apartment Manager
And I know I’m building habits when my husband and son are improving their choices too. Now everybody wants salad with dinner!

I feel great, like my old self. And I’m so happy that I can get back to that carefree, childlike time when food is an afterthought and not what I’m obsessing over all day. I can really be myself again.

Instead of making weight loss complicated, Kelly’s book makes it fun

Kelly’s kindness shines through in her writing and I will forever be grateful.

Each concept is explained in a way that’s so easy, so simple and so awesome! And each idea is summarized with a story, picture, photo or collage.

weight loss complicated - trick your body

If you asked me what I would change in Kelly’s book, my answer would be:

Not a thing daaaaling!

How would you rate the book out of 5 stars?

Five Stars



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