Meals that help you lose weight (full of regular food)

  • I lost 30 pounds eating these exact meals 25+ years ago
  • The meals in my Mix ‘N Match Meal guide made it easy to lose weight without going hungry
  • These BIG, healthy meals can be used as a blueprint to build your own favorite meals and lose weight

My journey back to eating regular meals (that help you lose weight)

I’m not a doctor.

Or a nutritionist.

But I had an unbelievably complicated relationship with food for 10 years.

(At one point I thought I needed a lobotomy to get better.)I needed a lobotomy to get better
Everything I cared about got neglected in my pursuit of losing 10 pounds.

Soon 10 pounds turned into 30, that I lost and regained HUNDREDS of times.

Eventually I realized my “diet project” was actually taking up big chunks of each day that added up to hours and hours of wasted time over the month.

I hated to think of all the opportunities I was missing out on.

So I decided to:

Accept the extra weight I was carrying around,
let go of DIETING
& focus on health.

The first thing I did was eat regular meals like everybody else

And the first thing that happened when I stopped dieting and ate a BIG breakfast, lunch and dinner?

I broke the starve, binge and purge cycle that I’d been caught in for a decade:

eating chocolate - Starve binge purge cycle

Previously I thought I had WILLPOWER when I stuck to my diet.

And worried I was “weak” when I fell off the wagon (broke my diet).

Now I know:
I was stuck in this extreme cycle ↑↑↑ because I wasn’t feeding my body properly with regular meals.

Every part of my life improved when I ate regular meals

Soon I:

  • lost 30 pounds for good
  • had more energy than ever
  • stopped thinking about food All. The. Time… which was freedom!

(For years I’d been convinced I was addicted to food.)

And I never, NEVER went hungry.

I couldn’t believe that by eating regular meals, food became a COMPLETE non-issue

And I didn’t understand why I’d never come across anybody in the “weight-loss world” who shared my SUPER simplified approach.

So I got on a MISSION to tell other women about my process.

That’s why I started my blog, this blog, in 2013.

And guess what?!

Out of the blue a doctor got in touch with me

This ambitious physician had been published in the New England Journal of Medicine.

But, like so many other women, she’d also tried every diet under the sun that, yup, made her eating disordered.

And she was worried she wasn’t modelling good behavior for her teenage daughter.

In her email she told me that all the weight-loss messages I write about resonated with her. And could I show her the method I used to simplify eating and unlock my H 🙂 PPY weight.

So I did.

This doctor used my method and got THE SAME results

Since then I’ve spent nearly 2000 hours walking women from Singapore, Australia, England, Canada, New Zealand, Switzerland, Dubai, Hong Kong, all over the United States, and so on… through my signature system:

The HAPPY Weight Method™

via 1:1 coaching and in my group program.

And every single person who has:

trusted my natural process
(eating regular food in regular situations)

& been consistent
(that’s the fun bit because the results keep coming)

has made food a COMPLETE non-issue and unlocked their HAPPY weight too.

People like Sareé have simplified eating & lost weight by eating the BIG, regular meals:

Sareé, USA

I tried 4 different doctors before working with Kelly
Kelly was the ONLY one who helped me. You’ll never find another person who will give you accountability, comfort, and support like she does. And even if I go off track, I’ve got an easy system to go back to, that I know will make me feel good again in just 24 hours. Kelly’s book was such a great starting point because I’ve used the meals she shares as a blueprint at restaurants and friend’s houses. Now I feel confident about what to put on my plate in any situation and I never go hungry. The biggest surprise is that I can feel the pounds coming off me.

Sareé, Postgraduate Student, USA

Sareé just completely TRUSTED my process which made it incredibly easy for her to let go of eating behaviors that didn’t serve her and embrace healthy food and exercise choices.

The exact meals that helped me lose 30 pounds for good

When I was first getting healthy I’d been on so many diets I lost total track of what a regular meal looks like.

And I wanted to know “What the F do I eat?”

So I (secretively) started copying what my partner Alex put on his plate…

I met my partner, soulmate, love of my life (I don't know the best way to say it), Alex

Modeling after someone I trusted helped me normalize my relationship with food.

You know, be more flexible with what I ate.

And feel confident about what I put on my plate in every situation, whether I was at a neighbor’s BBQ or a Wedding Buffet.

So I wanted to pay that experience forward.

My Mix ‘N Match Meal Guide helped me lose 30 pounds

So over the last 3 years we made a Mix ‘N Match Meal Guide you can put in your home (vs. follow Alex around like I did!)
What the F do I eat?
And you can model after these easy meals that BOOST your metabolism, or use them as a blueprint to tweak your own favorite meals so that they unlock your HAPPY weight.

Here’s what Jen said:

Jen Liddy

This is feeling like the easiest thing I’ve ever done

I didn’t know what to eat because of years of dieting. I’d gone from extreme restriction to whatever the hell I wanted to eat which left me lethargic, unhealthy and exhausted. (TBH… it was probably more f*ck-it eating (!) Something I probably needed to do after years of restriction.) Working with Kelly is more like intuitive eating. She gives you structure. But… there’s intuitive eating within that structure. Which helps you succeed in every situation. And get sh*t done the rest of the day. Kelly’s method is so completely different to any weight-loss approach I’ve experienced. Right away I started craving natural food. Even the other day I had a handful of my son’s M&M’s and couldn’t believe how gross they tasted now that I’m eating big, beautiful meals. I have TONS of energy and don’t even think about food. Even on holiday I can go with the flow.

Jen Liddy, Content Creation Strategist, USA

KEY benefits of this resource, full of meals that help you lose weight:

85+ meals I was scared to eat the whole time I was dieting

This guide has:

85+ meals I was scared to eat the whole time I was dieting & 30 pounds overweight

But they’re meals I eat all the time now!

This book is 375+ pages so you have lots of meals to choose from.

This book is 375 pages!

All the meal recipes are made with REGULAR food

No maca powder, organic ghee, puffed amaranth, raw buckwheat honey-type stuff…

Let’s make unlocking your HAPPY weight easy!

let's make unlocking your HAPPY weight easy!

Many meals have step-by-step photos

For any of the recipes that are a little bit fancier (like one of my faves, a risotto)… there’s photos of each step:

You simply assemble the meal

BUT, get this, many of the meals are so easy there’s no recipe!

You simply assemble the meal.

Oh ya!

Each meal is broken down by food group

To help you see how to adapt all your favorite meals into HAPPY Weight Meals

To help you see how to adapt all your favorite meals into HAPPY Weight Meals
There’s FULL-page photos of my exact plate for every meal, snack & dessert.

This book is divided by meals (that help you lose weight!)

So you can choose your:

  • breakfast
  • lunch
  • dinner
  • snacks
  • & dessert

Mix ‘n Match every day!

So you can Mix 'n Match every day

And there’s:

Colorful course curriculum inside, for my Group Program: What the F do I eat?

Everything you need is at your fingertips:

So there's no printing PDF's, etc. Everything you need is at your fingertips

And there’s tons of other features I wish I had when I was trying to normalize my relationship with food and lose 30 pounds…

How to get this guide full of meals that help you lose weight

This hard-copy, full-color companion piece
is sent in the post
straight to your front door!

This resource is one of the 2 EXCLUSIVE bonuses for my Group Program: What the F do I eat?

Everything I create has in mind
what set me up for success,
so I could make eating simple & lose 30 pounds FOR GOOD.

My course is comprehensive so you can normalize your relationship with food, lose weight and get on with your life, like I did 25+ years ago.

Here’s the pieces I’ve included in my program so it’s comprehensive:

My course is for people who are TIRED of hunting & pecking all over the internet for weight-loss rules, tips and tricks… and ready to use a PROVEN method that’s had repeatable results.

This includes:

1. Proven eating & exercise information that helped me lose 30 pounds for good

Everything I teach in What the F do I eat? is based on what’s given me and my clients repeatable results. With nearly 2000 hours of coaching women 1:1 and in my group program I know what works for people all down the spectrum, from wanting to lose 5 pounds to being caught in the starve-binge-purge cycle for 30+ years.

2. Strategy helped me lose 30 pounds

My signature HAPPY Weight Method™ allows you to start EXACTLY where you are and naturally transition into your personal GOLD Standard Routine™. And it just takes ONE minute a day.

3. Accountability helped me lose 30 pounds

The chance to check in with someone to stay on track, ask Q’s and troubleshoot helps you overcome obstacles and KEEP MOVING FORWARD.

All of this is in the course & community women rave about! ↑↑↑

And the
Mix ‘n Match Meal Guide
supports you
in putting 1, 2 & 3 above
into ACTION!

The MAGIC happens
when all these pieces are working TOGETHER!

↑↑↑ That’s why I’m gifting you with this one-of-a-kind Mix ‘n Match Meal Guide

To welcome you into the course & community of ACTION TAKERS ready to get this food stuff done and dusted so you can find out who you are when you’re NOT:

  • counting calories
  • over-exercising
  • & skipping meals

But again, this Meal Guide is one of TWO Exclusive Bonuses, only for people who join my group course.

Learn more about it here.

Kelly Clark



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