Accountability helps you lose weight or reach ANY goal

  • Accountability rolls out the red carpet to your goals
  • Group Programs offer a rock-solid way to build-in Accountability (& meet people you ❤️)
  • Accountability was KEY for me to lose 30 pounds for good, 23+ years ago

Accountability skyrockets your chance of success by 95%

Whether you want to crank out a book with the help of an expert Ghost Writer, be the go-to journalist for FASHION magazine & start your own beauty biz, create a quiz to bring an engaged list of high quality leads (dream clients!) into your world, or STOP dieting and unlock your HAPPY weight for good

Accountability improves your chance of success by 95%

Accountability is essential.

In fact…

You have a 65% chance of completing a goal if you commit to someone. And if you have a specific accountability appointment with a person you’ve committed, you will increase your chance of success by up to 95%
— The American Society of Training and Development (ASTD)

Accountability is one of 3 ingredients that helps you reach any goal

I absorb ideas on a deeper level when they’re applied to an example. You?

Let’s look at each goal-reaching ingredient through the lens of weight loss.

A strong WHY

Like, do you want to lose weight and never think about it again
so you can find out who you are when you’re
NOT skipping meals, over-exercising and counting calories?

Proven information

For instance, strategies that have turned the unhealthy habits
of women from Australia to England, Singapore and the United States
into habits they ❤️ LOVE
that unlock their HAPPY weight—without dieting.

Accountability, baby!

#1 – Your WHY is totally up to you

My suggestion?

Pick a serious WHY you want to reach a goal & a fun one 🙂

You might want to lose weight to:

1. lower your cholesterol

2. AND fit into into that pair of Levi’s 👖 you wore in university, when you had a healthy relationship with food (and way more energy)

#2 – Look for proven information

Talk to someone who’s stood in your shoes and come out the other side with the whole ordeal behind them.

For the 10 years I lost and regained the same 10-turned-30 pounds… Hundreds. Of. Times. I just wished I could speak to somebody, anybody! who would understand what I was going through. And could give me an easy-to-follow road map that would make food a non-issue.


have got you covered.

My book is full of the info I WISH I had
over the decade I had a complicated relationship with food:

Here I am years later, at the end of my eating disorder

& was caught in the starve-binge-purge cycle:

eating chocolate - Starve binge purge cycle


Let’s take a minute with this one, because it’s the whole point of this post.

First we’ll look at the top 3 reasons putting Accountability in place pretty much guarantees you reach your goals.


I’ll introduce you to some women who have all bet on themselves:They've all created their own breaks instead of waiting for opportunities to roll around

They’ve all created their own breaks instead of waiting for opportunities to roll around ↑↑↑

And you’ll see that they all value Accountability

Each of these women understand that once you make plans for yourselfwhether it’s starting your own business, building a shed in your backyard or unlocking your HAPPY weightyou need to have something in place that:

Keeps you on course,
through sun,
& rain
so you can arrive, in style, at your destination.

Like this group of work smarter, not harder women.

What’s really cool about each of these entrepreneurs is that they’ve chosen to take their expertise one step further and share them with others.

But they didn’t stop there!

They’ve all found inventive ways to weave Accountability into their programs

So their students also experience SUCCESS.

From each of these enterprising people you’ll learn how to use Accountability to focus on your goals, like sunlight through a magnifying glass.

like sunlight through a magnifying glass

Cat’s aren’t natural team players.
Ok. That I knew. But their day rates?
Through the roof!
That’s Coco and even though he’s “in house”…
that one shot alone cost me 4 kibbles.

But first, let’s get clear on:

Why Accountability is the hero you hoped it would be ❤️
& how to inject more of it into your goal-reaching strategy

The top 3 reasons accountability rolls out the red carpet to your goals

After weeks of writing out all the reasons Accountability up-levels your life:

  • onto the Kleenex box by the side of my bed
  • in a word doc on my desk top
  • & on the back of my grocery lists

Accountability helps you lose weight or reach ANY goal
Um. You got me. That’s a total reenactment. BIG thanks to the Oxford Fruit Stand in the heart of Kensington Market.

I whittled 100’s of stand-out arguments for accountability, down to 3 clear categories that spell, A-CCOUNT-ABILITY.

(Awkward silence as I scan the room, waiting for applause.)

So let’s get into them already.



Accountability fires up your A Game

When you put Accountability in place, you’re more likely to:


Showing up is half the battle, non?

When you start honestly reporting back to someone you trust, you’re more aware of your choices.

So you’re more likely to try your best.

Or even push to go the extra mile.

I mean, hey, we all want to have good news to share, right?! It’s just human nature to dial it up when someone’s watching.

Checking in with another person
is motivation to perform at the high level
you know you can.

That’s what the “A” in Accountability is for:

Bringing your A Game.

Accountability helps you bring your A Game


Accountability makes every choice COUNT

Trial and error is a natural part of reaching any goal.

But so many of us aim for perfection… or BUST!

(OMG, I used to be the worst!)

We lose sight of the value of the messy part in the middle that’s necessary to figure stuff out.

Then it’s easy to fall into all or nothing thinking, like I did, for years 🙁

But when you have accountability and know you’re connecting with someone at a set time for an update on the moves you’re making that get you closer to your goal, it’s easier to hop back in the saddle, gracefully, after you get off course.

Then you keep moving forward and make every day count.

Accountability by deciding to MAKE TODAY COUNT

And make every choice count!

The big perk here?

Carrying on allows you to LEARN!

Like, the first time I didn’t binge and purge to punish myself for “breaking my diet” I woke up the next morning, discovered my pants still fit and I was like:

“I can eat a cookie and it won’t ruin everything!”


Accountability helps you stop sabotaging yourself & <em>salvage</em> the situation

That’s what the “count” in Accountability is for:

Making as many good choices as you can each day, knowing each COUNTS and will add up over time.

Making as many good choices as you can each day, knowing each COUNTS and will add up over time

That pics from my book, full of proven information!


Accountability gives you the ABILITY to harness the genius of others, yo!

When you hop on Zoom, pull out your phone or meet another person in person regularly, to bring them up to speed on your progress, you:

  • Pair language with action
    Don’t underestimate the power of sharing your thoughts OUT LOUD & putting feelings into words. So often when I tell someone what’s going on, I’m way more articulate and even get to the heart of the issue as I speak. Instead of swirling the problem round and round in my head I get focused on the SOLUTION.
  • Get a fresh perspective
    Speaking to someone who’s sitting on the outside of your storm gives you BIG picture feedback—including self-destructive patterns you’re caught in and beautiful WINS—that you simply can’t see from the inside. Then you can stop getting hung up on the small stuff and make choices that bring you closer to the life-changing goals you’ve set for yourself.
  • Triple your effectiveness
    Two heads are better than one. Synergy! Together people will come up with better ideas than either person could alone.

That’s what the “ability” in Accountability is for:

Have the ABILITY to tap into someone else’s expertise and collaborate to fast-track your progress.

No one says it better than comedian, Amy Poehler in her Harvard Commencement Speech:

As you navigate through the rest of your life, be open to collaboration. Other people and other people’s ideas are often better than your own. Find a group of people who challenge and inspire you, spend a lot of time with them, and it will change your life.
– Amy Poehler, Comedian

Accountability fast-tracks your progress

Now, I know what you’re thinking:

I’m sold!

When it comes to Accountability there’s simply no time for sexy indifference

And you’re right.

You got to embrace Accountability with open arms (that emit a waft of freshly laundered linen) because… RESULTS!


So we’re on the same page.

Now what?

What’s the next best step to build-in Accountability?

Check this ↓↓↓

There’s two Accountability scenarios

Let’s start with how to build-in Accountability when you’re working on your own:

How Ingrie builds in Accountability


Profession: Ingrie Williams is a Toronto-based freelance beauty and style writer, and co-founder of the T-Zone, who lives for a bright lip and big hair. (She’s also just one of the niiiiiiiiiiiiicest people.)

Description: Ingrie’s a stylist, writer and editor who has worked in print (like Fashion Magazine) and online media. You can also find her on national television, as well as on the big screen covering fashion in film for Cineplex Entertainment.

RED HOT Accountability Tip:

Having a due date with another party
+ Breaking a project down so there’s mini deadlines
& then mapping them out on a calendar

Every freelance project comes with a deadline, which is the ultimate accountability goal. But before I have a finished piece ready to submit there are lots of smaller deadlines I need to hit. Creating a visual timeline really helps me stay on track. I like to use a large monthly paper calendar and will pencil in a few hours here and there to dedicate to a piece.

Breaking up the tasks and having a plan to dedicate my time to accomplish them in small bursts makes achieving the overall job easier. And I love being able to check off my calendar blocks as I finish each portion, it helps me see that progress is being made!

Learn more about Ingrie’s Freelance Work

Ingrie’s Accountability Genius IN ACTION!

Can I just say how obsessed I am with Ingrie’s approach to Accountability?

Right away I wanted to try it.

So here’s me mapping out my upcoming Group Program Launch ↓↓↓

Here's me givin' it a go to map out my upcoming Group Program Launch

You’ll note I made a “Do this week” column on the far right.

This is a holding tank for things I have to complete in that 7-day period but can’t yet be assigned. So I just emptied the remaining “things to do” there, to lessen the rejigging. This approach allows me to prioritize each action as the week unfolds.

You'll note I made a "Do this week" column on the far right hand side.

It feels good to have those mini-goals assigned to a specific week rather than having them float around in my head, whipping up overwhelm.

Next up:
Let’s look at how people build-in Accountability by working together.

Joining a group program is a POWERFUL way to build in Accountability

It’s also ramps up the fun.

And there’s an even greater ABILITY to harness the genius of others (!)


More people!

“If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together”.
African Proverb

This year I joined 2 group programs for all 3 A-ccount-ability reasons

Laura BelgrayIt all started a few years ago when I applied for Shrimp Club with the hilarious and BIG Thinking, Laura Belgray.

From being in Laura’s group I met, was inspired by and began working with make-it-happen for yourself Harvard Grad: Marisa Corcoran. 🎓 I love Marisa’s CAN DO attitude.

Among 100’s of other things, Marisa helped me see the value of nicheing down and getting my messaging spot on, to really call in the people I LOVE working with: Type A women who want to unlock their HAPPY weight without dieting.

Marisa Corcoran

And through Marisa I met Tamika Auwai. First I was drawn to her accessories 👜 and style and how she puts it all together. I love fashion! But as soon as I heard her speak at one of Marisa’s expert-packed Summits, I knew I had to find a way to work with Tamika.

Tamika helped me narrow down & chronologically place: proven information these hard-working Type A women I love to work with need to understand BEFORE they’re ready to STOP dieting.

Tamika Auwai

You know, be ready to:

  • stop blaming themselves for overeating; there’s a reason why you do & you can stop 🛑
  • accept their complicated relationship with food is b/c of a BEAUTIFUL personality trait that can become their weight-loss superpower 💪
  • boost their metabolism by doing a few simple things the diet industry outlaws 🚫

Once people make these MIND SHIFTS they’re open to a fresh approach: my HAPPY Weight Method™.

This flexible system allows Type A women to:

build an eating + exercise routine they can do ANYWHERE
gives them TONS of energy
& gets them back into those Levi’s 👖 they love—without dieting

(It’s the same method I used 23+ years ago when I lost 30 pounds for good.)

So how’d Marisa and Tamika help me roll out the Red Carpet to my goals this year?

Marisa & Tamika built Accountability into my plans!

Let’s break it down real quick:

Marisa’s Accountability Strategy:

Group Program: LIMELIGHT

Length: 9 months

Marisa's Accountability Strategy


Bring your A game:

We have monthly hot seats to troubleshoot our biz questions and these were, of course LIVE with the whole group. And we had quarterly 1.5 hour intensives that were one-to-one. Each hot seat got me laser focused on (scrambling & getting scrappy! to figure out) what was the next big thing for me to get done and dusted.

(Unsupervised 😜 I would’ve had no deadlines which keeps me lost in the details. Sometimes I let small things stop me from doing BIG things.)

This year I completed a TON.

Like a Mix ‘n Match Meal Guide (that’s been in the works for 3 years) that’s a bonus for my Group Program called: “What the F do I eat?” (A painful question I had for years.)

accountability - What the F do I eat?

I also:

  • Met 14 other ambitious entrepreneurs
  • Updated my Website Homepage & Welcome Sequence to focus on Type A Women
  • Created all my group program materials & slides
  • Learned how to use the course platform Kajabi
  • Launched my Group Course 2 times
  • Became comfy(-ier) on video (via Facebook Lives, Zoom & Bomb Bomb Videos!)
  • Got invited to speak on Jen Liddy’s podcast & guest taught about blogging in Jen’s community
  • Was invited to Linda’s Amazing Mixer which led to being asked to teach about blogging in Shrimp Club (coming full circle)

and so much more!

But my biggest focus was creating a Masterclass.

Marisa helped me zone in on the richest lessons I could teach during my FREE class so no matter what, people could walk away with 3 IMMEDIATE Action Steps.

My Masterclass

And we even did a Dress Rehearsal for my Masterclass… which, no joke, was worth the cost of Limelight alone.

Marisa’s feedback and the people she assembled to ask Questions and be there live will enhance the experience by 100% for the people I love in my community.

And there’s tons of other amazing perks to Marisa’s group program, from Voxer access to Weekly Video Traction Reports and interviews with Marisa in her Facebook Group.

All these act as deadlines.

And deadlines keep you, yup, you guessed it: ACCOUNTABLE! So you can get high-priority pieces DONE.


Make every day COUNT:

Marisa shares the behind-the-scenes of what’s going on in her business. And while she’s gone from absolute strength to strength in meteoric style, any business owner who’s really rocking it experiences set backs. But, well, nothing’s ever set Marisa back. This is because of a very specific trait. Marisa has such a “Tigger” attitude (Winnie the Pooh reference). So anything she experiences becomes a spring board to even greater success. She truly makes every choice count by always moving forward. She’s the kind of mentor you want in your corner because her optimism and approach to business and life is infectious. Marisa sees the WIN in everything and continues to go from strength to strength. And you can too!

Marisa's Mantra: Be a Tigger! Work with Tiggers. Avoid Eeyores

Marisa’s Mantra: Be a Tigger! Work with Tiggers.


Have the ABILITY to tap into someone else’s expertise & collaborate to fast-track your progress:

Ok, so there’s a million examples of how Marisa has supported me with her expertise.

I always say:

Marisa, one hour with you saves me a year of running in the wrong direction
Then she helps me roadmap my next steps.

Also, the questions the other women asked over the year in the bi-weekly hot seats were pure GOLD.

Learn more about Marisa and all the different programs she offers so you can fall in love with her too.

I just can’t say enough good things about having a mentor who helps roll out the red carpet to your goals… no matter what your goal is with work, with health or learning how to create a stained glass lamp for your study. Anything is possible when you build in accountability.

OK, so let’s keep going!

Here’s another mentor I love:

Tamika’s Accountability Strategy:

Group Program: Nurture Matrix™ Email Messaging Intensive

Length: 5 weeks

Tamika's Accountability Strategy


Bring your A game:

Tamika also taught LIVE! So we could troubleshoot on the spot. Getting the chance to have your teacher/leader/mentor’s eyes on your progress and give suggestions is a huge incentive to get up, dress up & show up. Tamika’s program kicked off with a 2 day intensive. That injection of Tamika’s carefully curated content (and OMG-gorgeous clothes… I lived to see her next outfit!) really got the ball rolling and built momentum.


Make every day COUNT:

Tamika has set, turn-in-your-work times for the remaining 4 weeks. And they were very specific. “Wednesday at 5 pm.” And guess what? Her course had a 100% success rate. Every week at 4:59 pm, as I uploaded my writing to our slack channel, I saw that everyone had turned in their work. (If the deadline was 3 am I would have popped my work in at 2:59.) And because this deadline was non-negotiable, I knew I needed to start my work a few days before to be proud of it. Sometimes I even handed my homework in when it, gasp, didn’t feel “perfect”. But guess what? It never would’ve been! I’d still be working on it now. Like, right now. And it wouldn’t have seen the light of day. Deadlines help you keep moving forward.

Don’t underestimate the POWER of IMPERFECT action!

…whether it’s writing emails or eating ROUGHLY balanced meals made of MOSTLY whole foods! xo


Have the ABILITY to tap into someone else’s expertise & collaborate to fast-track your progress:

Tamika actually reviewed our work herself. And sent a beautiful video each week to suggest where we could improve. Her insight was such a gift and she helped us become better writers. And the other women in the course brought thoughtful questions to each session which helped me fine tune my work in ways I never could have alone.

Learn more about the dazzling and just absolutely beautiful soul, the woman you want as your wing-woman: Tamika.

Other gotta-take Group Programs that build in Accountability

Having experienced first hand what a difference it is to be part of a group when learning a new skill, I wanted to share the unique way other women—women I’m lucky 🍀 to know and even luckier to call friends—who I admire for their:

  • talent
  • work ethic
  • & kindness

have woven accountability into their group courses so you can get a specific job done and get back to your own expertise.

Or as Jeff Bridges recently said on the podcast, SMARTLESS:

Or as Jeff Bridges recently said on the podcast, SMARTLESS

That’s what the world ought to be doing. All work together. All these specialists, all these masters… work together to pull all this magic off… It’s really just so wild
– Jeff Bridges, Actor & Ultimate Cool Dude

(Or as I heard someone say on the radio today: “Community” has been around 4eva… It’s not easy to kill a mammoth on your own.)

Jeff Bridge’s is talking about the magic on a film set.

But his words apply to life.

And what it takes to go after a dream.

Don’t do it alone!

Stay in your lane
and align with the cream of the crop
in each field that supports your goals.

…Whether it’s working with a Ghost Writer to finish a book that makes an impact, creating a pre-launch to boost course enrollment or unlocking your HAPPY weight for good.

Building-in Accountability is a masterstroke

Here’s the star-studded line up of experts in various fields who support entrepreneurs in walking the red carpet to their goals.

First up?


How Brenna builds in Accountability

Brenna McGowanGroup Program: The Pre-Launch Plan Program with Brenna McGowan

Description: The Pre-Launch Plan Program is a high-touch group coaching experience where Brenna walks you step-by-step through a persuasive pre-launch that:

  • pre-sells your program
  • boosts enrollments
  • and takes the stress and pressure out of a live launch

RED HOT Accountability Tip:

Teaching lessons LIVE & getting Brenna’s eyes on your work

Inside the Pre-Launch Plan Program I help people stay accountable by teaching all the lessons live. There’s a different energy when you show up ready to learn vs. listening to a recording. The other way I keep students accountable is by giving them an opportunity to turn in all the copy they create inside the program. This really helps light a fire to get their work done!

Learn more about Brenna’s Group Program: The Pre-Launch Plan

How Sandra builds in Accountability

Sandra BookerGroup Program: Scale Society with Sandra Booker

The 6-Month Mentorship that gives you the systems, foundation, and strategies to put in place that’ll get your business perfectly poised to scale bigger, faster (and with less stress). Even if you’re a high quick-start visionary and the idea of “processes” makes your stomach flip.

RED HOT Accountability Tip:

Monthly Implementation Sessions with immediate support

In Scale Society we hold monthly Implementation sessions that everyone is encouraged to attend. These sessions are, in essence, group focus sessions where we declare what we intend to work on, then sit down and work. After a set time we all come back and share how we did. Did we do what we said? Did we get distracted? Those who attend the sessions get so much more out of the program because they get to:

  • intentionally work on things for their business
  • start building a habit of work focus
  • have access to immediate support if they get stuck or distracted.

Students have often said they accomplish more for their business in these sessions than they typically do all month!

Learn more about Sandra’s Group Program: Scale Society

How Cindy builds in Accountability

Cindy ChildressGroup Program: Crank out your book in 8 weeks with Dr. Cindy, The Expert’s Ghostwriter

Write your book faster and at a higher level of quality. To do that, you need a plan that fits your book idea. I cushion you with accountability to write your book… and wave my fairy godmother wand when you need a little book magic.

RED HOT Accountability Tip:

Weekly guaranteed hot seats & a word count tracker

My course has a culture of accountability with weekly guaranteed hot seats and a word count tracker where each student logs their progress. We celebrate all the wins, from showing up to finishing a first draft. Each student is ultimately accountable to their inner author and their dreams. I tell them we’re all running our own race. Yours may look faster or slower than someone else’s. Be kind to yourself and keep writing!

PS Cindy’s got a Memoir coming out soon about her adventures in being a Foster parent to, well, probably now totaling over a 100 (lucky) kittens. 🐱

Learn more about Dr. Cindy’s group program: Crank out your book in 8 weeks

How Linda builds in Accountability

Linda SidhuGroup Program: The Quiz Lab with Linda Sidhu

An 8-week premium group coaching experience that’ll unlock a big, engaged email list and propel your business forward (all on automation). Learn my exact strategy on how to write a personality quiz that’ll grow your email list and help you understand your customers’ buying decisions so that you can personalize your marketing strategies in your business.

RED HOT Accountability Tip:

Regular “Get sh*t DONE!” sessions to complete specific tasks

Are you the kind of person that does better when you have accountability—and dedicated space for certain tasks? Same! That’s why in the Quiz Lab, it’s important to me that we sit down together and work through it as a group, consistently. This is a big reason why I hold accountability group sessions (a.k.a. get sh*t done sessions), to deliver my course promise, a finished quiz!

Because your success is my success.

Learn more about Linda’s group program: The Quiz Lab

How Jen builds in Accountability

Jen LiddyGroup Program: Personalized Marketing Toolbox Program with Jen Liddy

The Personalized Marketing Toolbox Program is a live group learning & coaching experience where you walk away with a customized:

    • ideal client profile
    • brand message
    • marketing strategy
  • & content plan

The goal? To create everything you need to stop trying to be EVERYWHERE doing ALL THE THINGS, and instead work a strategy that works for YOU!

RED HOT Accountability Tip:

Live calls, live Q & A’s, 1:1 call for each module & checked in on FB 2x/week for specific questions & frustrations

1. Live teaching calls, on which we not only teach, but also answer live Q’s & troubleshoot during the call.
2. For each module, we provide a 1:1 call to help them further apply what they learned in the group teaching call.
3. We checked in with everyone in the FB community 2x/week, asking for specific questions or frustrations, so no one was stuck between calls. 
Learn more about Jen’s group program: The Personalized Marketing Toolbox

Building in Accountability is SEXY

I’ve always been drawn to people who are ambitious and Get. Goals. Done.

Even if it means giving up certain things along the way.

Alex and I didn’t go away for our 20th anniversary because we both decided that investing in a few of the group courses I’ve taken the past few years were more meaningful in the long run.

My life’s mission is to help women who are in the same position I was in for a decade… wondering:

What the F do I eat?

I mean, it’s just so rewarding to see people have the same experience I did 23+ years ago when I lost 30 pounds for good

So they can:

1. Stop missing opportunities (their WHY!)

2. Get proven information; not ALL the information… just enough to get to the finish line

3. Build in Accountability to ensure they keep moving forward


They come back to life in so many ways.

Which reminds me…

There’s one more group program packed with Accountability

…that I’d LOVE to tell you about.


Getting to spend time with all the women mentioned above ↑↑↑ who are excited to share their learnable skills to help others amplify their own work, inspired me to start my own group program.

My Accountability Strategy

It took me 10 years to figure out how to STOP dieting & unlock my HAPPY weight. So it’s a privilege to share what I learned with other women so they can normalize their relationship with food faster than I did.

So here’s the program I’m launching for a 2nd time:

My Group Program: What the F do I eat? with Kelly Clark


During this 6-week course, with 4 BONUS weeks to continue troubleshooting & create accountability within a supportive community, you’ll break habits and build a personal GOLD Standard Routine™ that:

  • gets you confident about what to put on your plate
  • skyrockets your energy 🚀
  • & unlocks your HAPPY weight

Ok, now for Accountability:

Bring your A game:

Yup, I teach this course LIVE too! I want you to get up, dress up & show up! (There’s also a recording if you’re in a different time zone. Tons of my past students have been in Hong Kong, Switzerland, New Zealand and so on.)

Make every day COUNT:

My HAPPY Weight Method™ supports women who come with all different habits to break, but are all working toward building a routine they love ❤️ that unlocks their HAPPY weight:

Accountability - My HAPPY Weight Method™ supports women who come with all different habits to break, but are all working toward building a routine they love

My HAPPY Weight Method™ also helps women keep their eyes on the BIG Picture, KEEP MOVING FORWARD after a “mistake” and see the value of trial and error so they can discover the eating and exercise routines that work for their life.

Have the ABILITY to tap into someone else’s expertise & collaborate to fast-track your progress:

EVERY week I do a LIVE Q & A so we can troubleshoot in real time. You get to:

  • pair language with action by asking Q’s
  • get a fresh perspective
  • triple your effectiveness

Sareé, USA

I tried 4 different doctors before working with Kelly.

Kelly was the ONLY one who helped me. You’ll never find another person who will give you accountability, comfort, and support like she does. And even if I go off track, I’ve got an easy system to go back to, that I know will make me feel good again in just 24 hours. Now I feel confident about what to put on my plate in any situation and I never go hungry. The biggest surprise is that I can feel the pounds coming off me.
Sareé, Postgraduate Student, USA

My FREE L-I-V-E Masterclass shares more about how I help you unlock your HAPPY weight—without dieting.

Check it out by clicking the image below!

My Masterclass

Bet on yourself by building in Accountability

As soon as you put Accountability in place, for instance, by committing to a group program, you’re already betting on yourself and envisioning the BEST CASE SCENARIO.

Like, say:

  • FINISHING your book with an expert Ghost Writer and seeing the cover in the front window at Barnes & Noble
  • CALLING in a 1000 quality leads thanks to your super-insightful personality-driven quiz
  • LOSING 10 pounds naturally (no dieting!) and freeing up all that energy to get back to what you’re good at

…believing you can go from this:

believing you can go from this

To an actual red carpet:

To an actual red carpet

Anything’s possible when you stop waiting for the world to give you permission to be great or waiting for the right opportunity to fall onto your plate… and instead, make it happen!

MAKE IT HAPPEN TODAY, by jumping into an air-conditioned limo with a driver who knows how to get EXACTLY where you want to go.

Set yourself up for success by building in Accountability.

Make Today Count

make today count - the10principlesWhat goal have you been working toward for a while but have been spinning your wheels?

Whatever it is remember, it’s a strength to put accountability in place so you can stop tomorrow-ing.

And instead, Make TODAY Count!

Build healthy eating and exercise habits. A healthy weight will follow.

Accountability helps you lose weight or reach ANY goal - summary

Accountability: Next Steps

Are you ready to make the most of this one shot you got at life, with no do-overs?

Ready to STOP wasting time trying to reinvent the wheel and instead, do “what the world ought to be doing?” All working together! Connecting with specialists, masters… so you can pull all this magic off that’s all around, waiting for you & will help you reach your goals—whether it’s weight loss or pre-launching your program to boost enrollment, learning systems that scale, tapping into your personalized Marketing Tool Box or getting in on the action where beauty meets fun so you have the freedom to support all the rescue animals 🐰 you keep bringing home. Or go on that holiday with your husband you’ve both been talkin’ about for years—and really have that Good Life you KNOW you can?

What group program supports your goals?

This song ↓↓↓ was in a movie I love called: ONE DAY, starring Academy Award-winning actress Anne Hathaway and was-obsessed-with-him-for-weeks-after-watching-ONE-DAY, Jim Sturgess.

The first time I heard the song Good Life it took me straight back to 23+ years ago when I finally got healthy after a decade of being desperate to normalize my relationship with food.

Accountability gives you a good, good life

Oh, this has gotta be the good life
This has gotta be the good life
This could really be a good, good life

↑ Reminds me of when I completely shifted from wishing I could take a pill each day that had the perfect number of calories, rather than eat food (due to the confusion of having 100’s of diet rules, tips and tricks in my head…) to feeling confident about what to put on my plate wherever I went. It’s the feeling I had when food, weight and hunger went from front row, center in my life to a total afterthought. And everything from friends to handing assignments in on time to getting dressed in the morning was just So. Much. Easier. when I wasn’t in the starve-binge-purge cycle. And I really believed and got excited about what was possible.

Not just for me.

But for all of us.

This could really be a good, good life.

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