Who Is NOBODY? - Ukraine Fundraiser

  • $100 from every Who Is NOBODY? kit goes to the RED CROSS to support Ukraine 💙💛
  • Who Is NOBODY? is a self-esteem building literacy program for Kindergarten to Gr. 12
  • Students discover their interests & use them to help others via Who Is NOBODY?
  • now is not the time or place to have a crush on President Zelensky… but…


Before I started coaching Type A Women in unlocking their HAPPY weight via building an eating and exercise routine they LOVE ❤️ (instead of dieting) I was an elementary school teacher.

During my first year of teaching, I created a classroom program called Who Is NOBODY?

The program arrives in a suitcase:

The idea of Who Is NOBODY? is that students do what they love to help a living thing they love.

Creating Who Is NOBODY? was so important to me

When I started teaching, I’d just overcome my eating disorder and didn’t understand my experience yet.

But I wanted the kids I taught
to discover their interests
experience the MAGIC of using them to help others.

There’s so many confusing messages out there about how to build respect.

(Think of all the Influencers on Instagram!)

Should it be:

The brand of clothes you wear?

Who likes you at school (that day!)

If you’re the “perfect” weight?

I wanted my students to experience building RESPECT for themselves and others in a way that’s earned and lasting.

And none of that superficial stuff ↑↑↑

How Who Is NOBODY? works:

To date nearly $1 000 000 has been raised for local, national and international organizations and causes that help:

& the environment

But often the most impactful projects are when student’s donate time or materials or create awareness.

Whenever students stand up for what they believe in by using their interests to help others… via their Who Is NOBODY? Project—I feel hope.

Example Who Is NOBODY? Projects

Students in Kindergarten to Gr. 12 are unbelievably creative.

Helping animals is always popular… whether it’s:

beading bracelets to raise $ for endangered animals
like orangutans (I love them!)

creating awareness around animal rights
(sharing which products aren’t tested on animals)

preventing animal cruelty
e.g. creating a petition against factory farming to give to their local government

The unique projects students come up with always blows me away.

Who Is NOBODY? projects done at animals shelters:

K to Gr. 12 students:

  • collect gently used towels to donate
  • do a pet-food drive
  • volunteer time to clean the cages and walk the dogs at the shelter
  • raise awareness around why you should “adopt and not shop” for a pet

…The possibilities are endless!

We adopted Rocky from the Toronto Humane Society in 2014 when he was 8 years old after he was seized by the OSPCA due to neglect at his previous home.

Today he turns 16

Today he turns 16!!!

Happy Birthday Rocky.

If I was doing Who Is Nobody? I’d choose to help Ukraine 🇺🇦

So let’s do that! 💙💛

I wanted to share this fundraiser with all the beautiful souls who read my blog because the emails you send me, DM’s on Instagram, comments you leave on my articles and the amazing women I get to work with and look forward to speaking to each week, all prove to be, time and time again, deeply caring people.

I’ve felt powerless watching the devastating images coming out of Ukraine. And wanted to find a way to do something about it.


$100 from Every Who Is NOBODY? Kit

purchased between now and March 31st, 2022
will be donated to the Red Cross to help people in Ukraine.

Do you know a parent or teacher who is passionate about helping students build their identity on using their interests to help others?

Please share this link that has all the details.

Or you can just cut and paste it from here: https://www.whoisnobody.com/nobody-kit-donated-to-ukrainians/

(When I was teaching I’d often implement ideas parents shared with me.)

Who Is NOBODY? supports youth in being the solution

And the good news?

Who Is NOBODY? is:

  • set up by DVD (less than 20 minute video!)
  • self running!
  • reusable, year after year

Each week it just takes 5 minutes, like show & tell, for students to share their outreach project.

For the last 20 years I’ve run Who Is NOBODY? “at cost”

Here’s everything that comes in a kit:

Who Is NOBODY? Kit Pieces

100’s of media spots celebrate Who Is NOBODY? Projects

Check out the television, radio and print (magazines and newspaper articles) that share stories of participating Who Is NOBODY? students here.

You can search media by grade.

Just look for the grade in colorful circles that are in the SCREEN SHOT below ↓↓↓ Look for the grade in colorful circles

You’ll find those circles here.

…For instance, here’s stories about grade 5 students.

Did you know President Zelensky is only 45 years old?

Look at this beautiful, heartbreaking, tough-to-watch, motivating CALL TO ACTION on his Instagram:

Zelensky is a true hero

And changing the world in BIG and important ways.

When Zelensky [who the New York Post refers to as “The smoking-hot macho head honcho” (!)] visited a hospital recently, a 14 year old patient was so star struck she couldn’t speak.

Eventually she managed:

“All the women on Tik Tok love you!”

Zelensky laughed… so we can too.

Then he said:

“We occupy the Tik Tok?”

And the girl said:

“No, only you do.”

…Where we can find some light, we should take it.

Big thank you to EVERYBODY
who shares this link with
& parents who can share it with their Kindergarten to Grade 12 teachers:



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