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  • Asking for help is a strength
  • Problem solving involves input from others
  • When you open up the people around you do too

When you understand that asking for help is part of taking control of your life, it’s easier to talk about what’s going on. My first turning point was when I finally asked for help.

Asking for help is a strength

I heard the expression “strong and silent” when I was young. For a long time I thought opening up about your problems meant you were weak. But acknowledging the things that aren’t right in your life is a strength. Being proactive by opening up to others is a sign of intelligence.

Asking for help is part of problem solving

It’s important to be open to varied opinions. Other people are an amazing resource. By asking for help you can brainstorm together and then choose a few ideas to try out. Two people working together can come up with better solutions than one person working alone. Life is a collaboration.

Asking for help brings you closer to other people

When you tell someone you trust what’s going on in your life, a wonderful thing happens. People appreciate you sharing more of yourself. Then they’re more comfortable around you because they know you better. This knowledge helps them give better advice and be more supportive. When you go through something with another person you have a stronger bond. That’s why movies always take you through a journey. Asking for help also invites others to confide in you. Then you have a chance to return the favour.

Asking for help simply means you want to make your life better. We all have room for improvement. Rather than isolating yourself with misinformation try asking for help. Working on solutions as early as possible prevents problems from escalating.

Can you think of 3 people you trust who’d be good to approach when asking for help?

Here’s a beautiful quote:

Asking For Help - the10principles… through the last few years, here and there, whether it was just interacting with friends or in some cases social media, I opened up. And anytime I’ve opened up in my life the results of that were always very good and positive. And it brought people to me, created community and created a great opportunity for help … It’s always going to be ok to just talk about it and to share and to get a dialogue going and to accept help and to offer to help other people as well.
Buck 65, musician

The Breakfast Club demonstrates how showing your true colours builds bridges.



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Sharing what I learned makes the 10 years I STRUGGLED worth it

What stops you from asking for help?