how do I stop thinking about food

  • what thinking about food ALL THE TIME looks 👀 like
  • why it feels like you’re addicted to food (I thought I was for 10 years)
  • how to stop thinking about food so you can think about whether you want the Jade Green or Mahogany Edition of Taylor Swift’s album Midnights

Had any of these thoughts lately?

“As soon as I put my fork down,

I’m planning what to eat next.”​ ​

“At 11 am I’m just waiting for the hour to pass
so I can have lunch at 12.”​ ​

“I always eat less at meals
so I can snack later if I’m hungry.”


That’s what thinking about food all the time looks like

But don’t worry!

how do I stop thinking about food - You're not addicted to food

​Let’s get that out of the way, right away.

So, what’s actually happening? ​

Why ARE you thinking about food all the time?

You’re simply NOT meeting your body’s needs.

​ Whether you eat rice cakes ALL. DAY. LONG, or Doritos… you’ll still be hungry. ​

So you’ll keep thinking about food. ​

Why? ​

Because when you’re just eating, say, carbs,
you’re NOT getting the essential nutrients
your body requires to function properly.

…Like the vitamins and minerals found in the other food groups.

​You know, food groups like: ​

  • dairy 🧀
  • fruit & vegetables 🍉
  • protein 🍳
  • & natural fats 🧈

Until you meet your body’s nutrient needs, you’ll stay hungry.

And as long as you’re hungry, you won’t be able to STOP thinking about food

​ The hungry feeling is your body’s way of asking for what it needs.

​ ​Hunger pains remind you to eat!

Then you can get the energy and specific nutrients necessary to: ​

make your heart ❤️ pump
grow shiny hair
or clot blood when you cut yourself…

And, well, every other intricate job your COMPLEX body ​full of fabulous organs ↓↓↓

takes care of, while you: ​

  • divide your laundry into dark, light and delicates 🩲 ​
  • take your dog for a W-A-L-K ​
  • or riffle through your earrings to find your other gold hoop…

Where the F is it anyways?!​ ​

But remember, not just any food will quiet those constant requests from your body.

​What to eat to stop thinking about food

If you don’t eat meals packed with energy and the variety of nutrients your body needs, you’ll think about food until you meet those specific needs. ​

See how smart your body is?

You’re beautiful body is brilliant!

And here’s the magical part… ​

Once you start meeting your body’s needs consistently,
your body will stop sending you hunger signals
and you’ll stop thinking about food. ​

It’s worth reading that bit one more time ↑↑↑

The whole time I was dieting I couldn’t stop thinking about food

For 10 years, I truly believed I was addicted to food.

The whole time I was dieting I couldn't stop thinking about food

But once I stopped dieting and got into, what I call the GOLD Standard Routine™ ​aka: meeting my body’s needs, I:

stopped thinking about food ​
had tons of energy ​
& unlocked my HAPPY weight

(I lost 30 pounds for good.) ​

Hooray 🎉🎉🎉 ​

That was 23+ years ago.

And I can’t even describe the relief I felt—the freedom… when I stopped thinking about food.

YOU can stop thinking about food too!

The GOLD Standard Routine™ is the personalized eating and exercise routine I show women how to BUILD by starting exactly where they are.

Like Lindi:

“After enjoying a healthy amount, I didn’t even want to binge. What are you doing to absolutely reprogram my habits?
What magic sorcery is this?!? I don’t care. I want more of it.”


“Kelly’s process is so natural, I went from obsessing over dieting and eating a lot of sweets, to seeking out healthy meals.”

And here’s what Andrea said:

​“Since I stopped dieting and started meeting my body’s needs, I don’t crave all that sugary stuff. During COVID I got a treat bag delivered for my friend’s Zoom Bridal Party. Normally I would have eaten all the treats the night before. But after using Kelly’s method, I found myself finishing the Zoom party without even thinking about touching the treats. It didn’t even occur to me.”

​And Maria:

“The other day I walked into the grocery store and found myself in the fruit and vegetable area. Before I’d go straight to the chocolates and wine. I was like… “Who is this person?” (Feeling very proud of myself!) Also, all the feelings of disappointment in myself are gone. Eating used to be so chaotic and emotionally charged. Now I sit down at meal time and enjoy regular meals. It’s sort of elegant.”

​Why am I sharing these stories? ​

Why am I telling you about women who’ve stopped thinking about food all the time?

Because I want you to know I’m not the exception.

Rocky is an exception… he’s 16!!! We adopted him when he was eight years old

↑↑↑ Rocky’s an exception… he’s 16.5!!! We adopted him when he was eight years old and never thought we’d be so lucky 🍀 to get to spend so many years with him. Beside him is our new family member, Moon. She’s 2! And the blue “NOBODY” dolls are part of the self-esteem building program I developed, called Who Is NOBODY?™ that’s for Kindergarten to Gr. 12 classrooms and raised nearly a million dollars for organizations and causes that help people, animals and the environment.

The only proper way to eliminate bad habits is to replace them with good ones— Jerome Hines, operatic bass player at the Metropolitan Opera​And you’re not an exception either.

​​Your body isn’t different!

You’re not addicted to food.

You just don’t have a method to make meeting your body’s needs easy… yet. ​

So the question becomes…​

Are you ready to stop thinking about food all the time?

Ready to use a PROVEN method? ​ ​

When I work with women one-to-one and inside my group program, What the F do I eat? you build a personalized GOLD Standard Routine™ that meets your body’s needs and unlocks your HAPPY weight, for good by using: ​

The exact method ​I used 23+ years ago.

A method I’ve taught to women who are Harvard Lawyers to doctors who write for the New England Journal of Medicine to amazing moms, actresses & OMG-your-paintings-are-stunning artists. And these women—from:

  • Dubai
  • Canada
  • Switzerland
  • New Zealand
  • England
  • Hong Kong
  • Australia
  • Turkey
  • Singapore

and all over the United States—all these woman who’ve trusted my process and been consistent (kept moving forward taking baby steps even when they’ve gone off track), have all had the exact same results.


1. Stopped thinking about food all the time

2. Unlocked their HAPPY Weight

So, yes! YOU can stop thinking about food all the time too

Another question I get asked a lot is:

“Why am I overweight and still hungry?”

(AKA: Why am I always thinking about food?) ​

The short answer is because you’re overfed but undernourished.

Think back to what I said about Doritos at the top ↑↑↑:

You can eat those rice cakes or chips all day long and still feel hungry.

​ GOOD NEWS: The GOLD Standard Routine™ rescues that situation too!

The GSR makes it easy to meet your energy and nutritional needs—AKA know EXACTLY what to put on your plate—without:

  • counting calories
  • measuring food
  • or keeping track of points

so you can unlock your HAPPY weight—without dieting.

Or obsessing over numbers.

In Anti-Hero Taylor Sings “I’m the problem, it’s me.” Which is actually pretty empowering. When you realize that something that’s going wrong is of your own making, then you also have the power to fix it. Like, instead of avoiding carbs (F- Keto!) you can add them to each meal and BOOM! You’ll suddenly find yourself NOT thinking about food all the time. I’m excited for you to try this! xo

Now you know… just because you think about food all the time

Doesn’t mean you’re addicted to food!

You simply need to work WITH your body by building a GOLD Standard Routine™. Then you’ll:

  • stop thinking about food
  • become MUCH more productive
  • & lose weight.

This article is Mind Shift #8 in a series of:

💡 12 Mind Shifts

Each Mind Shift helps you see why dieting sets you up to fail
& what to do instead to unlock your HAPPY weight.

It’s time to try a new method!

Want the other 11 Mind Shifts? You can only get them if you tap here. Then you’ll get one delivered 💌 each week… starting with a ONE DAY Meal Plan full of example meals that help you stop thinking about food and unlock your HAPPY weight.

Does Taylor Swift think about food all the time?

Did you think Taylor should remove the scene in her Anti-hero video where she steps on the scale and it said “FAT”? Let me know in the comments below. Personally? I think it’s so important for everybody to tell their story as honestly as possible. Again, no one’s an exception. You’re not that special or that weird! If you’re experiencing something 1000’s and 1000’s of people, just like you, are having that experience too. When you tell your story honestly you’ll always help many more people not feel so alone. If it’s your true experience it’s never wrong to share it. Especially as Taylor has been open about her disordered eating experience which has raised important awareness and opened the conversation for others. xo

Kelly Clark

PS I got Midnight’s in Mahogany.

PPS Are you a Taylor Swift fan? Do you think she should have removed the image in her video of her standing on a scale? Let me know in the comments below!



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