World Cup weight-loss strategies

  • World Cup weight-loss strategies are key to losing weight
  • Universal lessons are found in football
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While the World Cup seems to be about team shirts, footballs, fancy foot work and getting goals…

World Cup weight-loss strategies

The beautiful game is also based on simple principles that we can use to achieve our own goals, including weight loss. Following the choices footballers make can help us all be victorious.

So throw on your team’s kit!

Let’s talk about the Top 10 World Cup weight-loss strategies.

World Cup weight-loss strategies: #1

World Cup weight-loss strategies - play cleanPlay clean

World Cup football players are not allowed to participate if they test positive for banned drugs.

Pills, diet food and drinks, laxatives and other unnatural methods of weight loss confuse your body and make it harder to lose weight. You end up with bad habits that are preoccupying. Then you can’t fully participate in your life.

World Cup weight-loss strategies: #2

Get your body into a routineWorld Cup weight-loss strategies - get your body into a routine

World Cup football players travel to the host country a week before their first match to acclimatize.

Whether it’s eating, exercise or sleeping, a healthy pattern allows your body to work at its best. When your body works at its best it’s easier to lose weight. Stop grazing and start eating a balanced breakfast, lunch and dinner.

World Cup weight-loss strategies: #3

Work as a team

There are 11 players on the field who share a common goal.

Talking to people you trust prevents you from isolating yourself with misinformation and builds in accountability. For instance, checking in with someone about your progress is proven to help you stay on track. Likewise, planning to exercise with a friend makes it easier to stick to commitments.

Don’t be afraid to ask for help from a friend or a professional. Connecting with others is key.

If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.
-African Proverb

World Cup weight-loss strategies: #4

World Cup weight-loss strategies - Understand how to succeedUnderstand how to succeed

Each footballer has specific duties.

For 10 years I struggled to lose weight because I was SURE I knew how to lose weight. When I learned how our bodies work I was finally open to a new weight-loss approach. The result? I’ve been a healthy weight for the last 18 years.

Now I know you naturally reach and maintain a healthy weight when you:

World Cup weight-loss strategies: #5

World Cup weight-loss strategies - Focus on one game at a timeFocus on one game at a time

World Cup footballers prepare by concentrating on one match at a time.

Focus on one small improvement you can make to your next meal. For instance, if you’re going to your friend’s favourite burger joint tonight, you could eat a hamburger, half a serving of fries (rather than a full serving) and order a salad to make your meal more balanced.

Spending time worrying about what you’ll eat over a long period of time is overwhelming and counterproductive. Long-term weight loss requires flexibility.

Take life one meal at a time. Small improvements soon become habits and a healthy weight will follow.

World Cup weight-loss strategies: #6

World Cup weight-loss strategies - Keep moving forwardKeep moving forward

There’s all sorts of crazy mistakes that happen during the World Cup. Sometimes players even score on themselves. But games cannot be restarted.

We can’t rewind time. We can only learn and keep moving toward our goals. Like if you eat something you regret that’s ok! DON’T decide you’ve ruined everything, keep eating and then plan to focus on losing weight tomorrow. Instead, make the next choice one you feel good about.

Besides, when you carry on you often discover the extra thing you ate was no big deal. It’s everything you eat after a “mistake” that makes you gain weight.

World Cup weight-loss strategies: #7

World Cup weight-loss strategies - Don't let other people's behavior affect your ownDon’t let other people’s behavior affect your own

During a recent World Cup game, an English player named Sterling had to endure an opponent (twice his size) piggy backing him while he dribbled the ball. In this situation both players generally get into a brawl and both get sent off. Sterling, however, stayed calm and the referee gave the fouling player a yellow card. Justice!

Do you have triggers that cause you to overeat? Take a moment to recognize situations that prompt destructive behaviour. Then plan an activity that helps you break the cycle. For instance, painting your nails occupies your hands for ages, reading a book occupies your mind. Phoning a friend to ask about their day helps you be part of something bigger than yourself—which feels good. Planning ahead allows you to make healthy decisions in the moment.

Stay calm and carry on. Good will come your way.

Do not let the behavior of others destroy your inner peace.
– Dalai Lama, spiritual leader

World Cup weight-loss strategies: #8

World Cup weight-loss strategies - Embrace your opponentEmbrace your opponent

Call me a mush but there’s something about competing teams getting along that makes me choke up. People are often caught up in the details of the day and forget to treat humans like humans. I love it when there’s a penalty kick-off and the goalies give each other a hug before facing the firing line.

Unfortunately many people who are trying to lose weight think eating fat and the odd dessert are their opponent. They’re not! Fat from a natural food source is a healthy part of a balanced meal which helps you lose weight. And having the odd dessert curbs cravings which keeps you on track.

World Cup weight-loss strategies: #9

World Cup weight-loss strategies - Think long-term vs. short-termThink long-term vs. short-term

World Cup games range from 90 to 120 minutes in length (if there’s extra time). Soccer players pace themselves to avoid being useless as the game goes on. Likewise, if they leave all their energy until the end it will be too late or result in the dreaded penalty shoot-out. It’s best to be committed throughout the game.

Losing weight and keeping it off is about having a healthy lifestyle. Don’t diet! Or worse, crash diet. You’ll only get short-term results. Instead build healthy habits. Then (say it with me!) a healthy weight will follow. Sometimes the best place to begin is to break unhealthy habits.

World Cup weight-loss strategies: #10

World Cup weight-loss strategies - Appreciate experienceAppreciate experience

During the 2018 World Cup, England was about 30 seconds from winning against Columbia. Then Columbia got a goal. England went on to win. It just took an extra 30 minutes and a grueling penalty shoot out that made history! England has never won on penalties during the World Cup.

In the post-game analysis Gary Neville, a seasoned footballer now retired, said that while it was stressful the result is that the English team, made of very young players, have learned much more than they would have had they won after the first 90 minutes. Persevering and coming back has given England’s 2018 World Cup team the confidence to know they can overcome disaster.

Getting healthy after my 10-year struggle with weight taught me so many things that I’m grateful for. For instance, I’m not afraid to fail because I know I can survive. This lesson has helped me get outside my comfort zone, take risks and push my potential.

If you’re struggling with your weight don’t worry. You CAN get healthy and be better for the experience.

make today count - the10principles

Make Today Count

All these World Cup weight-loss strategies can be applied to any goal you’re working toward. Don’t wait until tomorrow before you begin. Choose a few World Cup weight-loss strategies to try today.

Build healthy eating and exercise habits, a healthy weight will follow.

World Cup weight-loss strategies - Summary

Next Steps

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We’re not done with World Cup weight-loss strategies. Here’s one for “extra time.”

World Cup weight-loss strategies: #11

Celebrate your accomplishments!

While most teams pile on top of each other after a win, many teams bring a beautiful bit of their own flare. See video below.

Make a big deal about your milestones. When you’ve broken a bad habit or your clothes get lose have a plan to celebrate! It could be taking off an afternoon to read a book you’ve been looking forward to, going out with friends or getting yourself some new clothes.

What World Cup weight-loss strategies will you try first? What World Cup weight-loss strategies can you think of? Which country are you rooting for?!



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