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  • How my old method of exercising stopped me from losing weight
  • I reached a healthy weight by exercising 300 hours LESS per year
  • How does a weekly exercise routine stop you over-eating?

Now I understand why it’s important to get my body into a weekly exercise routine that includes rest days. Simplify your weekly exercise routine and lose weight.

Kelly Clark

Whether it’s sleeping, eating or exercising, our bodies function best when they’re in a routine.

I wanted to write this post because for 10 years I over-exercised. But still I couldn’t lose weight. I put in hours of physical activity every week. And even more if I overate. I was always putting my body through extremes.

When I finally broke this self-destructive cycle and got into a weekly exercise routine (and one that’s less intense) it helped me lose weight and keep it off for good.

My old approach to exercise

For the 10 years I was overweight I worked out for one hour each day—that’s seven hours a week and 365 hours a year. It didn’t matter if I was sick, it was Christmas or I had a really active day, I put on my running shoes and did my 60 minutes. And if I ate something I thought I shouldn’t have, I’d exercise again. I wanted to burn off the extra calories.

Jogging was my activity of choice. But after years of over-exercising, running got too painful for my knees. So I started using the Nordic Track skier. Gliding back and forth was much easier on my joints.

Despite my daily workout, I was always between 10 and 30 pounds overweight. This reality made me wonder how much bigger I’d be if I didn’t exercise for a full hour each day. I always felt anxious until my workout was done.

Weekly Exercise Routine got back 300 hours - the10principlesMy new weekly exercise routine

For the last 18 years my weekly exercise routine has consisted of three, 25 minute workouts. To my surprise, eating more and exercising less helped me lose weight. Cutting down the frequency and length of my workouts has also given me nearly 6 extra hours a week to do something else. Multiply that by 52 and that’s close to 300 freed-up hours a year.

Work Smarter, not harder.
– Alan Lakein, time management consultant

It’s easier to cut back on your weekly exercise routine when you understand why it’s important to have rest days in between workouts. Your body needs a break in order to reap all the benefits. Working out breaks down your body tissues. Rest, water and food gives your body a chance to repair and strengthen muscles. Additionally, exercising more doesn’t burn more calories.

Click here to read why this is true.

Physical activity helps you reach and maintain a healthy weight because it:
• builds muscle which tones your body
• burns energy—as do your muscles, even when you’re resting
• boosts your metabolism

Rest days also give you flexibility. If something comes up on your regular work-out day, you can exercise on one of your rest days instead.

Weekly Exercise Routine Weights - the10principles

Hand weights

My knees are permanently damaged so I exercise on an elliptical machine. I hold a two pound weight in each hand and swing my arms in time with my legs, as though I’m jogging. I miss being outdoors and the satisfaction of passing milestones along a running route, but I’ve found other ways to enjoy my weekly exercise routine.

Previously I practiced my Who Is NOBODY? presentation during my workout. I’d bring my notes and run through the main points I’d share when introducing this resource to teachers. But lately I’ve been bringing a book. This change has made my weekly exercise routine more relaxing. At the moment I’m reading In the Unlikely Event by Judy Blume. I don’t read my work-out book outside the gym so I’m always excited to pick up where I left off.

I try to work out on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays and I have an active lifestyle in between. Here’s a few examples to try:

  • get dropped off to run an errand and then walk home (rather than having someone wait for you in the car)
  • take the stairs instead of an escalator
  • walk your dog rather than just letting him out in the backyard
Weekly Exercise Routine Walking the Dog - the10principles

We’re fostering “Rocky” aka Mr. Pooh. He’s a great walking buddy. I love my dog!

It’s important to tailor your weekly exercise routine so that it works for you. Listen to music, try working out with other people and test out different activities. It’s ok to dislike something you’ve tried. Perhaps your preference is to alternate between various workouts.

Is there a slot in the day that best suits your schedule? Take time to experiment! For example, you might think mornings are ideal. Then find exercise makes a great study break or is more relaxing after your kids have gone to bed.

Other benefits of moving your body are that they:
• boost energy and mood
• relieve stress
• help you sleep better
• get everything moving which contributes to regular bowel movements
• sharpen concentration
• strengthen your immune system
• remove toxins from your body through perspiration
• combat chronic health conditions
• promote self-esteem
• improve mental health
• increase strength and agility
• are fun because they can be social or time alone with your thoughts
• are empowering because you’re taking control of your health by being active

Sticking to your weekly exercise routine makes it easier to lose weight

Another change I made, which helped me lose weight, was to never use exercise as a form of purging. Our bodies perform at their best when they’re in a routine. Eating too much and then over-exercising is self-defeating. It confuses your body and slows down your metabolism. Then it’s harder to lose weight. And it wastes a lot of time.

As soon as I stopped giving myself the option to do extra exercise to make up for overeating, I found it got a lot easier to stop overeating. Having to live with my choices and understanding that extra exercise doesn’t help you get back on track, helped me break this self-destructive cycle.

Weekly Exercise Routine Gym Schedule - the10principlesThe first time I didn’t allow myself to do extra exercise after I overate, was hard. But knowing I wouldn’t give myself the option, was a game-changer. Understanding extra exercise would only take me further away from my goals also helped me break the unhealthy habit of going to the gym after eating too much.

Please note:
Eating balanced meals and snacks also helped me stop overeating. Meals that include nutrients from every type of food in the Eatwell Guide prevented me from feeling hungry to the point of panic.

Be kind to your body! Stop jerking it around with the wild extremes of starving, binging and purging (through exercise or other means). Instead, get into a daily eating routine and a weekly exercise routine. They don’t have to be exact. Just try to have three, roughly balanced meals a day and exercise three times a week.

Keep it simple! Get your body into a predictable pattern.

Build healthy eating and exercise habits. A healthy weight will follow.

Next Steps:
Work up or down to three, 25 minute work outs per week.Having a strategy for change also helps you turn unhealthy habits into healthy habits. Sign up (below) to receive the best strategy I learned.

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My approach to weight loss included using exercise to make up for the times I overate. I’d think “give me one more chance to make it up …



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