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  • We’re conditioned to believe weight loss is hard
  • It’s time to see weight loss through a new lens
  • What happens when you understand that losing weight is easy

Understanding weight loss is easy helped me stop making self-defeating choices and focus on good information.

Kelly Clark

I wanted to write this post because our attitudes play a huge role in our ability to reach goals. Believing something is possible helps us pave over rough patches and persevere.

My hope is that by understanding losing weight is easy, you can embrace this challenge, reject weight-loss approaches that are hard and enjoy the rewarding process of reaching and maintaining a healthy weight.

Why it’s hard to believe losing weight is easy

The message “losing weight is hard” is everywhere. Whether you’re watching tv, reading the news or talking to friends, we’re told weight loss is all about sacrifice and struggle. Even the language we use suggests conflict. For example:

  • fighting fat
  • blasting pounds
  • burning calories
  • breaking your diet
  • battling the bulge
  • being bad for wanting to eat a brownie

When you hear something enough you start to believe it. How could so many sources be wrong?

Right now I’m reading In the Unlikely Event. It’s Judy Blume’s latest book written for adults. I love it. On page 113 it says:

… They changed into their nightgowns, leaving on their underwear since they weren’t going to sleep for hours, and enjoyed pizza from Spiritos’s … Only Natalie resisted. She’d  given up sweets and bread for dancing. “Something every dancer has to do,” she told them. “And I don’t mind. I’ve never had a sweet tooth and bread just leaves me feeling bloated.”

Robo told them her mother goes to a diet doctor every week, Dr. Kalb, who gives her pills. “It’s like a candy shop at his office. Except instead of candy the bins are filled with different-colored pills. He scoops them into a brown paper bag and tells my mother how many she should take a day, and what colors. Some of them give her diarrhea.”

… “I don’t need pills,” Natalie said. “I have willpower.”

Losing weight is_easy - Judy Blume - the10principlesThis part of her book takes place in 1952. But Judy Blume captures the kind of conversations people are still having, more than 65 years later. Conversations that happen in offices, coffee shops, school yards and even with kids on sleepovers. These discussions make it more and more difficult to believe losing weight is easy. Instead, we start thinking pizza should be off limits, diet pills are a good idea and willpower is part of losing weight. When the world is throwing this kind of information at us, it can be difficult to believe another narrative.

Why it’s important to recognize losing weight is easy

No matter what you’re aiming for, believing it’s possible helps you achieve goals. When you feel optimistic everything is easier.

A bad attitude is like a flat tire. You can’t go anywhere till you change it.
– Earl Nightingale, author

But adopting a can do attitude toward weight loss can only happen when you understand why losing weight is easy. And understanding only happens when you’re willing to challenge old ideas by being open to new ones.

Understanding weight loss is easy helps you ignore false information

losing weight is easy - the10principlesWeight loss is a 148 billion dollar industry. When so many people are pushing different approaches to weight loss, our brains become full of misinformation. The world has taken something simple and turned it into something difficult. How? Via special diets, heavily packaged and processed low-fat snacks, calorie counting, fancy workouts with personal trainers, surgeries, taking extremes, lipo, lasers, lotions, gadgets, gimmicks, hypnosis or injections. But none of these are necessary to reach and maintain a healthy weight.

Before I understood losing weight is easy, the passage from Judy Blume’s book In the Unlikely Event would have supported my own experience of struggling to lose weight for 10 years.

Now that I understand losing weight is easy, I feel frustrated when I see that the world sells weight loss as a big secret; one we can only access by buying into the weight loss industry. I want to bust into every conversation at sleepovers, school yards, coffee shops, offices and everywhere else they’re taking place, and explain why losing weight is easy. I want people to get on with their lives and throw themselves into the incredible opportunities that await open minds and open hearts.

Losing weight is easy

When you understand what sets you up for success, it helps you recognize false information.

Educate yourself. Understanding is knowledge and knowledge is power.

Build healthy eating and exercise habits. A healthy weight will follow.

Next Steps

Go back to the basics and normalize your relationship with food by:

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Break up with the idea that losing weight is hard. Be open, educate yourself and understand that losing weight is easy.

If you’re difficulty letting go of old beliefs and trying new ideas ask someone you trust for help. They can direct you toward good choices or an expert.



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