Easy Exercise Routine - THE LIFE

  • What does an easy exercise routine THAT WORKS look like?
  • Avoid this common exercise mistake that makes you GAIN weight
  • …and a little bit about bubble bath

Easy exercise routine

Let’s cut through the CLUTTER—all the misleading information out there that over-complicates weight loss.

An easy exercise routine THAT WORKS is simply:

Exercise 3 times a week for 25 minutes and be active each day.

For that last 19 years that’s been my easy exercise routine. And for the last 19 years I’ve been a healthy weight.

I hope you’ll work up or down to a 25 minute workout, 3 times a week and learn from my mistakes…

Easy Exercise Routine - THE LIFE

Before my easy exercise routine

For all of high school, university and teacher’s college I didn’t know you could reach a healthy weight with an easy exercise routine. I thought exercise had to be GRUELING!

So for all of high school, university and teacher’s college, I exercised for 1 FULL hour each day …And remained 30 pounds overweight.

I actually wondered if I needed to exercise more! I was desperate to be a healthy weight.

Why I was scared to have an easy exercise routine

The diet industry conditions us to believe you have to have a crazy exercise routine.

Magazine articles, tv adverts and so many people emphasize how hard you have to work to lose weight.

It wasn’t until I got completely frustrated that I decided to:

1. STOP exercising so much each week

2. START eating a bigger, healthier meal made of REAL food, 3 times a day
(rather than grazing on diet pop and low-fat, processed food like rice cakes)

…and that’s when I lost weight.

Why I lost weight with an easy exercise routine

As it turns out, over-exercising is similar to under-eating. It puts your body into survival mode and slooows down your metabolism.


In this state it’s hard to lose weight and super easy to GAIN weight.

EASY exercise routine Summary

So, the BIG message in this post is the best way to lose weight is to BE KIND to your body.

Whether you have to work up or work down to exercising for 25 minutes, 3 times a week, do it!

Your body will thank you.


There’s SO MANY benefits to having a moderate exercise routine. For instance, getting your heart beat up:

  • strengthens your immune system
  • improves your mental health
  • promotes regular bowel movements
  • sharpens your concentration
  • boosts your energy & mood

…Reaching a healthy weight is only one of the positive outcomes of getting your body moving.

And remember to be active each day. Choose the stairs instead of the elevator! Even if you just walk up one flight and then take the lift on the 2nd floor.

Easy Exercise Routine - THE LIFE

Next Steps:

Whether you need to work up or work down to an easy exercise routine, the key is HOW you make this change. Sign up (below) and I’ll tell you how to make this CHANGE so it lasts. Then you can lose weight and NEVER think about it again.

Recently I wrote an article about the IMPORTANCE of having an easy exercise routine for THE LIFE. It explains 1 more incredibly common misunderstanding about EXERCISE that so many people make. This exercise error CONFUSES your body and makes it easy to GAIN weight.

You can check out that article here… it explains the bit about bubble bath and why I’m sitting on the treadmill reading, rather than working out 🙂

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Sharing what I learned makes the 10 years I STRUGGLED worth it

Do you have any questions about getting your body moving? I’d love to answer them. What are your favourite activities to make part of your easy exercise routine? Please leave them in the comments below!