Non Scale Victory

  • I used to weigh myself all the time and feel frustrated!
  • Daily weigh-ins don’t reflect the progress you’re making
  • A Non Scale Victory focus makes weight loss lasting

Have you heard of a Non Scale Victory (NSV)?

It’s in the urban dictionary so it’s not new. But it was new to me! A non scale victory is all about the weight-loss successes you have off the scale.

I love this term. Embracing the Non Scale Victory approach to weight loss was a game changer for me.

Over the 10 years I struggled, I weighed myself all the time; when I got up, when I went to bed, after a run … and so on.  In hindsight, weighing myself was distracting because I got hung up on the numbers. Focusing on how much I weighed stopped me from paying attention to any positive changes I was making. And building on them.

Don’t get lost in the numbers!

Numbers can be misleading. They can fluctuate depending on the time of month, the time of day and if you’re developing muscle. Did you know muscle is more dense than fat? A pound of body fat is more than twice the size of a pound of muscle. So you can be slimming down without the numbers dropping.

In other words, weighing yourself can make you feel bad when good things are actually happening!

Daily weigh-ins don’t reflect the real and exciting progress you’re making.

Make a Non Scale Victory your focus

I haven’t weighed myself for 18 years. I find making decisions based on things going on outside of me (the numbers that register on the scale) gets in the way of being in tune with what’s going on inside me.

Rather than worrying about how much you weigh, focus on building healthy eating and healthy exercise habits. Feel good about each small improvement you make. Soon you’ll reach a healthy weight naturally. Why? Because a healthy body is a reflection of healthy habits.

What does a Non Scale Victory look like?

Adding a piece of fruit to your breakfast to make it more balanced, is a Non Scale Victory.

Getting off the bus one stop earlier so you can walk the rest of the way, is a Non Scale Victory.

Choosing a cookie from the bakery section at your grocery store rather than a low-calorie processed cookie sealed in a box that expires in 6 months, is a Non Scale Victory.

Small improvements build healthy habits. And building healthy habits make weight loss last.

So how do you get started? Think of one Non Scale Victory you can make at your next meal.



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