Healthy eating and exercise information made food a non-issue

  • healthy eating and exercise information SIMPLIFIED my relationship with food
  • for 23+ years I’ve had a healthy routine I ❤️ and you can too!
  • the life-changing lesson getting healthy eating and exercise information taught me

Healthy eating and exercise information made me believe in myself again

For years I was ashamed of my body and what I thought was a lack of willpower.

I couldn’t stick to my diet no matter how hard I tried.

As someone who’s Type A and willing to put all my energy and love behind anything important to me… I just couldn’t understand why I couldn’t get rid of the 10 extra pounds… that quickly became closer to 30.

…Weight I lost and regained 100’s of times.

But the more I talk about all the years I was preoccupied by trying to lose weight, the more I see that I simply had TERRIBLE eating and exercise information.

Dieting makes your relationship with food complicated!

And I’ve realized… not talking about what I was going through, is WHY everything escalated into a vicious cycle of starving, bingeing and purging:

eating chocolate - Starve binge purge cycle

So I’m hoping you’ll feel comfortable talking to me!

Maybe if I tell you a few things about myself, you’ll share something about you.

Ok, so…

Before my dieting became obsessive, I was a:

straight A+ student
athlete of the year
head girl prefect
student council exec.
VP of Student’s Against Drinking & Driving, etc.

But when I couldn’t lose weight, this happened ↓↓↓

My quest for healthy eating and exercise information did this:

  • Seven years into my COMPLICATED relationship with food I was hardly going to class, stopped doing sports (I was too embarrassed to wear shorts) & dropped out of all the activities I loved.
  • Over the decade I was overweight, I drank a case of diet coke each day (!) Even during a week-long ice storm while I was at university, my corner store kept a stash for me in a cooler outside their shop—I was both delighted and horrified they knew a state of emergency couldn’t get between me and my diet pop problem.
  • My lowest point—which was also a turning point—was when I threw out all my belongings (yes, clothes, jewelry, mixtapes—stuff I still miss) to punish myself for not sticking to my (self-defeating) diet perfectly.
  • After doing a 3-year undergrad degree over 4 years (I dropped a bunch of courses to focus on getting healthy) I went to England for teacher’s college.

That’s how dieting disrupted my life when I had all the WRONG information.

How my life changed when I understood what healthy eating and exercise information actually looks like:

1. I met Alex.
Just before graduating from teacher’s college I said:

F*ck it. I want my life back!

Finally I was willing to COMPLETELY stop dieting. Instead of trying to be thin, my goal was to be healthy. This focus on HEALTH simplified everything. In what felt like overnight… I stopped being preoccupied by food and hunger, lost all the extra weight, my face un-poofed and I met my partner, soulmate, love of my life (I don’t know the best way to say it), Alex.

I met my partner, soulmate, love of my life (I don't know the best way to say it), Alex

2. London became my backyard.
For the next 2 years I taught all over London, going to a different school almost every day.

3. Who Is NOBODY? … I thought you’d never ask!
Before I was ready to talk about my complicated relationship with food, I developed a classroom kit (I still run) called Who Is NOBODY? It helps students base their identity on their interests and how they use them, rather than superficial things like weight.
So far, close to a million dollars have been raised for organizations and causes by participating students.

So far, close to a million dollars have been raised for organizations and causes by participating students

HUGE ways my life improved when I got healthy eating and exercise information

4. Finally I opened up.
It took me 4 years to tell Alex that I’d had an eating disorder. He was happy I told him and said:

“If you don’t share who you are you’ll never get to know anybody.”

Helps you lose weight extra activities - the10principlesSo I started telling everybody.

5. I love doing things I’m not good at.
What’s more exciting than learning something new? A few years ago I took a stained glass course and made this lamp.

No idea what stained glass smells like…

You’ll have to ask Rocky!

And right now I’m taking a jewelry course (hammer forming).

And right now I’m taking a jewelry course

6. Terry Fox is my hero.

Healthy eating and exercise information made fashion fun again

7. My No. 1 Fashion Tip?
After years of trying to camouflage my weight by wearing black Cotton Ginny leggings and a baggy top, I ❤️ fashion again. I’m especially into 2nd hand clothes. You don’t have to worry about them shrinking, the garments are made well if they’re still lookin’ good and… you divert waste from the landfill. One thing I love to do is add an accessory to an outfit that’s unexpected. A pop of color, 2 necklaces (instead of one) or a mini-scarf wrapped around my wrist, worn as a belt or tied to a purse.

Like a 10K gold unicorn necklace

I saw potential everywhere after seeing the MAGIC of healthy eating and exercise information

8. We find crazy things in the garbage.
Over the last few years we’ve found RIDICULOUS things in our building’s garbage and all over the city. Like a 10K gold unicorn necklace (isn’t throwing out a unicorn necklace the least unicorn-y thing you can do?). Beautiful, original art. Brand-spankin’-new Louboutin shoes (my size!) 2 banana costumes (same day). And an endless list of other objects people have discarded.

9. Rocky’s our side-kick.
Most of these treasures, and 100’s more, were found on dog walks with our palliative foster dog, Rocky. Breed: Junkyard. He was in the Toronto Humane Society Newsletter after spending 9 months at the shelter. I couldn’t un-see him. I know what it’s like to feel lost and lonely.

Rocky. Breed: Junkyard

The life-changing lesson getting healthy eating and exercise information taught me

I hate waste.

Whether it’s:

  • diverting perfectly good things from the landfill
  • getting animals out of a cage
  • or sharing information to help people redirect their go-getter energy

I experienced firsthand that just a few HEALTHY facts can pull you out of a deep, dark hole and help you reach your potential… and it can be done pretty quickly.

Unlock your HAPPY weight & make food a non-issue with healthy eating and exercise information

Whether you want to lose 5 pounds or you’ve been bingeing for 30 years, getting into a healthy eating and exercise routine will free up HOURS each day to pour your go-getter energy into people, projects and animals you love.

Like, for years I thought my complicated relationship with food ruined my life. But now if you gave me a button that could remove this difficult experience, I wouldn’t push it.

Too many lessons, magical moments and beautiful people have come from this experience.

I can’t imagine my life without this chapter.

So I want you to know that no matter what you’re going through, you can get healthy and have a spectacular life… not in spite of your challenge, but because of it.

Ok… so that’s a bit about me

How about you?

I’d love to know who I’m talking to!

Please tell me something about yourself.

If you’re not ready to say too much (I know how that feels) just hit reply to one of my emails (like the email I send you with your ONE DAY Meal Plan) and tell me the wildest thing you’ve lost or found! Or if you’re a dog or cat person. (I’m both!)

Kelly Clark



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