• The GOLD Standard Routine™ gives me so much more energy and food doesn’t consume my thoughts
  • I can quickly recover from overeating
  • Now that I’m rarely bingeing or overeating I’m more MOTIVATED
  • Kelly’s like a friend, which made this whole journey easier
  • I’ve broken the perfectionist mindset
  • Even being on the other side of the globe, Kelly’s so flexible, we made the calls work
  • you have changed my life, the way I look at food and I feel like a normal person

You can stop bingeing and overeating

Country: New Zealand

Career: Consultant

Age: 23

First diet: 14 years old

Diets I’ve tried: Restrictive eating

Goal: Build a healthy relationship with food & have more energy

When I met Kelly I was either bingeing and overeating…

…or restricting what I ate. Unhealthy food choices kept me feeling tired all the time— Olivia, NZ

So I wasn’t eating the right nutritious food.

These unhealthy food choices and eating patterns kept me feeling tired all the time.

The rare time I overeat or binge, I can get back on track QUICKLY

Kelly helped me eat three meals a day and not feel guilty for it. Now I can break the bingeing and overeating cycle— Olivia, NZ

Eating a lot more clean, healthy food stopped me from feeling badly about my big, beautiful meals.

Eat better food, not less food!

Now I’m able to move on from bingeing and overeating fast. For instance, I can eat a good, balanced meal after overeating and feel good again.

Before I’d immediately restrict and it would set off the whole cycle of overeating followed by under-eating.

Also, I have a healthy exercise routine that is consistent.

I’ve broken the bingeing and overeating cycle

Now I can go into work and not over-think the unhealthy food options they give me.

I find I naturally say no to muffins and treats and reach for fruit instead.

And if I have a treat, I enjoy it.

Before, and especially at school, if I had one treat, that would be the start of a binge.

And I’d be caught in the cycle.

Now I barely binge

I’m excited because I am feeling confident in all the skills I have learnt from Kelly. I am feeling confident in all the skills I have learnt from Kelly— Olivia, NZ

And I know the good habits I’ve learnt have stuck. So I can quickly get back to feeling good if I eat something I regret or have an off day.

I’ve broken my perfectionist mindset which has served me well in all parts of my life.

My next goal is the do less overeating and be able to have a GOLD Standard Routine everyday.

Now that I’m barely bingeing and overeating, I’m more motivated

I have much more energy and food doesn’t consume my thoughts. I hang out with my friends regularly and I never cancel on them— Olivia, NZ

Every day is a new day and I am much more motivated to workout, hang out with my friends and I never cancel on them.

Also I trust myself more so I put myself outside of my comfort zone.

I’ve definitely grown a lot this year. ❤️

There’s so many more hours in the day to invest in what I care about

With my freed up time I’m focusing on work and being the best employee I can be. It feels great to put 100% into being the best employee I can be— Olivia, NZ

Now I can spend more time with my family and friends and feel present.

And I’m excited to have healthy eating patterns that allow me to focus on being a good partner to Benji.

We’re finding lots of new activities to do together and enjoy being active with biking, tennis and golf.

The whole journey from bingeing and overeating to building a healthy routine was fun

everything went better than planned because Kelly's so caring— Olivia, NZI absolutely loved working with Kelly, everything went better than planned. She’s so flexible which I am forever grateful for, especially with the time difference.

She’s like a friend, which made this whole journey so much better.

Kelly’s organised, energetic and such a caring and giving person.

Kelly’s system has made eating so natural and I’m healthier than ever

Kelly, you’ve changed my life and the way I look at food. I have more energy— Olivia, NZ

I have more energy!

And feel like a normal human being.

From this whole experience there’s nothing I can fault.

Also I’ve included my work pic because it represents how far I’ve come.



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