Benefits of Exercise

  • 10 ways to stay motivated
  • Learn the mental benefits of exercise
  • Discover the benefits of exercise beyond weight loss

We all know exercise keeps your weight in check, but what if that wasn’t a motivator?

How do you stay on track when the scale isn’t budging, whether it’s from already being an ideal weight, or being in a slump with your food choices?

Here’s 10 other reasons to keep working out from The Planet Friendly Diet, my new book on weight loss and healthy eating.

The first thing to do is change your attitude about fitness. You must recognize that exercise is not a punishment or a painful way to spend your precious spare time. Exercise is a lifestyle, and there’s so many benefits to moving your body. When you understand these 10 benefits of exercise it’s easier to get your body moving!

Benefits of Exercise #1: Healthy Family
Getting physical is an opportunity to have fun with your family. Not only will the gift of active living stay with your children forever, it will pass through generations. Now isn’t that reason enough to turn the television off?

Benefits of ExerciseBenefits of Exercise #2: Boosted Metabolism
Morning workouts kick start your energy and fat-burning potential, with the added bonus of getting your workout done before you have time to procrastinate.

Benefits of Exercise #3: Better Sleep
If you’re not sleeping well, you can expect compromised moods, alertness, learning potential, coordination and in some cases even your fat burning ability. Sleep deprivation seriously impairs the body’s ability to process blood sugar, impeding the action of insulin much as in diabetes which may correspond to obesity, through elevating the stress hormone (cortical).

Benefits of Exercise #4: Earn More
Fit people have a higher capacity to earn more, according to a Bali State University survey of 336 entrepreneurs that found regular exercisers happier and more profitable. Compared with sedentary business owners, those who worked out daily were 10 percent more likely to be content in their jobs, and 14 percent more likely to reach their income goals. Business owners who weight trained or ran a few times a week were more likely to feel satisfied with their working life, and hit sales targets.

Benefits of Exercise #5: Save Money
Unhealthy habits such as cigarettes, eating out excessively and purchasing snacks throughout the day aren’t just filling out your pants; they are emptying your wallet.

Benefits of Exercise #6: Relaxing Activity
Think about working out as an opportunity to unwind from a hectic day, release some endorphins and improve your quality of life.

Benefits of Exercise #7: Increased Alertness

Benefits of Exercise #8: Better Concentration

Benefits of Exercise #9: Higher Energy

Benefits of Exercise #10: More Confidence

It takes a few workouts to realize that you CAN make time to workout, no matter how crazy your schedule. And exercise is cumulative, so ten minutes here and there does count towards your recommended weekly exercise.

Cat Smiley is the owner of Canada’s Premiere Weight Loss Retreat for Women. She is the author of The Planet Friendly Diet, 21 day boot camp for total body transformation. Cat has been named Canadian Trainer of the Year three times by the International Sports Science Association.

How do you like to get your heart rate up? What benefits of exercise do you enjoy most?



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