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Recently I wrote for THE LIFE. This is how it happened.

Upcycled clothing is one-of-a-kind

Have you heard of Preloved? It’s one of my favourite labels. Each piece of clothing is unique and upcycled. Every garment is made from material that’s been rescued and re-imagined along with deadstock and overrun fabrics; items that would otherwise end up in the landfill.

When I first moved back to Canada from England, Preloved’s flagship store was at the top of my street. One winter night it burnt down along with a few other beautiful old buildings. Unfortunately all the upcycled clothing also went up in smoke.

upcycled - queen street west fire - the10principles

But the fire didn’t stop them! It only made this sustainable clothing line bigger and better. And proved that Preloved has a great sense of humour.

upcycled - preloved - the10principlesOn the runways that year, Preloved strutted down the cat walk to Talking Head’s song Burning Down The House. Preloved then moved their headquarters across the street from Trinity Bellwoods Park. There they had epic sales that included $5, $10 and $15 bins full of samples and clothing that was end-of-season. Preloved is always coming up with new, intricate and upcycled styles. They keep moving forward and don’t waste precious time looking back.

These days Preloved is still on fire. Their wearable art is found on line and there are tons of stores that carry these upcycled pieces all over the world—from the United States to Japan.

I love fashion after hiding behind black, baggy clothes

Having struggled with my weight throughout my teens and early twenties, fashion is important to me. It’s a fun way to express yourself. After years of wearing clothing that was all black and baggy, it’s still a thrill to decide what to wear based on cut and colour rather than what will best camouflage my extra weight.

Here’s a tip:
Next time you go to a clothing sale where you can lose precious time waiting for a changing room, wear leggings and a tight top. This second skin allows you to try clothing on quickly in front of any mirror around the shop. Bin sales, bag sales, clothing swaps and second hand stores all have one-off clothing. If you don’t roll up your sleeves and have a plan of attack, you’re going to miss out on getting the memorable pieces that make these gong shows amazing. Every moment matters.  And don’t forget to carbo-load the night before these events. End of pep talk 🙂

The upcycled way of life

I follow Preloved on Instagram, as well as the queen of upcycled clothing, founder Julia Grieve. I love to see Preloved’s latest clothing lines and their shoots are always creative. Julia’s staple is great shoes. She also has a big smile. And beautiful, sustainable style. I’ve loved watching her reinvent her method of connecting like-minded consumers with her feel-good fashion. Through all the change Julia’s stayed true to her upcycled roots. She’s an inspiring entrepreneur, pursuing what she’s passionate about and sticking to her principles.

Recently Preloved launched an e-zine called THE LIFE. It gives a voice to Eco-conscious enthusiasts.

My first article was about not fearing food that contains fat. It follows with 3 easy-to-make (but impressive to serve!) recipes for avocado toast.

I lost weight when I started eating fat. Sharing this message is important to me. Here’s a link to this info on THE LIFE, where you can read about fashion, food and everything eco-friendly.

Upcycle your life!

If you like the avocado recipes on THE LIFE and want to know more about eating fat, here’s a post that explains more about how fat helps you reach a healthy weight naturally.



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Sharing what I learned makes the 10 years I STRUGGLED worth it

What have you upcycled? Is there anything you’ve improved by re-purposing?