woman at desk, scared to eat a sandwich

  • before I wouldn’t drink water because I hated seeing the numbers on the scale rise
  • now I eat a sandwich like everyone else, feel amazing and be a weight I love
  • I hate feeling average
  • I took Kelly’s process slowly—changing one thing at a time
  • without the controls and rules and restrictions I feel free!
  • I feel amazing in my skin, my is weight stable, and I have tons of energy
  • Kelly’s HAPPY Weight Method is a real platform to get on with life with energy and vitality!

After years of dieting I was scared to eat a sandwich

I was stuck in the diet cycle for 50 years.

When I reached out to Kelly, I wasn’t overweight.

But I was obsessed with stepping on the scale and seeing a specific number. Otherwise I couldn’t feel good.

Being caught in the diet trap affected every part of my life and made it hard to even enjoy friends at our family holiday home on the Gold Coast.

While I was afraid of putting on weight, I was more sick and tired of eating badly and worrying about it every waking hour.

It’s like a jail I created and live within.

I wanted freedom!

I wanted to be able to trust myself to make good food choices without rules and restrictions.

This is the vision of the life I wanted when I reached out to Kelly.

Name: Janet

Country: Australia

Career: Director

Age: 64

First diet: 14 years old

Diets I’ve tried:

  • Intermittent Fasting
  • Atkins
  • Weight Watchers
  • Paleo

Goal: To be able to eat normally, like be able to eat a sandwich without worrying about gaining weight.

Other preoccupying habits:

weighing myself
working out every day
taking laxatives
doing something symbolic to mark a new start
eating while I cook

For decades I’d been picking at bits of food all day instead of enjoying a sandwich at lunch

It was my way of trying to manipulate food to keep my weight stable.

Like I’d pick at food and then weigh myself to see if I got away with it.

I'd bring my scale on holiday— Janet, 'AustraliaThen I’d weigh myself and be obsessed with being a particular weight.

So I’d bring my scale on holiday and my happiness would be dictated by the number on the scale.

Even being slightly higher than that number made me feel not good enough and not my best self.

I hate feeling average.

I knew diets didn’t work but didn’t know what to do instead

Since I was 14 years old I’ve been on every diet you could imagine, even though I recognized that diets don’t work.

Some days I'd mostly eat nuts— Janet, AustraliaSo I continued restricting and skipping meals.

And I weighed myself constantly—all throughout the day.

And know exactly what I should weigh at that time to feel good.

Some days I’d mostly eat nuts but never a full meal.

I was too scared to eat a sandwich, much less:

fruit + a latte + a sandwich

like Kelly has on her ONE DAY Meal Plan.

I feared the numbers rising on my scale if I ate proper meals.

Having the confidence to eat normally didn’t happen until I talked to Kelly

Working with Kelly felt like the right step.

I wanted a routine I felt good about— Janet, AustraliaI knew my life would be better if I wasn’t preoccupied by numbers on the scale.

All of Kelly’s blog posts resonated with me.

Every single one of them, even though I’ve never been bulimic.

I knew I’d feel confident that I was slim if I had a routine I felt good about.

When I first contacted Kelly I had put so many controls into place around food

Before I’d get a “new diet high” when I vowed to follow specific eating plans.

I just couldn't get excited about a new diet anymore— Janet, AustraliaLooking back these controls made it hard, if not impossible to succeed and I’d end up failing.

My goal of working with Kelly was to get on with life without restrictions.

I was at a point where I just couldn’t get excited about a new diet anymore.

I wanted to live without the rules that just ended up being broken.

Gradually I learnt that I can eat 3 meals a day

Not only do I not feel bloated (like I felt doing other programs), but I:

  • feel amazing in my skin
  • my weight is stable
  • and I have tons of energy.

Now I trust myself. I don't need rules to make choices I feel great about— Janet, AustraliaBest of all, by sitting in the discomfort of removing restrictions, I was able to get to the other side, and realize I can trust myself!

I don’t need rules to make choices I feel great about.

And I’ve learnt that I AM an amazing person with much to give the world.

Now I have the confidence to get out there with all the diet “noise” quietened.

I don’t even want to pick at food!

These days, though I enjoy what I eat, I use food for fuel.

I’m not scared to eat a sandwich anymore

I'm very confident about what I eat— Janet, AustraliaI’m very confident with my food choices and how I eat.

Whether I’m at home, on holiday or meeting up with friends after a round of golf, I can order a meal or go home and make a meal I love.

Kelly’s HAPPY Weight Method is a real platform which allows me to get on with life with energy and vitality!

It’s so natural I can’t imagine eating any other way.

Kelly’s approach gradually changed my habits and gradually changed my life

I took Kelly’s process slowly—changing one thing at a time.

Now I eat less rubbish because I don't want it!— Janet, AustraliaFor instance, before I wouldn’t drink water because I didn’t want to see the numbers on the scale rise.

Now I can’t believe that I am:

  • drinking 2 liters of water a day
  • eating a full sandwich for lunch
  • enjoying 3 meals full of normal, healthy food

And I’m eating less rubbish—because I really don’t want it.

No longer scared to eat a sandwich and… I’m even running faster

The positive changes have gone far beyond my weight.

Kelly's method is easy to apply to any situation— Janet, AustraliaMentally I’m clear-headed because I’m not worrying about my weight and every piece of food I eat.

Traveling is so much more carefree because I can enjoy being at a restaurant because Kelly’s method is easy to apply to any situation.

And I’m even running faster than I did years ago. Like way faster!

I’m literally breaking all my running records.

This year I’m going to enter a race and I already know my time beats the other women in my age group!

When I was frightened to drink water and didn’t eat nourishing meals, I couldn’t even raise my right arm higher than my shoulder. Now I can reach for the sky.

Every day is full of memories now that I’m not worried about food and instead, just living life and being my best self!

I’m so excited about my life I can’t sleep.

Kelly really listens and tailors a plan just for you

My message to anyone reading this:

I got results because Kelly listens and tailors a plan just for you— Janet, AustraliaJust do it!!

The number one reason I got results… The number one reason food isn’t an issue and I’m confident in my own skin, is that Kelly listens and tailors a plan just for you.

You never feel pushed into anything and gradually she gets her way!!

There truly is nothing that would make my experience better.

Freedom from food
& weight obsession
is possible. xo

I’ve gone from being scared to eat a sandwich to…

…feeling confident eating 3 big, beautiful, balanced meals, plus snacks when I’m hungry and occasional treats.

And I feel so good about my weight and even having fun with fashion again!

Finally I’m comfortable in my own body and feel like my ultimate self.

Thank you Kelly you have changed my life!



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