dieting made me gain weight

  • I missed my old weight
  • “I wasn’t even hungry and I binged on ice cream, cake, and pasta… sad”
  • binge eating therapy wasn’t working b/c they want me to be okay with weight gain 🙁
  • I was ready to do whatever it takes to eat normally & fit into my clothes again
  • notes from my Diary
  • the best part of working with Kelly: continuous feedback & a sense of accountability
  • I can focus at work vs. fighting the urge to wander to the Craft Services Table
  • my doctor said: “Emma, you’ve lost weight!”
  • I’ve even met someone I really like ❤️
  • It’s been ages since I self-sabotaged after eating something I regret
  • Now I have an easy system I know works for me… when I “slip” I can get right back into my routine and feel instant change.
  • Thank you for being the ONLY one to truly help me be normal around food again

I want to tell you my story
so you know
the HUGE
mental & physical changes
that can happen in just 4 weeks.

Dieting made me gain weight

I was the same weight my whole life until I started calorie counting. When I started calorie counting, I gained 12 pounds. I hated the way I looked. And wanted to get back to the old me. I mean, I never even thought about food before I started dieting!

dieting made me gain weight

Country: USA

Career: Actress on Broadway in NYC

Age: 23

How would you describe yourself:
bubbly & hard working

What were you struggling with before working with Kelly:
weight gain & overeating

First diet: 20 years old

Diets you’ve tried:

  • Intermittent Fasting
  • Whole Food Plant-Based Diet
  • Calorie Counting

I’ve tried everything and have spent tons of $$$ on diet programs.

Nothing was working.

Goal: To stop thinking about food 24/7 so I can be present in the moment.

How much weight did you want to lose?:
I wanted to get back to the weight I was before I started dieting. I had 12 pounds to lose!

Other preoccupying habits:

  • obsessive food thoughts
  • restricting what I eat
  • bingeing
  • skipping meals
  • emotional eating
  • feeling confused about what to eat
  • weighing myself
  • feeling like I’ve ruined everything and continuing to eat
  • drinking diet pop
  • checking my size in reflective surfaces
  • eating diet food, like low-fat yogurt
  • trying to eat exact amounts of food
  • drinking skim milk
  • grazing
  • being on and off diets and overeating in between 🙁
  • all or nothing thinking with exercise, treats, etc.
  • eating while I cook
  • 100’s of diet rules, tips & tricks

Dieting made me gain weight b/c it led to restricting and bingeing

I was the same weight all my life and never thought about food ever.

People would joke that I was a stick and ate like a trucker.

People would joke that I was a stick and ate like a truck driver

Then I read about counting calories on Instagram and did it for fun.

But soon I stopped fitting into my clothes.

I gained 12 pounds.

Dieting made me gain weight!!!

My weight kept going up every time I stepped on the scale.

Before I knew it I was restricting more and bingeing more…

And still gaining weight.

Dieting took over my life

After I started calorie counting I stopped fitting into my clothes— Emma, Actress, USAThe frightening part of dieting is that it wasn’t too long after I started counting calories, that I began to have obsessive food thoughts.

And I’d overeat.

By the time I met Kelly I had constant anxiety about my weight gain.

And I became totally confused about what to eat.

Binge-eating therapy wanted me to be ok with weight gain

I had constant anxiety about my weight gain— Emma, Actress, USAMy therapy for binge eating wasn’t helping at all.

But I wasn’t ok with “any and all weight gain.”

And I missed my old weight.

Kelly’s anti-dieting but pro-being a healthy weight

I missed my old weight.— Emma, Actress, USABy the time I met Kelly I was completely lost and scared, because I had no idea what to do anymore.

For 3 years I’d only thought about food and weight 24/7.

So I was ready to do whatever it took to:

stop dieting
lose weight

I was 100% open to Kelly’s method and trusting her process. 🌻

Especially as she teaches how she lost 30 pounds and KEPT IT OFF for over 20 years. WOW!

What happened when I started working with Kelly

I was 100% open to Kelly's method and trusting her process— Emma, Actress, USAWhen I met Kelly I often:

  • felt sick or overstuffed after eating
  • snacked in between unhealthy meals
  • skipped meals to try and get back on track

Here’s some notes from my diary from the day before I started working with Kelly:

I felt really bad because the scale was the highest its ever been. I feel awful… I wasn’t even hungry and at the end of the day and I binged on ice cream, cake, and pasta… sad. I ate my snack even tho I wasn’t hungry but my friend handed it to me so I just ate it.
– Emma, Actress, USA

Before I stumbled onto Kelly’s website, every day just felt out of control like ↑↑↑

So here’s just some
of the ah-ha moments
I’ve had each week (so far!)

Dieting made me gain weight: How I felt after WEEK 1

Notes from my diary:

I feel mentally better.

Going back and forth with Kelly has helped me see that some of the food and exercise choices I thought were helping me lose weight were actually making me gain weight. I feel so much more confident about what I eat now. So I don’t worry about it as much.

And it’s way easier to stay on track when I’m not going alone.

The two times I went off plan didn’t turn into a binge… but they would have before!

I LOVE the continuous feedback Kelly gives and sense of accountability.

Already I feel LESS bloated and more well fed.

This week I learned… meals are not to be feared!

– Emma, Actress, USA

Dieting made me gain weight: How I felt after WEEK 2

Notes from my diary:

Before I worked with you I’d feel like i wrecked everything by having a treat… so I’d keep eating treats. And I’d eat all sorts of things between meals and mostly sugary stuff.

But your HAPPY Weight Method™ makes it easy to enjoy a treat, not feel guilty and just carry on with the day.

Also I was “all or nothing” with exercise. Like if I couldn’t do an hour a day, I didn’t do any. Not any more, thanks to you!!!
– Emma, Actress, USA

Dieting made me gain weight: How I felt after WEEK 3

Notes from my diary:

I’m thinking about food less!

I used to think about food and worry about what I ate 24-7.

And I like how I feel all day now!

Before working with you I’d push through hunger and feel lethargic all day.

Now I make good choices and have tons of energy.

– Emma, Actress, USA

Dieting made me gain weight: How I felt after WEEK 4

Notes from my diary:

I feel so much better mentally. So, so much better!

Food and weight isn’t a stress… I don’t worry about my weight or food or being hungry anymore.

Before if I had a good eating day I’d feel good. And if I had a bad eating day, I’d feel bad. How I felt about myself depended totally on what I ate.

And physically… the other day I tried on shorts that were tight before I started working with you and the shorts fit loosely.

They were tight before!

I definitely feel like I’m getting back into how I ate in high school (like a trucker!) before I started dieting.

Eating is so natural now.

And I love your HAPPY Weight Method™ for occasional treats. It helps me know where I’m at, so I don’t overeat anymore.

– Emma, Actress, USA

Dieting made me gain weight. Then… Kelly normalized my relationship with food

And Kelly, your method has helped me lose weight without dieting. I know this is true b/c of the way my clothes fit!

I feel so much better after just 4 weeks.

More than anything I enjoy life more because eating is natural. Then I just get on with the day.

dieting made me gain weight

Also my work is so much better. I hustled and did extra courses each year to finish school early so I could come out to New York and start my acting career. And I know that being more comfortable in my skin has already made my performances better.

And I’ve even met someone I really like ❤️.

Usually I just go home after a show.

But since working with Kelly I’ve been confident eating in restaurants, etc. with the cast and crew.

Your system is so simple, I can apply it anywhere. Life’s just opening up for me!

Can’t wait to see the changes this month! xo


Dieting made me gain weight: How I felt after WEEK 5

Notes from my diary:

This week I had to rush home because my uncle’s in hospice care. Tons of family friends have sent food to my parent’s home. Before I’d sneak off to the grocery store to get packaged food so I could be certain of the calorie count. (And then I’d end up snacking later… which often turned into a binge.) But instead I just worked with what we had at the house, using Kelly’s HAPPY Weight Method™. And it was so easy! I felt really good just acting like a normal person and being there to help without being preoccupied by what I ate or feeling fat.

Also I’m noticing that by using Kelly’s system to guide my choices, I’m less snacky in the afternoon.

I just get on with stuff!

Like, I don’t want crackers and all those treats I craved when I was dieting.

In fact, I rarely think about food between meals now!

– Emma, Actress, USA

When I stopped dieting my doctor told me I LOST weight!

Ok… so this is still just Week 5 but I wanted to share this with you!

Yesterday I had to go to the doctor’s and she wanted to weigh me.

I didn’t want to be weighed because I’m LOVING my habits and didn’t want to interrupt Kelly’s process.

Also I was wearing clunky running shoes and had had breakfast and lunch.

But when I got on the scale my doctor said:

“Emma, you’ve lost weight!”

So I told her I lost weight eating a chicken ceaser wrap with fries, going to restaurants and even eating ice cream!

Side Note: In past, if the number on the scale was going down I’d restrict to try to keep it going in that direction, which eventually led to bingeing. And if I didn’t like my weight, well, I’d give up and just eat whatever. Not this time!Instead I just carried on with what I was already doing: keep using Kelly’s adaptable guidelines!

I love all my choices anyways, so why would I want to change something that feels good and gives me results?

Dieting made me gain weight: How I felt after WEEK 6

Notes from my diary:

I wish my doctor hadn’t told me I lost weight last week because it made me worry about whether the scale was going up or down ever since my appointment. I can TOTALLY see why weighing yourself interrupts the process.

Kelly’s focus on building habits you love (and can live with long term!) and how those habits unlock your H 🙂 PPY weight is just a way more productive approach to reaching health goals.

Get this! Ok, so I was at a wedding this weekend and didn’t even want the cake! I didn’t even have a treat all day and there were treats EVERYWHERE since the moment I arrived…

Keep in mind I’m someone who was eating 5 treats at a time when I started working with Kelly 6 weeks ago.

Here’s something I actually wrote the day before I started working with Kelly:

“…all my friends brought cookies and cake and snacks
and I ate so much more than everyone else
it’s always worse with friends…”

But in just 6 weeks I’m not even interested in Wedding Cake because I’m so satisfied with my meals using Kelly’s method.

Also I was scared to try different bread. When I first met Kelly I was eating that calorie-wise Sara Lee bread and always felt hungry. But I’m becoming more flexible to eat seeded bread and white bread fresh from the bakery, etc. It’s so freeing to choose what looks good vs. what I think has the least cals.

I’m also feeling confident trying new dinners and sandwiches at lunch!

And I’m getting really good at eyeballing a meal and knowing what keeps me full and gives me energy to learn my scripts and go to auditions without thinking about food all the time.

OK… and this is awesome. So when I first met Kelly I was eating vanilla yogurt every morning. And was hesitant to try the better type of yogurt she suggested… but I’ve trusted Kelly’s process and yesterday I was at my parents and they only had vanilla yogurt and I tried it and the sweetness was just g-r-o-s-s!! The good stuff tastes waaay better!

Kelly helped me cut out all my weird rules and food fears

And I enjoy occasional treats and actually crave all the healthy stuff.

It feels so good to:

  • break the restriction → hunger → snacking → overeating & skipping meals cycle
  • be confident about what I eat
  • know I’m in control… I have no desire to pick at food or eat junk food all the time like I used to before working with Kelly

And I love my exercise routine.

It’s so moderate. Even thou I have asthma I can still hit the weekly amount to be in Kelly’s GOLD Standard Routine.

Now that I stopped dieting life is so much sweeter

I can really enjoy my friends and family and be there for them, instead of being preoccupied—even during a horrible week like this one, with my dad’s brother being so ill.

Carving out my own personalized GOLD Standard Routine
has sky-rocketed my energy and productivity.

Now I can focus at work vs. fighting the urge to wander over to the Craft Services Table.

Thank you for the chance to share my story, Kelly.

And dear reader, I hope that if food, weight and hunger is getting in the way of YOUR dreams, that you know things can change and change quickly.


Dieting made me gain weight: How I felt after WEEK 10

Notes from my diary:

I broke the habit of what I was doing before… Like if I fell off plan, I used to say “Just screw it!” and keep eating.

I’ve not sabotaged myself in so long now!

Just jumping right back on track is becoming normal.

And while it’s a mind shift to bounce back and make a choice I feel great about, a big part of me wanting to stay on track is that my routine makes me feel good! I crave that feeling.

Even if I’m with all my friends and I fall a bit out of my routine, I can feel a difference because I just have so much more energy when I’m in my routine, giving my body what it needs.

And rather than feeling hopeless, I have an easy system I know works for me, that I can get right back to.

When I get back into my routine I feel instant change.

What makes this system so easy is that I can eat intuitively within the routine…

Dieting made me gain weight—working with Kelly helped me lose weight

Hi Kelly!

Now I’m confident in taking what you taught me and applying it to all my choices in tons of situations!

Thank you for being such a lovely person to work with and for being the ONLY one to truly help me be normal around food again.

Thank you for being the ONLY one to truly help me be normal around food again— Emma, Actress, USA

I will be singing your praises and recommending you to everyone I know.

You have left such an amazing impact on my life forever!

I would love to catch up as friends as life goes on (:

You are truly the best!


Please Note: The actresses name in this post has been changed to Emma for confidentiality.



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