Diet Blog - My First Guest Blog

Diet Blog – Thank you!

Just wanted to say a big THANK YOU to Diet Blog for inviting me to Guest Blog ‘My Weight Loss Story’ on their site.

The article is called ‘Losing weight is easy, I made it complicated’ and it shares how I didn’t follow Principle #1.

Please find a short excerpt below:

…During the summer between Grade 8 and going to high school my family went on a road trip. When we got home I realized my clothes were a little tight. Rather than recognize the weight gain was due to sitting in a car and eating almost every meal out for over a month, I decided to throw myself into this ‘project’ with the same dedication I put into everything else.

I became obsessed with anything that had to do with dieting because I thought each bit of information I was gathering was part of a larger, comprehensive approach. In an effort to piece it all together and speed up the process I incorporated as many of the diet ideas I came across as quickly as I could – and there was no shortage of advice out there!

And from this diet information overload, only one thing became clear…

Diet Blog opens lots of interesting discussions. The first article to catch my eye was about animal welfare and the food industry. I love animals.

Thank you for the opportunity to write for your site Diet Blog!

UPDATE: Diet Blog is now “Freedieting.” The article mentioned in this post is no longer available. You can read more about about my weight-loss story here.



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