lasting weight loss

  • Lasting weight loss is about making small changes (not dieting!)
  • Kelly’s open about her struggles and triumphs & she’s a truly caring and kind person
  • Focusing on health & staying busy with my special needs rabbits helps with lasting weight loss

Lasting weight loss starts when you STOP dieting

Country: USA

I wanted to share my experience because reading the other women’s stories on Kelly’s website really helped me believe my relationship with food could get better. And I wanted to pay it forward.

Finding a coach for lasting weight loss

Meeting Kelly in our Discovery Call was the deciding factor for me.

I read Kelly’s book and love her healthy approach to lasting weight loss.

But honestly, there was nothing I could have known before the call that would have helped me say YES prior to our conversation.

Meeting someone in person is always what does it for me.

Kelly’s lasting weight loss method

If I was having coffee with another women who was considering working with Kelly I’d say:

Trust that gradual change tends to be lasting change.

Stop dieting and make small changes!

Lasting weight loss is NOT about restricting

Focusing on feeling better rather than looking better makes the whole weight loss process easier— Jen, USAAs someone with chronic illness, I don’t have a lot of control over what my body does weight wise, even if I eat right and exercise.

What this means is that I’ve really had to dig deep and get to a place where I am truly making changes for my health and how I feel, instead of how much I weigh.

If you can find a place in yourself where you value feeling better instead of losing weight or looking better, you will be in a calmer, more patient state, which will make the whole process easier. And make it easy for lasting change.

What it’s like working with Kelly

Kelly really understands where you are, and how to get out of that place.

Kelly can see our successes--and celebrates them--even when we can't— Jen, USA

She’s very open about her struggles and triumphs, and she is a truly caring and kind person.

We’re all too hard on ourselves, but Kelly can see our successes–and celebrates them–even when we can’t.

She’s like the angel on your shoulder reminding you of your strengths, and disagreeing with the harsh inner voices so many of us have.

Thank you so much for helping me, Kelly!

Jen adopts special needs rabbits

We always have three, four or more bunnies at a time:

lasting weight loss - my fluffle

Above is our fluffle.

(That’s what you call a group of bunnies.)

And here’s some more sweet rabbits I love:

lasting weight loss - more bunnies

lasting weight loss - even more bunnies

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