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  • TFC vulgarity costs Simoes his job
  • 3 steps to dealing with mistakes
  • What Simoes should do next

We all mess up and make mistakes. It’s part of figuring out who we are. Much good can come from missteps if we have a willingness to learn.

These days personal hurdles can quickly become public. At a TFC Game on Mother’s Day, Shawn Simoes followed a trend to yell FYRITP at a reporter. The result? He lost his $106 000.00 job at Hydro One.

If people are willing to act this way in front of cameras, it’s scary to think what they do when their actions aren’t recorded for the world to see. And re-see.

What should Shawn Simoes do now?

Can Shawn Simoes come back better?

The answer is yes. We all deserve a chance to improve.

This incident can actually turn positive if Shawn Simoes follows a few simple steps with honest intentions.

How to learn from mistakes

  1. Make yourself accountable for your actions and apologize rather than blaming others
  2. Take time to understand how your choices effected others
  3. Accept the past, rather than waste time regretting it

Anybody can follow these 3 steps after a mistake.

Shawn Simoes needs to face this situation head on

To bring something positive out of this negative situation, Shawn Simoes could begin by:

  • Writing an open apology to Shauna Hunt and addressing all reporters who have been subjected to the FYRITP trend
  • Considering a perspective other than his own and stating why his actions were wrong (they’re disrespectful to women, interrupts people from doing their job and isn’t funny)
  • Sharing the hope that this incident helps people understand how their actions affect others

The goal is that Shawn Simoes can understand the reaction he received and for his apology to be genuine. If not, I hope he’d be willing to take the necessary steps to explore his behaviour and see it from a new perspective.

We all mess up

What divides the men from the boys is how we clean up.

As social beings, we want to see people turn something negative into something positive. I hope Shawn Simone will take his 15 minutes and turn them into something he can be proud of.



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Sharing what I learned makes the 10 years I STRUGGLED worth it

Have you ever regretted something you’ve done? How did you turn it around?