One to One Coaching – Monthly Payment of $475


Ready for a Total Transformation?

Accountability coaching gives you the information & support you need to turn your present choices into healthy habits that unlock your HAPPY weightwithout dieting.

And… there’s tons of perks to make this the life-changing experience you’ve been dreaming of.

The day before I started working with Kelly was a typical day. I went from not eating all morning, to eating 12 cookies at noon and then Googling a new diet, like intermittent fasting. But since I met Kelly I don’t think about food at all. And I’m loving it. Kelly’s approach to eating is so easy. And I’m loving my changing body.
– Amy, USA

Details here.

Once you join:
You’ll receive all the tools necessary to track your progress and keep it easy!

Accountability coaching begins the day you sign up
You’ll receive an email with the next steps so you can get started right away.

It’s time to normalize your relationship with food and get back to everything you LOVE to do.



  • 1 weekly Zoom call (30 minutes per call)
  • Access to joint spreadsheet to track habits
  • Short video that explains how the spreadsheet works
  • Spreadsheet feedback – Week 1 to 6 feedback once per day & every other day check-in onward
  • Email access (up to 3 emails per week to ask one specific question per email you’d like me to answer)
  • Surprises! To keep you motivated and to honor your achievements
  • KICKSTART & ingrain a healthy routine with built-in accountability so eating is a non-issue

Please note:

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