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Results other women rave about:

I haven’t emotionally ate since we started

I could enjoy 2 pieces of chocolate and put it away without being obsessed with eating the rest

I’m my lowest weight ever.

getting healthy without the stress of dieting has completely freed up my mind

minor indulgences used to lead to enormous binges… not any more!

I stopped taking laxatives

I feel comfortable having foods I used to fear in the house (before bread and chocolate led to bingeing…)

I stopped weighing myself and looking at the scale to get permission to feel good.

I’ve done other programs and found it really “white-knuckling” to incorporate healthy food but with your program it’s been so much easier… more natural

I advocated for myself at work! Normally I’d distract myself with bingeing and fall deeper into a hole with work and eating

It feels so much easier to make a decision that I feel good about when I eat in the simple way you’ve taught us

Usually people ask if I’m on a diet again because I’m awkward with food… this time dieting never came up because I’m eating such great food by following Kelly’s guidelines, and my dad actually asked to eat what I was eating