I'm already losing weight!

I would just like to thank you for your advice based on your experiences with weight loss. I have been in a vicious whirlwind cycle for over 20 years gaining and losing the same weight. Everything you write about grazing, being afraid of a full meal and setting complicated rules for yourself and always, always failing - all this resonated with me.

I remember many situations, which now seem absurd, but at the time were normal for me. In particular one memory stands out. I had just had my daughter - 24 hours of labor and had had nothing to eat and yet I felt guilty about the sandwich I ate afterwards.

I am now a few weeks into eating 3 balanced meals a day instead of grazing and am feeling and seeing the results. It is such a relief to not be thinking about food constantly and trying to keep track of calories. Finally, I found the right way to reach and maintain a healthy weight and at the same time be a healthy role model for my daughter. Thank you, thank you!
Melissa, USA

I feel blessed to have stumbled across your site

When you’re dealing with binge eating for so long, it doesn’t seem like it’s a medical issue, you know? It feels more like a problem that I should have been able to solve on my own—something that's just down to laziness or gluttony, or through my sheer lack of willpower. I really feel very blessed and fortunate to have stumbled across your site Kelly, for I don’t know whether I would have gotten help had I not. I want more than anything to be a positive role model for my daughter.
Teagan, Australia