I'm already losing weight!

I've been in a vicious whirlwind cycle for over 20 years gaining and losing the same weight. Everything you write about grazing, being afraid of a full meal and setting complicated rules for yourself and always, always failing - all this resonated with me.

I remember many situations, which now seem absurd, but at the time were normal for me. In particular one memory stands out. I had just had my daughter - 24 hours of labor and had had nothing to eat and yet I felt guilty about the sandwich I ate afterwards.

I am now a few weeks into eating 3 balanced meals a day instead of grazing and am feeling and seeing the results. It is such a relief to not be thinking about food constantly and trying to keep track of calories. Finally, I found the right way to reach and maintain a healthy weight and at the same time be a healthy role model for my daughter. Thank you, thank you!
Melissa, USA

I feel blessed to have stumbled across your site

When you’re dealing with binge eating for so long, it doesn’t seem like it’s a medical issue, you know? It feels more like a problem that I should have been able to solve on my own—something that's just down to laziness or gluttony, or through my sheer lack of willpower. I really feel very blessed and fortunate to have stumbled across your site Kelly, for I don’t know whether I would have gotten help had I not. I want more than anything to be a positive role model for my daughter.
Teagan, Australia

The horrible mental obsession with dieting is gone

In the last year or so I got into the whole juicing/fasting/raw food movement. But these extreme diets led me back to binge eating, food obsession and a whole lot of misery. In the end, thankfully, I read your book and your simple message. That was about 2 weeks ago and I'm already doing so much better. And guess what? The horrible, horrible mental obsession with food, weight and dieting—that robs me of the ability to engage with life on any meaningful level is gone. Your method gives me freedom. You are a wonderful, generous, authentic person Kelly. I've got tears in my eyes as I write this, tears of gratitude and love. Thank you for everything!
Clarissa, UK

Kelly's encouragement helped me finally stay on course

Kelly is understanding, compassionate, and funny. And she really cares. She turned every setback into a learning opportunity. Working with Kelly one to one, helped me finally realize recovery is possible and I started believing in my dreams again.
Jessie, Australia

Food is not an issue

Dear Kelly, I wanted to say that I’ve been following your method for 16 days now and I really love it 🙂.

Just generally, I feel soooooo good. So normal. So “Food is not an issue”.

I’ve been on diets & restricting and caught in binging cycles since I was 11 years old. I’m 30 now. And I think my body is thanking me because I’m finally giving it all the nutrients it needs.

Thank you so much Kelly, I’m so happy & feel so lucky for having found your blog.
Emily, USA

I feel happier and more myself since trying your ideas

The last diet I was on helped me lose 16 kg over a year, but it really did my head in. Lots of separating of food groups, so I was hungry in between meals because I was always waiting for the nutrients the previous meal missed. I have not been hungry between meals since adopting your ideas, and I love that. I just plan to make sure I eat from all the food groups at meals and snacks.

My whole life (while dieting) had previously been focusing on the next meal and what it would have in it and not have in it. Now I can get on with life!

Your info has shown me that I can completely get out of the dieting mindset for the rest of my life and still get to a healthy weight.
Jacinta, New Zealand

I love that you’re not afraid to make weight loss part of the journey in healing my relationship with food

My mum discovered you online and shared the link with me. I’ve tried everything imaginable, including intuitive eating, but that lacked any focus on weight loss. Which, at the end of the day, is undeniably important for me to live a healthier life. My weight has gone up and down so much over the years, through extreme dieting and exercise plans. Then I pile it back on again, and more, when I start bingeing because of how restrictive I’ve been. Then I start all over again. I’m so glad I found your blog. I’m already implementing lots of your advice including stopping diet coke (that was tough!), trying to eat more real food, and not punishing myself with exercise. The information you share is the first time I’ve found something that I feel might actually be the answer.
Sarah, England

I love your entire website

It’s frustrating to see friends punish their bodies with rigid dieting. Since I found your blog I’ve lost 20 pounds without ever feeling hungry or deprived!
Louise, Canada