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advocate for yourself -the 10 principles

Common Weight-Loss Misconception Solution: Advocate for yourself

When you advocate for yourself you can make informed decisions and get healthy

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Common Weight-loss Misconception #5: Tomorrow will be different

Do you ever tell yourself “tomorrow will be different”? Find out why this approach to weight loss sets you up to fail.

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Addicted to Food - the10principles

Am I addicted to food?

Learn 3 steps to stop feeling addicted to food.

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Break the Cycle

Break the cycle of starving, binging & purging

Here is the basic meal plan I followed to help me break the cycle of starving, binging and then purging. Once I started eating balanced meals I lost weight and could concentrate on life between meals.

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Stop Binging

Stop Binging

You can stop binging, feel full between meals, lose weight and get your life back. Find out how with these 3 steps that help you understand.

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Being Healthy vs. Being Thin

Here’s 3 questions that determine if being healthy is your priority. To my surprise, when I focused on being healthy rather than being thin I lost weight.

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