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Common Weight-loss Misconception #5: Tomorrow will be different

Do you ever tell yourself “tomorrow will be different”? Find out why this approach to weight loss sets you up to fail.

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Focusing on Your Interests Helps You Lose Weight

Find out why staying engaged with everything you love to do helps you lose weight.

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Weight loss New Year's resolutions - the10principles.com

Weight Loss New Year’s Resolutions

I lost weight when I stopped making weight loss new years resolutions.

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Eating Disorder - the10principles

What My Eating Disorder Taught Me

I never thought I’d be able to look back on my eating disorder and feel grateful.

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Expectation of Failure

Expectation of failure helps you lose weight

The expectation of failure helps you reach and maintain a healthy weight – or any goal!

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Olympic Skating Lessons

Olympic skating lessons and weight loss

Apply Tessa and Scott’s Olympic Skating Lessons to real life goals – including weight loss.

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