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Meredith Healey - the10principles

Meredith Healey: My turning point

Meredith Healey overcomes anorexia and shares her turning point.

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Common Weight-loss Misconception #5: Tomorrow will be different

Do you ever tell yourself “tomorrow will be different”? Find out why this approach to weight loss sets you up to fail.

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Weight-loss strategy - the10principles.com

Common Weight-loss Misconception #4: Your weight-loss strategy is right

Stop blaming yourself! It’s time to try a new weight-loss strategy.

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When you lose weight - the10principles

Common Weight-loss Misconception #1: Life will get better when you lose weight

This strategy helps you lose weight and be happy

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Amy Winehouse Bulimic

Was Amy Winehouse Bulimic?

3 Things we can learn from the question: “Was Amy Winehouse bulimic?”

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This is 40ish

This Is 40ish Chatelaine Magazine

This Is 40 (ish) is a project by Chatelaine Magazine that helped me tell my story in the hopes of helping others who have a complicated relationship with food.

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Sophie Trudeau - the10principles

Sophie Trudeau is an Eating Disorder Advocate

Sophie Trudeau overcame bulimia. Now she’s breaking down the stigma around eating disorders. Read her 3 messages.

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Clara Hughes - Eating Disorder

Clara Hughes talks about eating disorder

Clara Hughes shares her struggle with an eating disorder and explains how it’s linked to depression.

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Mental Health Advocate: Kate Middleton PSA

Kate Middleton PSA creates awareness around early intervention for mental health.

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Cory Monteith

Cory Monteith: What can we learn?

Cory Monteith – 3 things EVERYONE can apply to their life

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