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How to lose weight - the10principles

How to lose weight: My Story

  • I blamed myself instead of my method

  • For 17 years I’ve maintained a healthy weight

  • Sharing how to lose weight makes those 10 years worth it

When I was fourteen I gained a few pounds over the summer holidays. Desperate to feel like myself again, I wanted to learn how to lose weight. I always threw myself into everything and I approached this weight-loss project the same way.

I loved the idea of dramatic change. My goal was to get this job done so I could get back to everything else important to me; my friends, family, schoolwork, sports and anything arty. I wasn’t really any good at painting or writing poems, but I loved sitting in my room with a blank piece of paper and seeing what it could become.

My search for weight-loss information began and soon I was obsessed with anything to do with dieting. I collected hundred’s of rules, tips and tricks. Without realizing, I took all the wrong information and ran with it; I got lost in the details, became a chronic dieter and gained much more weight in the process.

I thought I was learning how to lose weight. But in reality, I was developing a complicated relationship with food.

By mid-high school I was completely preoccupied by trying to reach a healthy weight. I felt so misrepresented in my body. But the harder I tried the worse things became. My conclusion was that I was weak and lacked willpower. So I blamed myself instead of my method.

How to lose weight - The 10 Principles

That shame lead to secrecy and stopped me from telling someone I trusted what was going on. Without realizing, I isolated myself with misinformation. And that’s how trying to lose weight took over my life. Instead of being a straight A+ student and winning awards like Athlete of the Year, my marks were steadily slipping and I dropped out of all the sports I loved.

You can stop being a cronic dieter - the10principlesFinally, in university I began opening up; the good thing about everything getting so bad, was it forced me to ask for help. Being open and honest was the start of me getting better. Talking to other people meant I could weed out false information and break self-defeating habits. Through trial and error and all different sources I learned how to lose weight.

Understanding what healthy eating and exercise look like and having a strategy to reach those goals, made it easy to make good decisions. It felt so good to trust myself again—rather than be preoccupied by wondering what I should or shouldn’t eat. Each small, positive change I made helped me build healthy habits that suit me.

By going back to the basics and being flexible, I normalized my relationship with food and exercise. Then I could stop being a chronic dieter and start focusing on everything else important to me—all the things I’d missed doing since grade eight.

Fast-forward to today: I’ve maintained a healthy weight for more than seventeen years and everything to do with eating is a non-issue. Through this experience I learned that if something’s happening to you, it’s happening to lots of people. You’re not as special or weird as you thought.

Whether your experience is more or less extreme,
the same principles teach you
how to reach and maintain a healthy weight.

When I was putting so much energy into trying to lose weight, but just couldn’t lose it, I always wished I could speak to someone who’d been there and back. And that’s why I’m writing to reach you

Sharing what I learned makes those 10 years worth it.

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Here’s another reason it’s important to share my story.

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Sharing what I learned makes those 10 years worth it